This is actually where i grew up and particularly on these basketball courts. Here i spent all of my teenage years playing basketball here. Every night i was playing her five nights a week. Sometimes i would play with one of my best friends, victor chi whos, holding the camera right now, but anyway, todays video is not about basketball. Its about this, the microsoft surface, duo 2.. Now, if you are familiar with my work, you will know that i am a huge fan of these weird quirky two screen devices, including you know, i think the first one i tested was a zte axon m and then also later lgs dual screen devices, which my Friend, victor is currently using im a fan of having two screens at the same time, because it allows me to multitask im someone who multitasks a lot, particularly now, when i have a full time job at x, state developer, so i constantly have to have slack open. So i would just have slack open on one screen and then another app open on a second screen. Now i actually find having two screens like on the microsoft dual and lgs dual screen to be a little bit more practical and productive than like a folding phone. Like a galaxy z43, because in my opinion, when you have two separate screens, you can com compartmentalize a little bit better because youre separating two apps by border, whereas when you use a foldable like a gaussian z43, you actually have just one big screen that you have To manually divide your apps, so true story, i actually purchased the original microsoft duo three times over.

I first got it a little bit over a year ago from trinity electronics, but because the software of the original microsoft dealer was so bad, i sold it after two weeks, but then at the same time, i really liked the hardware. So as soon as i saw that i started missing the hardware, so i purchased it again thinking you know, maybe i can put up the software just to realize. Actually i cannot. A month later, i sold it again because the software was so bad after i sold it. The second time i didnt get the dual again for about half a year until microsoft slashed the price of the microsoft dual by more than half, it was on sale on amazon for like five six hundred dollars. So when it dropped to that price, then i figured okay. I can put up with the terrible software because the hardware is so good, so i purchased the microsoft dual now. To be honest, i still could never use the original microsoft dual as my daily driver, because the software was just so bad. There was, like input lag all the time. The screen would be really slow to switch orientation. Sometimes the screen would freeze all the time. So, with the original microsoft duo, i had a love hate relationship with it. I really loved the hardware, but i really really hated the software. It was like the worst software ive ever used for a big screen device.

So the big question now is: does the microsoft dual 2 improve on the software? The answer is yes, and no, it does improve on the software over the microsoft dual one, but its still not a good software, its still very problematic and a lot of the bugs. I mentioned are still here: they just happen a little bit less frequently, so i still have a love hate relationship with this device its just now. The love is a lot more than the hate. Okay, first lets go over the hardware of the microsoft duo. 2.. So the original microsoft duo already had really good hardware, and this one improves on it in almost every way. So it is still a two screen device thats connected by a hinge, so the obvious benefit of having two screens is that you can open two apps at the same time, so ive been using this quite a lot like i said i would have slack open one App and twitter, on the other im watching a youtube video on top, while im chatting with my girlfriend on whatsapp on the bottom. But of course you can also open one app across two screens too, and to be honest, if youre looking at photos it, you know it looks a little bit funky because theres still a gap between the photo, but when youre reading articles like websites or earlier i Was at an indonesian restaurant, i was reading a menu, its actually fine, because you know when youre reading words, you just have to make sure the gap doesnt cover the words.

The hinge is also really well designed. As you probably know, it can rotate all the way back. So when you flip it back, you can use the phone one handed like this, but because theres a camera bump this year, which ill get to soon the phone actually does not fold all the way flush. But its been okay, its still very comfortable for me to hold one hand like this: okay, so theres a new camera system. Here this is neo because last years, microsoft, dual 1 did not actually have a proper camera. It really just had a selfie camera that you have to use for all your photos and that selfie camera was terrible. This year, theres actually a triple camera right here, consisting of a 12 megapixel, f, 1.7 main camera, a 16 megapixel ultra wide angle, camera and a 12 megapixel two times telephoto zoom and you still have a selfie camera around the front, a 12 megapixel camera. To be honest, the camera system here is okay in a vacuum and we actually compare against phones at this price range, its a pretty bad camera. It struggles with dynamic range and when you record video, theres, no stabilization whatsoever, but in a vacuum its serviceable, as you can see from these photos and videos here, you know everything looks okay. If you have good lighting, this is not a phone that you buy for the camera okay, so this is a selfie camera footage of the microsoft service duo.

This is my friend vic. The cameraman today, thanks for the help, okay, so inside the phone, is a snapdragon 8 with 12 gigs of ram. Both of these are big improvements over the original microsoft duo, which had a snapdragon 855 and only six gigs of ram. So, for the most part, performance is a little bit better here. You know the phone doesnt crash and freeze on me as often as the original microsoft duo, because the chipset is newer and theres more memory inside but, like i said earlier, the software is still very buggy every now and then i would say at least once a Day, the screens will still freeze up on me, meaning im like tapping on it and nothing happens. The phones also very slow to recognize when im switching orientation, sometimes once you switch orientation to one side, it wont switch back. Unless i do an exaggerated motion like this, to get it to come back, its all pretty frustrating, considering that this phone is still 1 500. But when the software does work, it is one of the most practical phones, ive ever tested to be able to run two apps side by side or run one app across two screens for a larger display, its very, very useful. You know all the different ways i just mentioned like doing hands free video call. I love every aspect of it when it works, but when it crashes, when it freezes, i get really frustrated and i almost want to like cuss at the device.

But ultimately, i think thats something you have to deal with when you purchase a microsoft smartphone. They just have no experience in this regard. Well, i mean they do have experience, but it was a total failure, so in terms of making a modern, smartphone, theyre still really new at it, and this thing is still really rough around the edges. But the biggest praise i can say to it is that i am using this one as my daily driver. My sim card is in this phone. I could not do that with the original microsoft dual, because the software was just so so bad, so that means microsoft. At least improved the software enough that is now tolerable, that the beauty of the hardware actually brings enough pros to compensate for all the cons. Battery life is pretty good too four thousand five hundred million cell inside and this thing has been lasting me all day. 12. 13 hours out constant heavy use without any issues. Now, ultimately, would i recommend an average consumer to buy the microsoft dual 2 hell? No because this one costs 1 500 at this price, youre much better off, buying a standard, smartphone and then like an ipad mini or pay a little bit more and get the gausss d43. Both of these devices – you know the ipad mini or the galaxy z430 will bring you much much better software than this. But you know, if you have some money to spend or you dont mind experimenting with a new form factor or you just multitask a lot, and you know you work better.

When you have two separate screens, then the microsoft dual 2 is worth considering, but be ready to be frustrated with the software so anyway thats about it for this review uh. Thank you again to my friend, victor chief for holding the camera today and yeah. This is our mental park.