If you’ve looked around lately, you probably saw there have been a lot of really substantial sale prices. For instance, i just saw it the other day on amazon for 5.99. That is ridiculous. Considering that the phone costs 14 to 1500, when it first came out less than a year ago, so i want to talk about it and we’re also going to talk about why i have one again, which is an entirely different story. But before we get into all that, i do want to say if this is your first time stopping by the channel. Thank you for being here. If you enjoyed the video, please hit the like and the subscribe button and the little notification bell. If you want updates, when new videos come out now, let’s talk about the microsoft surface, duo Music, all right here we are with the surface duo and there’s. Probably some of you sitting out there thinking all right. I didn’t want to get it at 13.99. I didn’t want to pay 1500 bucks for this phone, but yeah 5.99. I could probably do that. I mean it’s a microsoft product it’s a surface product. It looks really cool. It’S, really, nice, neat construction, they’ve got this super scientifically engineered hinge. It’S got the dual screens that work independently of each other, so you can run apps on both of them. At the same time, it’s really cool there’s, a lot of neat things you can do with this.

It even has wacom stylus support, so you would think at 599 699. This phone is probably a steal. I mean a lot of people probably think that, and i think you probably still shouldn’t – buy it and you’re probably sitting there going okay well hypocrite. Why do you have another one? Why do you get to sit there and buy one and tell me i shouldn’t buy one well, because i mean i’m an addict. I can’t help myself, but there are reasons so i bought it originally. When it first came out, i got it. I actually had to end up getting it replaced with inside of a month, because it had like a manufacturer defect issue which was problematic for me, and there was a 60 day return window when it first came out. So i got my replacement and i thought you know what this is just too much risk for me to be paying 1500 for this phone right. Now maybe – and i said this in my video before maybe whenever it gets down to six seven hundred dollars – i’ll buy another one because maybe by then it’ll be fixed, it’ll have less bug issues we’ll see how it holds up: hardware, wise and construction durability. All that good stuff, so yeah i wanted to get one again. I saw them like 6.99. Let me go ahead and buy one, because i want to see if it’s improved, because it had so many issues with the software, so many bugs it was almost unusable sometimes, and they were kind of patching it regularly for the first couple of weeks when it came Out but it still wasn’t there, so i said you know what i can’t do this well, i saw it.

I bought it and i’ve been using it for a couple of days now and i want to love it like. I really want to like this phone. There are a lot of things i do like about it, but at the end of the day, there are a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t buy this phone. Whatever you think about this phone nobody’s, like you know what the surface duo has an amazing camera. I’M gon na buy it for that or the surface duo has an amazing battery life. I mean it’s got 3577 milliamp battery, no that’s, not why you should buy it or maybe because it’s got all this great microsoft office and microsoft integration stuff with the phone. Well, i mean you can get a lot of those apps with other phones, but, looking at it and saying you know, there’s, just not a lot of reasons where you’re like this is the absolute reason why i have to buy this, and i think the phone does Have a bit of an identity issue, i mean, is it a phone? Is it a tablet? Is it a miniature laptop? Is it all three i mean it does have a cell phone antenna in it, so you can make phone calls, but it doesn’t have a very good speaker for making phone calls. It doesn’t have a very good speaker for music it’s made out of plastic sandwiched by gorilla glass and it doesn’t even have like quad, hd plus screens it’s got these huge bezels on it, it’s it’s, a very awkward device and one of the things i hate.

The most is, if you try to turn on the flashlight every like you blind yourself, because you basically turn it on like this. Unless you flip it all the way around, and then you flip it like this and then there’s a lot of really cumbersome stuff. With this, so i hope that they fix it moving forward with the surface duo 2, which they’re supposed to be working on, and i think that’s one of the reasons why this is fire sale. Now i mean they basically cut the price in half. I wouldn’t be surprised if you see it go a little lower over the next couple of months, but you probably saw it and thought. Maybe i should buy one look there’s, not that much stuff that has been amazingly fixed on here i mean i was typing on it today and i made a tweet. I was joking around and i’m like look. If they want to stop people from texting and driving. They should just give people these phones, because it’s nearly impossible, like don’t, try and use this phone while you’re, driving and don’t, especially not like don’t don’t mess around with it um but yeah. Even the typing experience is like an exercise in futility as swiftkey it’s. What you’re supposed to use it’s the stock factory keyboard that’s, designed to where you can like, do all sorts of stuff, but it’s very frustrating like when you type when it’s open. You basically have to use your thumbs and swipe type and trying to get the dictionary to actually pick up what you’re, typing or swiping is one story, but then trying to type it like this.

The haptic feedback is not very good, it’s, not very reactive, and it throws you off when you’re typing really and then the accuracy is not good. Either the battery life i’m getting about four hours, three hours and 45 minutes to screen on time, that’s, not very good. Um, the bugs are still there swiftkey. The keyboard has crashed on me at least five times today alone. The keyboard disappears when you’re using instagram it’s like impossible to ever get it to work right, i mean it does sometimes, but it the keyboard reliably. Doesn’T just show up, and i don’t really know what they were thinking when they made this. I i like the idea. I like the concept. I think that they put some work into it and then i don’t know when the phone came out. It was like an alpha product, not even a beta product like most phones and then when they tried to patch it. It still isn’t right where it needs to be and we’re on the cusp of probably having a new one later on this year. If they get it out on time, so just save your money folks, unless you just really want to try it like me, unless you’re a giant phone nerd you’ve got some money laying around you’re going to use it as a secondary device like i don’t really recommend Anybody use this as a primary phone. You really need to use this as a secondary device and then that alleviates a lot of that frustration like as i’m typing on it.

I want to smash this phone in the concrete like five times a day, and i know there’s, probably some microsoft, people i’m gon na get so many like thumbs down for this from the microsoft folks. Look i get that you like it. I get that you love this device, but it’s not that good. It has significant problems still, yes, it largely works. Now. Thankfully, they’ve cleared up some of the big bug problems it had in the beginning, but it’s still not working as well as a normal phone should work it’s, not working as well as a normal laptop should work. I mean if you want to harken it back to the days of 1995, where it crashes all the time and consider that successful then. Yes, this is right up your alley, but i’ve gotten so much flack from microsoft, surface people that love this phone. Look, i get that you like it, but we have to address the fact that it’s not that great it’s an incomplete product and even now, almost a year later, it still needs work, and i don’t think microsoft is willing to put the work into it. At this point, i think they’re just basically writing it off, but we’ll see. But yes, they did. The concept is what really got me and i was really frustrated when the phone first came out, because people were like, oh that i can’t wait for the second one. As soon as this one came out and that frustrated me, because i didn’t think that it got a fair shake and then i gave it a fair shake and then i’m, like yeah everybody’s kind of right.

I can’t wait till the next one, but i was like i just wanted to fix this one. I want this one to work the way it’s supposed to so there are things that they can do that needs a screen on the outside. You need to have some way to be able to talk while it’s like this, without having to open all the way up, you need to see who’s calling you need to see what the alert or notification is. It needs a camera on both sides. They need an led flash on the outside it doesn’t even have band 71 for lte it’s got a dated chipset in it, which, if it worked properly, would be fine six gigs of ram. It really needed to have eight there’s a lot of stuff that they really. I think sold themselves short and they had a year to work on it. Had it come out when they first announced it, it would have been fine, but a year later it was behind the eight ball and it really wasn’t ahead of the ball. To begin with. So if you want to buy one buy it because you really want it and know that it still has issues and yeah it’s. Definitely the better price point now. I feel sorry for anyone who bought it at like 1400 1500 bucks and held on to it, because that was way overpriced and i got i got it. I enjoyed it. I checked the resale ones all the time because i’m like when i can get one at the right price.

I’Ll buy another one. There is a lot of promise and potential with this phone that when it works, right is really fun to use, and then you get snap back to reality all the time that it still has issues so yeah. If you really want one go for it, but just know what you’re getting yourself into. Definitely if you don’t, like it, make sure you return it. Don’T hang on to it because it’s one of those ones where you might like it. You may really enjoy it, but it may just frustrate you so much. You don’t think it’s worth the money and that’s kind of the fence that i’m on right. Now i i do like it enough. I’Ve been i’ve been using this, as my daily driver for two days now and i’m, making the sacrifice trying to like really dive in deep with it and see. If i can squeak out reasons to say. Yes, this phone needs to exist, but i’m still have i’m still not there yet, but we’ll see what i do with it. I did not really intend on making a video about this, but then it just massively went on fire so after i bought it. So i know a lot of people are looking for information on it right now. I know a lot of people are interested in it. So i thought let me go ahead and sit down talk to you about my own personal experience.

Let you know my thoughts so that way, you can make an objective and fair and solid decision if you want to get one, if you want to get one just know what you’re getting yourself into and know how to get out of it. If you decide you don’t want it so that’s all i’ve got. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them down in the comment section i’ll get back with you.