This is my second time having this device. I liked it so much when i first had it the first time that i said one day i’m going to bring it back, and i have so after watching other people’s videos about this device. It seemed like it has vastly improved on its performance. I follow a few people on youtube and they all say that the updates that microsoft said they were going to do monthly, has greatly improved the performance on this. Now, after using something like the note, uh 20 ultra 5g, with 12 gigabytes of ram or even the iphone 12 uh, the six gigabytes of ram on here and certain instances is a little bit slow. Uh, maybe can be sped up by you know, lowering uh changing the animation speed, but other than that this thing has been working. Great i’ve had a few issues with it, but in comparison to the first time i had this, it is night and day so it’s held up. I don’t have a i’m, not using a bumper case on it. I’Ve been using it just like this, and no issues with the aesthetics of it. It looks great, no scratches just throwing it in my pocket and using it like so one of the first issues or the two. I had two issues with this with this device says having it uh when i would open it up, and you see that black string there, that is a little stutter that it has before it actually brings up your start screen.

Well, it will stay there and it wouldn’t. Allow me to put my fingerprint in to get into the device. That was an issue that i had and then also when i was trying to use a live wallpaper. If i would go into say an app and say span that app across both displays like so and when i would go back home, one of this display over here would stay black. So i said, let me go ahead and check to see if there’s updates for this, because i use it for about a half a day and then even check to see if it had updates. So after i went in to updates here go to recent here and i took some screenshots, so this is what it was running straight out the box before i did an update on it. You guys can see that uh android, 10 october 5th 2020 for the security patch and google play system update was at january 31st october here in january there. This is the kernel and stuff so uh out the box. I had two updates. The first update was 650 megabytes. You guys can see that and then uh. It was an update for performance and stability of the duo and then the second update was 65 megabytes. So after those two updates, the issues would uh open it up and the screen staying dark went away the fingerprint sensor now i can use the live wallpaper no issue, and this is where we ended up here with android 10.

. This is slated to get 11, but no one knows so. I saw a video the other day with someone said later in the year, but now we’re on the security patch of february 5th, 2021 and february first for google play services, there’s, colonel and all of that, but uh after doing that. So after those updates, this thing works great sorry, i had to stop the video. There was someone at the door, so this is a little bit later, but uh just opening up stuff going into it. Everything works great on this device. Two streams going. At the same time, as you guys can see, let’s go ahead and get there, it is uh slinging things over to the other screen. Opening up other apps just works great man and uh. I like the improvements that microsoft did with this device. So if you want to use this in a single screen here, everything works great used to be when you would swap it over. It would do some crazy, glitching here now i’m trying to do this behind the camera and, as you guys see, it is working great uh, no issues swapping over pop right back in force. The camera there’s will h behind the camera there used to be. It would be kind of finicky going to the next. She said guys see and went right. There took a little bit to focus but back on wheel, h and doing this behind the camera guys there.

It is so back on wheel, h, again takes a few seconds to focus but working great man, so i noticed that the camera seems a little bit better i’m going to take some uh, take some photos and some videos with this outside and see if there’s, an Improvement, the earpiece is a little low for me this time around, maybe because i’m used to using these other two phones, no problem with people. Hearing me i don’t know what else to cover. I think that’s pretty much covering everything on it. Let me go into my notes here. I did have a few notes that i covered the live updates. The battery life has been great on here, fingerprint sensor earpiece and live wallpaper so other than that it’s been great for the first seven days. No issues after having this thing back i’m gon na do some more follow up videos on it, but uh the microsoft surface, duo back in the building and i love it – love the form factor. I love everything about this devices to me.