Canceling plans for a surface Duo 3 that was similar in design to the surface Duo one and two in favor of a device thats going to be similar designed to a Galaxy fold 4. So, instead of the two displays, the one big internal foldable display – and I I dont love it – I dont love the plans for that. If it is indeed true that they are working on a more traditional folding device, theres, a few different reasons for that number, one is durability, weve, just gotten to the point with other manufacturers, where I feel comfortable with a foldable device that goes like this right. You can kind of do flat and up again and close and then flat again and the rumor is that Microsofts going to keep the functionality of the duo devices even with a folding glass display. So that means you get tent mode Beyond 180 degrees. All the rest of it, so I youre going to be trusting them their first time out with a foldable display to kind of do this, have your tent mode then back again, over and over and over again thousands of times and hoping that the durability of that Device holds up Im willing to give Microsoft the benefit of the doubt on the hardware side. Typically, theyve done a really nice job with surface Hardware across the board, software has been more of an mixed bag. It generally gets to where it needs to be doesnt, always start that way.

I know I know people who paid fifteen hundred dollars for the original surface Duo and lived with it with Android 10 for a year or throwing things at the screen right now I hear you I understand, but those of us that started our surface Duo Journey a Little bit later on that had a largely good experience with Android 11 and now, with Android 12l after a rocky start on 12l mostly have had a decent experience so Hardware. Maybe they could pull that off youre putting yourself in a category with some established players. There technology wise, but look in the benefit thats out there, the other. The second thing that really concerns me is the price. Microsoft had a wonderful opportunity here they built in a fan base. There were people who were loyal to this thing for a couple years now or a few years actually on this device that it would have been great to offer two pricing tiers for a surface Duo. I would have loved to have seen a refreshed version of the first surface Duo, which I think is the best duo of the two. I love this design, love that it closes flat. You didnt have to put all the bells and whistles in here you didnt have to put 90 Hertz in here or all that rest of that stuff or a upgraded camera. None of that they could have offered me a refreshed version of the surface Duo right around a thousand bucks.

I would have been game for that. Then, if you want to have the one with a higher spec, one with the higher refresh rate, displays the flagship level camera stuff that you put in there, that doesnt close quite flat. You want to put other stuff in there. You want to have the souped up. One that you still charge fourteen hundred dollars for sure no ones gon na eat your lunch for that go ahead, go wild, but give me the cheaper option. Now I dont think thats possible if they give you something thats like a Galaxy fold. 4 expect them to keep fold 4esque pricing, especially if they were offering this one or even the two at fourteen hundred dollars. Fifteen hundred dollars, theyre not gon na all of a sudden go with a full foldable device and then say yeah. You know what 1200 bucks I cant see that happening. Theyre gon na give you all the tech theyre gon na charge you for all the tech. This device is going to stay at 15 1600. So if they still have time to reverse course, you want to do the bigger foldable you want to do the full one. Fine knock yourself out have a 15 1600 one, give us a refreshed version of the original surface Duo and I think youll keep a lot of people happy and people who are curious about the form factor theres a lot of Curiosities. A lot of views on these video videos on YouTube.

I think people would try it if you kept it around a thousand bucks. You get up. Fourteen fifteen hundred dollars, nobodys gon na take a chance on that thats. A big chunk of money, no ones gon na, say hey, you know what. Ah, you know its worth a shot: thats not worth the shot price, thats a full on investment price when youre talking that, so that to me is a disappointment. If theyre going theyre scrapping a surface through Duo, 3 design that was similar to The Originals and going with something like a Galaxy fold, for it disappoints me that were losing the opportunity to get a Duo at a decent price and then, of course, have to play The ultra Flagship price that something like that would come in the big thing for me, though, is how I use the device so were going to talk about that right now, and the big change for me is the way that I use the device and certainly the Way, I think, about using the device right now going back to that point about durability at the top of the video I dont think about how I use this device. I know its two screens. I know its got a durable hinge Im not actually Im, not babying. It Im just saying: oh, I got to be careful Im opening up or Im flipping it over. I got to be super careful yeah. Am I careful, of course, Im careful with all my devices but its not something that I baby.

Like I baby my fold four, I go ahead. I slam it shut, I throw it down. I take it with me, its in a jacket pocket its in a book bag its in whatever Im taking that day messenger bag. I dont think about this device. I just love the design I throw it around. I use it its durable and thats it. I think you lose some of that. When you go to a more traditional fold, you dont throw this around anymore. You dont kind of youre a little bit more careful when youre opening it up and youre using it all the rest of it youre careful the pressure that you put on the display I show I know they have pins for these type of displays. Now theres an S Pen on the Galaxy fold for, but it just changes the relationship that you you have with the device. The other thing is multitasking. I love the multitasking and the fact that I could have two separate experiences on the surface Duo. I think if you make this one big display, I dont care how big you make it. I dont care, if you leave it the same aspect right: the same internal screen real estate, whatever you do with that, you lose something if I cant have it where I have one screen up over here and then I could go ahead, swap it over. Have my other screen up over here where I get two separate swipes, which I like to have the two different apps Im not going to multitask nearly as much Im going to treat it like one big display, like I wind up doing nine times out of ten On the fold, instead of two distinct displays that could give me usability with different apps nine times out of ten here, Ive got Outlook open on this side.

Ive got Twitter, Instagram open on this side and Im going to work Im just scrolling through and thats Im. Not going to do that on a fold its too intrusive to set that up every time you close it you open it, then you got ta shift apps over and stuff like that. I could just have that experience here, especially you set up the app Pairs and youre good to go. I understand that Android 12l has made multitasking significantly easier on things like the full four, but what its done is not necessarily make multi screen or multi instance multitasking. Better its made switching through apps, better so with the taskbar. I find myself on the fold four sweep it through Instagram, okay, now Im on Twitter now, whatever Im still using the display, the full display but Im able to switch between apps faster. So I find myself using more apps and using apps and Tandem and stuff like that, with the duo I legitimately can have the experience where its too theres multiple apps theres apps, with different kinds open. At the same time, I love having one note open on one side. You can see the widget here for it one note open on one side Outlook open on the other. If there are things I have to include in a video, I can have the notes on what I have to include pull them from an email, its just a level of multitasking that I think, goes away.

Maybe thats just me. Maybe you do a great job of multitasking currently on your foldable, you go ahead and you push things up and you put the apps and you size them properly and you get your app pairings and youre set to go thats. Not me thats not me, and I think that youre going to take away a lot of that. The one thing that I did like from the design changes or the rumored design changes for something that would be a foldable is an external display. I do think that the duo needs an external display of some kind, even if its a windowed one, something like a flip four, it just kind of a small outer display, so you could at least have some usability see whos calling, for instance, I people have all These kind of workarounds around well, you got ta, get a smart watch with it. You got to get a Bluetooth headset! Look if you want this to have Mass Appeal and to have some consumer appeal with it. Have it so you can have it as a daily driver without any jump through hoops and do different things. So an external display just to see whats going on Hey wheres, that buzz a text message a junk call one of those political whatever it is. I could ignore it, or was it somebody that I have to answer the phone for so if they could have some way of doing that with the design change that doesnt involve a smart watch or a Bluetooth headset that I do think would be a welcome change, But as for the rest, I would love just a refreshed version of the original Duo, really love using it love using it to this day.

I think that would be great if you gave me this at a thousand bucks Im signing up thats for sure.–NegWIn3o