So links to windows is a feature that microsoft has included with their duo it’s on other phones as well. You don’t go into your drop down, menu, you’ll, see, link to windows there and you go ahead and uh press that and follow. If you haven’t connected it before you go into the app on your laptop, which is called your phone and follow the first set up, prompts that you’ll get and it’ll walk you through connecting the two devices together. So now my device has already been connected. It’S already set up, i turned off the feature right now, so what i have to do is go into my settings, go to connected devices and i have to go to links to windows right here and turn it back on. So in the drop down menu it doesn’t really turn it on you’ll, see it activate, but it’s not actually turning it on. So here we are so what this links to windows is is a pretty good app where you can. It allows you to do some neat things between your phone and your pc. Uh, such as make phone calls view your notifications. You can look at your display on your device and things of that nature. So i am connected here. Uh says display your phone, so i’m gon na go ahead and display my phone right here. You hear the the notification there so now, whatever’s being shown on my phone display has also been shown on my pc.

So now i have the ability to stroll across you. Can also see my live wallpaper going there. I can get to my widgets over here. Whatever i can do on my phone, i can do it now, but without the split so let’s look at some of the features you got here. So i can look at all of my notifications here. I can look at my messages. I can look at my photos i can stroll through now this this uh. My phone is still capable of doing things over here. If i want to use this to stroll through facebook or twitter or whatever, i can still use this, and i can also be connected to my phone as well so photos phone stream, as you see, is, is showing a duplicate there, and also i can make phone Calls from this as well as well uh while i’m connected, so i also can go into settings, and this is general in the settings. You can show badges for unread messages and notifications on your pc’s taskbar uh. You can choose how you want those banners to look. You go to my device, so choose your primary device right here. Here are some of the features. As you see, the display went off on this and it’s still going so uh. This is some of the features here. You can cross device copy and paste. You can turn that on you got a notification here display in your phone app uh show notification banner show batch as taskbar, so you have a lot of different features.

You can turn on and turn off so messages allow this app to show text messages on your phone. Allow this app to send mms attachments to your phone uh, so on so for photos. Phones, you just have a lot of different permissions that you can allow features to happen. You can also personalize this with your wallpaper audio player and multi windows as well, and then you got your help and feedback, and then you got your about section. So uh a lot of things you can do here, but i do like seeing the display. So you see when your string goes dark, then you’re not going to be able to see your display. So let me go ahead and get back in all right, so we back in here and uh let’s go ahead and play play. Let’S go to youtube and i’ll show you guys what this look like. So i can play youtube here. It can be split strained, like so i’m gon na, go to my channel and bring up a video, so let’s bring up a video here. Let’S do this one and, as you guys see it’s going to play the video the sound is going to come through here. You may be able to change that i’m, not sure, but i can also fan this as well just like so i can make this full stream just by going here. I have all of the controls, as is, if i’m, using uh this on my phone, so over here at the top, a little hamburger menu here that allows me to make this even bigger display than what it is.

So, as you guys see, pretty neat features there. So if i hit the hamburger menu again, it goes down and if i want to minimalize this again go back over here and i have the ability to drag this down and close it out completely. So pretty nice and i can drag from the bottom and close it out completely, just like if i’m using my device but no divider down the middle, so let’s take a look at something like twitter again and, like i said, i can expand this across both and Stroll twitter just like so if i want to eliminate this over here, go to the hamburger menu, and now i got a full size twitter here now the only thing like i said you cannot turn off this display because it’ll be dark uh from if you do That so let’s go ahead and minimalize this again and let’s go ahead and just get out of this completely, and i just simply grab it from the bottom like so and throw it out so pretty neat features here. Where would these be helpful for making phone calls and text messaging from your device? I guess, if you, you know, you use your pc and you need to uh message someone or make a phone call, and you can make the phone call right from here. If you need be and uh just a pretty neat feature, if you need to transfer photos or documents from your phone to your pc, then this will come in handy as well.

Very nice man very nice feature here and we’re going to have more videos about the microsoft surface duo.