The surface duo is arguably one of the best devices out there when it comes to productivity and multitasking. In fact, after this review after been using it for a while now it left me thinking this is actually a product that microsoft have delved into have gone into, producing just to sell some of those microsoft office and some of the software that i do in terms Of ecosystem and getting people more people into using microsoft, applications like outlook office, 365 and so on. It doesn’t have some of the latest tech we’re, seeing some of the latest smartphones out right now, but it’s geared towards a niche market, it’s rocking all the key ingredients. It needs to function well under pressure with no hiccups. You can make phone calls on it and it’s not tablet device per se. I’Ll just refer to it as a mobile device, design wise it’s super thin it’s as thin as the usbc on the bottom of the device and microsoft says: it’s the thinnest mobile device on the market with 8.1 inch pixel sense, fusion display the surface duo’s display is Connected by what microsoft calls a dynamic, 360 degree hinge which allows the device to fold all the way, so you can use each display individually it’s one of the best i felt in terms of how it just sticks into position whenever you fold it. Whichever way you want to use it and it does it with ease as well how they have managed to make the hinge like that in such a thin form factor is magical to me.

With this it means you can load two different applications on each display simultaneously, and you can run it as well. You can fold it in each other position. You want it like laptop like mode. For example, you can use it as one big display. You can hold it like a book. You can use it as a single display when gaming, when watching movies. Up to you, although you have that hinge, uh in the middle of it or you can fold it in temp mode style for movies or something, and you can even slightly open it to have a peek at your notifications as well. Each display is 5.6 inch, so it’s still pretty big to use in an unusual aspect. Ratio and the big bezels are so last year elsewhere you have a fingerprint sensor that works well: volume, rocker power button and the sim card tray, which are all located on one side. It would have been nice to have the power button and the fingerprint reader integrated, though on the outside. It has a corning gorilla glass on both sides and it feels like a surface device with the windows logo. On the left side, it feels solid but fragile. At the same time, because you know if you drop, it it’s most likely going to shutter into bits, so it’s not one for filled workers, but you get a free bumper case in the box as well. So this keeps it slightly raised.

So if you put it on a surface, for example, it will keep the glass back and front protected as well as keeping that edges protected as well in the frame. You’Ll also notice to run any cameras on the back either, but you get an 11 megapixel. F. 2.0, camera on the front, which can be turned into a main camera when you fold the device, it can shoot 4k videos at up to 60 frames per seconds and even supports slow motion. Videos at up to 240 frames per seconds at 1080p. If you use the surface dual for microsoft teams, video calls, though you’ll be restricted to 1080 at 30 frames per second. The surface duo is not the best for sound with a mono speaker, but if you’re serious about this i’d suggest getting surface buds as well to match under the glass surface duo, you have six gigabytes of ram and up to 256 gigabytes of ufs 3.0 internal storage. You have a qualcomm snapdragon, 855 processor. You also get a 3577 million power. Dual battery and it’s still amazing how they’ve managed to fit that much in there looking at considering how thin it is and when you need to charge it, you get an 18 watt charger in the box. Let’S talk about the user experience when you open up the surface duo, it’s a big display to view everything and to decide how you want to perform tasks uh, so you can open two apps at the same time in landscape mode or portrait mode.

This brings the best of android to the world of microsoft, as well as loading up two apps side by side. You can run them simultaneously as well. With that said, not all apps are optimized to fully enjoy this experience, but some apps that show it off well includes kindle app, for example, for reading books. So you can flip through pages, as you wish to do so and, as i said at the start, office 365 apps works really well on here as well. If you want to download and get involved in the microsoft ecosystem, you can have word open on one side of the screen and edge browser on the other side for reference. Whilst you write your next document or maybe if you were on the team’s meeting, you can open up your calendar on one side of the screen and on the other, you can take notes after your meeting or look at your calendar and that kind of stuff or You can maybe sketch on one side of the screen. Whilst you play spotify on the other, you get the gist. Some apps can also take advantage of both displays when extended. So you can open outlook calendar and see the events at glance on one side and see the four details on the other side as well. You can also drag and drop between compatible applications if you wish to do so again, really good for multitasking and productivity with the surface dual, you also get a feature called app grouping where you can select two applications that you use quite often or open together.

Quite often and group them together, so with one tap, you can quickly open both applications. At the same time, you can also change its arrangement. So if you want one to go at the top or the bottom, you can change all swapping around as you wish to do so so so far, all well and good. But what is the problem? Where is the problem with the surface duo to start with, the bezels are just too big for the display. The surface duo is so slick on the outside, but when you open it, it feels outdated and not all apps are optimized for that aspect. Ratio either. When you fold it over, you get this double tap gesture to activate the displace, so you don’t accidentally use the bottom display when the top one is in use, but this doesn’t always work or it’s, not as seamless and smooth as you might think, when in tech Mode, the other side is redundant. So if i wanted to share my display with someone on the train, for example, maybe we’ll both want to watch the same movie at the same time, i can’t do so. I also love that you can use xbox game pass. Ultimately, here as well, so you can take advantage of that gaming experience if you wish to do so, but you are restricted to use one display to enjoy this gaming experience as gaming on the whole display and putting and enlarging it to use the whole display means You get that border in the middle, which kind of just interrupts your gaming experience.

For example, if you’re playing call of duty, you won’t be able to see the person that you’re meant to be shooting or if you’re driving you don’t know when to press and swipe left or right to hit that nitrous uh, when you’re actually driving in asphalt. For example, considering this is only just launching in the uk when we have the likes of the samsung galaxy z402 or the samsung galaxy s21 ultra, where you get 120 hertz refresh rate, for example, you can’t do that on this device, although i would say this is Not actually geared towards gaming, so if you’re a gamer and serious about gaming, this is probably not the device to check out. One thing that also bothered me as well is when using in sort of like a laptop mode, kind of style and you’re gaming on the top display, the bottom display still stays on so there’s no way. As far as i can find, i’ll see on the device. There’S no settings to turn off half of the display so i’m, not distracted by what’s happening at the bottom of the display. So at this point you might be wondering why does the surface duo exist, who’s buying it and is microsoft just too late to the game? At this point well for me, it’s aimed at people all really need a mobile device to get work done on the move without compromising on display size and multitasking. You will buy if you want a business focused device uh, but one could argue that you can get the zfo 2 from samsung, so samsung galaxy’s efo 2 instead, but that doesn’t really give you the dual apps experience like the dual does and two displays better than One if you work uh, if you have a lot of work to do on office, 365 applications for example, or you just like to have multiple displays like for example, i have dual display setup, as you can see behind me.

So having a smartphone like this or a mobile device like this, to do so and have multiple displays just makes my life a lot easier, like i said, it’s not for serious gamers, but still lets you game when you need to wind down or take a break From a long day of working and staring at your display battery life on the surface duo in my experience is decent as well lasts me the whole day uh. However, if you’re going to be gaming on it or using it for microsoft, teams, uh video calls and that kind of stuff battery life will reduce as well so bear that in mind, and it also looks ridiculous as well. If you’re going to be using it to make phone calls and put it next to your face, so what i would suggest is investing extra money in the uk anyway, it doesn’t come with the with the purchase, uh it’s. What i suggest is to go and buy yourself one of those surface pods as well to match they look good. They sound good as well and they’re good for making phone calls so that’s it for the microsoft surface, duo review guys. Let me know what you think in the comments below. As always, if you have any questions drop them there as well, if there’s anything else, you want me to check out i’m there to let you know, let me know as well uh. One thing i forgot to mention as well is i don’t even know if he has an ip rating so that’s.

Something else to bear in mind is that in terms of uh durability, as well as there’s, no wireless charging, so again, this is something you’d get on. Some of the latest flagship device on the devices on the market right now, but, yes, make sure you subscribe. If you haven’t, subscribed already smash the like button, share it as well and hit that bell notification. So you’ll be one of the first people to know. Every time i upload a new video up on the channel there’s loads of videos coming up actually but yeah.