Follow up on the on the microsoft surface duo i think i’ve had it three weeks, maybe four weeks i’m, not sure, but i want to come back and let you guys know how this is going and uh just talk about it. So this week, i’m going to be doing some more videos, uh checking out the cameras and video and stuff like that, because since the last time i’ve made a video we got the march update and some of the things that it was supposed to correct is like The rotation speed, i think, some improvements on the camera. Now we can take a single, strange screenshot and i think some apps that were not able to go into landscape or portrait or whatever. I think they were supposed to improve on that now. I had to put my sim card back in my note. 20. Ultra for time being so, i haven’t really had time to really check out the update on this. So i was sitting here looking at this the other day and i was thinking i see a lot of people saying their charging port has broken right there. I do have a strange thing that come up some. This is kind of discoloring, this becoming red, and i don’t i keep it in my pocket. Just like this, as you guys see, i don’t even use the bumper case uh but it’s starting to discolor like a red, color, so i’m, not sure if it’s red, underneath this plastic, i take an alcohol pad and it doesn’t go away and it’s.

You may not be able to see it so faint, but it is starting to discolor. I saw a yellow color uh, some people’s turning yellow, but mine has a red. So i was thinking if they kept this. This is uh i’m, not sure. If this is stainless. Steel, what this is if it went all the way around man. I think that would be very nice looking and it probably would take care of that issue that people are having with the charging ports breaking right there uh, but i think it would look good because you got the the chrome look or stainless steel look here with Your logo probably to add some more weight to it, but the durability would be better. I guess uh no scratches or anything here, one other issue that i have every now and then, as you see when i open this up, that black strain right there sometimes – and i said this – it had improved in my last video, but sometimes that black string is There and it still won’t recognize my fingerprint, and i thought the last update took care of that, but it’s occasionally still doing it. Those two issues are the only thing that i’m having that’s uh. You know a little bit of an issue, but as far as performance it’s been great now supposedly the rotation lag is better but, as you guys see, it’s still there. So microsoft need to continue working on that.

I think that was supposed to be part of the improvements with the update, so one other thing that was uh supposed to help with it so to take a screenshot with this device you hold down on your power button, uh, give you power off restart emergency and Screenshots so uh, you just simply hit that now that took a dual screen shot there here. It is here, so this is the uh picture that it took here, the dual stream, so i can also take a single string shot. Now your device has to be folded over like this. Now i’m gon na go into let’s, go into twitter here and we’re gon na take a screenshot here, so you just hold it down there’s mr george, shout out to mobile geezer and stream shot there and there’s the single string, screenshot and we’re going to bring it Up – and this is the single string screenshot here now – i can mock it up. I can uh uh print it. I can do whatever i want, so that is a that’s, definitely a plus right there, because it was definitely a pain to take a screenshot and every so often you have to go in and edit that all right guys. So something else that i want to show you guys if i uh, if i’m, in something like twitter and there is a uh like a youtube link for you to click on i’m, going to go into my status here.

Uh say fans is my video link here. If i click on this, it opens up on the other side over here and i can continue to stroll twitter, so i didn’t i didn’t realize that it did that, but that is a neat feature that it has there so that video of any whoever it is. I can continue to uh stroll on twitter, continue uh to watch the video as well. So a lot of little neat things like that that i’m figuring out on this device, as you guys see performance, is great. No stutter well got a little bit of lag, but as far as uh the apps opening up and everything, this thing is still going great. One thing i noticed about the update as well: battery life has been improved i’m, getting great great battery life out of this.