I want to see if this has a can be used as a desktop type environment. I got my keyboard here. I got a mouse. I got my type c hub here and we’re going to try it out. My monitor is right. There i’m going to re angle. The camera and just see how this looks so i’ve had this. This is my second time having this device this time around i’m, trying to make different videos about it. If you like to see some of my older videos go over and search on my channel uh for videos about four to five months ago, and you can see some of the videos i made about it, then, but i got some video ideas for this time. This is one of them: we’re gon na hook it up to an external, monitor and check it out. So let me reposition the camera and get this thing going. Okay, guys so we’re back in. I got my 24 inch dell monitor here. I have hooked up my hdmi to my type c dongle right here: i’m, going to go ahead and plug it into my device, microsoft, surface duo and open it up and unlock it and there it is so, as you guys see everything i do on this device, It moves over there now one thing about this: if you close it up, it’s going to turn off your display there, so you have to leave that open and, as you guys see, i’m gon na go ahead and go back.

I can see my notifications here, but i can’t see them over there. So that’s one thing i noticed, but everything else pretty good. You see, i changed the live wallpaper to give it a little bit, so you can see the display a little bit so i’m gon na put the put the device over here for now and i’m gon na be navigating with my keyboard and mouse right here from Here on out here’s, my mouse there’s, my keyboard and so let’s get back to it all right. So, as you see my mouse pointer, i can swipe this way and get to my little uh widget panel over here swipe back the other way, and i can swipe across as you guys see, there is no split or divider down the middle here. It shows you full string now this won’t completely full strain. I haven’t figured out how to do that. Yet i can drag down and get to my notifications get to my quick toggles. All that works great swipe back up. I drag from the bottom and get to all of my apps here no issue there. So pull that back down. I can open up apps, so let’s open up uh facebook here and i can swing it from side to side, as you guys see, grab a little bar here at the bottom and swing it over there there it is. I can get out of this, like so let’s go to the twitter, so here’s twitter i’m going to go ahead and expand this across most displays and, as you see no bar there, this is full size twitter, but if you’re looking at it on the device, you See the divider there no divider when you’re using it with an external display, so here it is, i can go ahead, put that to either side swipe it away.

Now i do have a grouped app here where uh you just open this, you touch it and it’ll open up two apps at the same time, so i got twitter and twitter and youtube here, as you guys can see now i’m gon na go to my channel. I do have a bluetooth speaker, hooked up here, go to my channel and i’m gon na play a video here and see how this look Music, just playing it in the same resolution that i recorded it in as you guys can see now. I can span this over. Let me go back guys, that’s, my bad. There all right get the video playing again i’m gon na full strain it and i’m gon na span it across Music. So there it is full screen and, as you see like, i showed you earlier, you don’t have to split when you’re, using it with a external display. So that is awesome. I can go ahead and drag this down. I can go back home and it’s still floating here at the bottom and if i wanted to open up something else, so i got twitter going over there i’m going to go ahead and go to espn over here. So i can move this around wherever i want. It get it out of the way and now i can store twitter at the same time. So you got a nice desktop type thing going on here and you can get some work done.

Let’S go ahead and get out of that so yeah man. If i wanted to use something like let’s go to like video editing here, if i go to the, if i go to power director and open it up now, when you’re trying to use this power director on the phone uh with that split in it, it’s not It’S, not good, but here, as you guys see, i did a little sample video here so now i want to edit that so now i get everything without the split in it. Man, and that is awesome. I was trying to do this on the phone, but when you got that split and you want to get to a certain point and try and cut it, then you can’t do it like that so let’s look at something like kindle books here, see how this would Look on here so here are some of my books here: let’s just open up anything see what it looked like here: Music and let’s go ahead and turn some pages, so you guys see. I can turn pages uh let’s go ahead and expand this across all right. There it is let’s get into this chapter and here to go changing pages, so this is awesome. Man now, like i said here, it is on the device and there it is on there. So the books and books are nice, looking at it on here, so that’s no issue with books, so let’s go ahead and let’s look at phone calls.

Of course you can do messaging. If i wanted to message my grandson here and he’s in the other room over there, i’m gon na go ahead and type him and, of course, i’m trying to do this behind the display here and can’t spay all right and see if we’ll get a response from Him so i sent the message, as you guys see: i’m gon na go over here and go back to twitter stroll around on twitter and wait on him to message me back. So you got your full desktop type environment going on here with no issues, and it looks great to me so there there is. He takes me back now. Can i make phone calls with this? So let me see if i can call my grandson here: let’s go ahead and call him, so you guys can hear hey jalen hi papa. What are you doing, son hi you’re on the video again because i’m redoing, it i’m re? Taking this? This is the second take. You know the understanding right. I know you’re in the house, so say: hello, youtube. Okay, hi, youtube, bye, all right guys. So that is my grandson, so you can make phone calls. While you have it hooked up to your external monitor and as you guys see, you can get stuff done, i got my live wallpaper going in the background and uh. This is nice man, so it’s anything else. You want to see about using this as a desktop.

Let me know and i’ll try and cover it in another video but, as you guys see no issues, no split down the middle and it’s working great.