So if you like, that type of content hit that like and that subscribe button, alright, so it’s been a little bit over a week since i last posted a video i’m actually in the process of shooting a diy home arcade system build so that video was taking A little bit longer than expected, so in the meantime i thought i would show y’all my new favorite piece of tech, and here it is the microsoft duo, is a one of a kind device um one of my co workers at work had this, and i said I definitely got to try it out so pretty much it’s made by microsoft, but it is running android and it’s a dual screen phone. So, unlike a lot of the other dual screen phones, this one does not have a folding display, as you can see, there’s. Actually, two separate screens, so you can use it in this mode, which is just like the two screen side by side. You can flip it to where you have a screen on both side, and this is how you can use it as a phone. Then you have your tent mode, which is something so let’s say you’re watching a youtube video see if you can see that actually it’s coming this way, you can put it in temp mode like that, watch your content that way it’s pretty cool. Then you also have your. I guess this would be like a laptop move, but what’s cool about this is while you’re doing that here you can have another app running on the bottom, so let’s say i’m watching youtube and i want to go to let’s say i want to go to scroll Through instagram, so i could still be watching my video at the top.

Let me hit play on that when i’m still playing so i can still be watching my video at the top and scrolling through youtube. So, like i said, i mean scrolling through uh instagram, so that in itself is cool, so let’s go around the device. Now this device is normally white with a white bumper. It comes white with a white bumper um there’s, a million different uh screen protectors, uh cases and stuff on amazon. But this black that you see here is just actually a skin, so it’s, just a black skin with this rubber bumper and this rubber bumper is optional. But if you don’t want to lose your device by dropping it, i suggest you have this on there. This device is made of all glass, so the the front of course is the screen is glass and the back without the skin on it is glass. So this definitely is not something that you want to drop. I actually caught this on sale. The normal price for this is 1500 bucks, but right now, it’s on sale on amazon and best buy for 450 off. So i got this for about a thousand dollars so and that’s unlocked so um like i said it has just this one, usb type c port here on the bottom. You have your fingerprint reader here on the side, it’s very fast, on the fingerprint readers it unlocks instantly. Let me show you how that works, so i just just touch it and it it opens right up.

Then you have your power button. You probably can’t see it because i have this uh rubber on, but just trust me when i say there’s a power button here. Then you got your volume rockers right here and right here. You there’s another little slot where you can take out the sim card. That’S. All covered up with this piece of rubber, so let me just show you a little bit of the stuff that’s unique to this phone over any other android phone. So i showed you how you can run two programs at the same time, but what i didn’t show you is there’s a way you can set it up. By hitting one button you can automatically launch two apps um. I didn’t actually set up any myself, but i’m gon na show you some of the ones that was already pre installed on the phone, so there’s one here that has youtube and a news app so let’s say you wan na watch youtube while you’re scrolling, through the News just hit that one app and it’ll open up youtube and your news app on the side, so you can set that up to whatever apps you want to use it with i’m gon na try to set one up real quick. I haven’t done this yet so let’s say i want to do one with like youtube and instagram. So i believe what you do. Is you press and hold, and you slide up? Oh that’s, you, okay, so you press and hold hit groups, and then you want to find your second app and that’s going to be instagram hit done hit.

Okay! So then, now i have a new icon on my screen, which is showing the new group. I should have named it, i didn’t know it grant. I didn’t name it. I should have named it, but it just says new ad group. You can name these of course, but i hit that app and it’ll automatically launch youtube and instagram. So the options are pretty much limitless. Um, like i said they won’t make this video too long just want to show you all this um. If you have any other questions about this device. Pre like i said this, is my new favorite piece of tech right here. Um, i also grabbed this this case off amazon out of box. So, like i said, it’s, not a device, you want to drop so pretty cool. So now, if you’re looking for this in the store, this is what the box looks like um. I didn’t do an unboxing for this. I was so excited to use it. When i got it, i didn’t have time to record a video for it, but um. This is pretty much. What comes in the box just yo. This is where the actual white rubber um bumper came in. So this is the white uh bumper that it came with. I can see it was attracting a lot of dirt the day. The first day i put it on so i eventually switched over to this red one, but that’s the rubber, and the only thing else that comes in the box is the actual device and your charging cable, which is a usb type c to usb type c.

Alright, so i want to thank y’all for watching this quick video. Like i said, stay tuned, i will be dropping a diy home arcade build video in a few days, so make sure you like subscribe hit that notification bell.