This is the second time I got a Duo. In fact, I had started a review like this back in the spring, but that Surface 2 ended up not working on Verizon right guys at the end of the Verizon store to get a SIM card for this phone right here. This is the actual camera taken video from the surface Duo and then Ill get back to you on how I feel about calling and texting and just an overall review of it. So this is a new one. The other one I ordered was a previously used one hoping this is gon na work. Hoping youll see this video, but for right now lets Dive Right In box. Everything included is the surface Duo. Power supply bumper wow didnt realize Id get the bumper with it. Support for LTE Advanced Pro Wi Fi, Bluetooth, Android 10.. All right unlocked well see what we got here be very careful there we go before I forget. I did get some screen protectors as well, so lets take that out beautiful here. It is second one Ive owned. I just love the form factor. I was surprised. I saw someone on the line saying they like this, even better than the second Duo. Only reason I got this one is because its kind of in my price range a little bit better surface Duo bumper charger and looks like an instruction booklet Im, really hoping this works on Verizon. I have every intention in going from my pixel 3XL what I have right now over to the duo.

Ive heard great things about the 12l update, which I may need to do that update once I turn this on. I just love how this feels if youve never held one of these, you are missing out. All right were plugged in, and charging well give her a look, see and Ill. Let you know how it goes. All that is charging. I might put my custom made skins. Yeah Im an old fan of the Windows. Metro look, so this is going to be on the back of it, so well, hopefully be able to apply it real, well, Im filming this on obviously another day. I also have my glasses off because of the light that Im using to make some very distracting holes in my lenses. However, I did get my skin on. There looks pretty nice had a little trouble, applying it yeah its kind of, like I said, a Windows. Metro look with a few things. I like, I, like the Bruins Im, a Christian like my Bible, app, the band of Firefox and some other things, but the bumper was interesting getting on and and you can likely see, theres still some some hole there. I didnt get it on the best way and I think Ive read in forums and Ive seen before that and I smelled it myself is whenever you put it on in the first few times, probably first few days, uh just that glue that connects to the side Gives you a bit of a smell Ive had this for a few weeks now, and that 12 L heard good things about the 12l comment has not aged well, rather quickly, its fairly evident its causing a few bugs.

But you know one of the main guys I follow on mine Shane, Craig scary. If literal I mean, if you have a surface Duo and dont know that guy your way out of the loop one of the last things he posted was that he ended up factory resetting and did it without the 12 valve update. I I dont really want to factory reset. I do have the 12l update and Im just going to wait until Microsoft, hopefully updates and gets some of the bugs out for me, the bugs it happens to be with calling. Sometimes the screen wont switch over. I cant hang up, you know. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. Sometimes, if Im listening to my podcasts and I open up my Surface Duo to check something as Im listening, the screens dont come on, which is kind of irritating. Sometimes all these widgets arent showing up sometimes they do you know. For example, I havent used my Facebook for 12 hours and 34 minutes today. Thats, a flat out lie it hasnt, even as you can see from the time here, it hasnt even been 12 hours and 34 minutes in the day for the most part, its bearable, its doable its not like it doesnt just ruin my day to open my phone. I still love it. I still use it Im, a pastor. I can you know sermon prep with the groups here. I can just go ahead and sermon prep um, for you know on my phone.

If I have to on the Fly, which is nice, you know, I can get used to two screens Im in an office right now and Im using to monitor screens, so I can get used to two screens. You know I have my own news. App youll see my political leanings here, probably oh well, youll get over it. You know its its nice to use my news app and um, and then to have my browser right next to my news app to do some more reading. You know I I like it. I like it a lot more than my pixel 3 XL. The camera might even be a little bit lower than the 3XL quality. I dont know I dont do the specs and everything but its not like. I take horrible pictures and oh man, my phone is just horrible. I know some people dont like that they have to have the fanciest picture and everything needs to be smooth. Speaking of smoothness, you probably cant tell on this video but thats. The first thing I noticed back in May – and the first thing I noticed in November is just wow. The smoothness of this is Just Amazing Just how the screen looks um its awesome so, like I said overall Im Im pleased, I, like it, the I guess, maybe Im just so wowed by the form factor that Im not the the problems in the the glitches arent. So overwhelming, yet to where, like I dont, even want to use this Im, not there, I you know, for the most part, its still working good.

I like it. I plan on having it for a long time. Um, you know, and and this phone I I can put up with its problems, just because I really like the idea of having two screens so thats. All I really have to say. I wish I was more in depth and nitpicky, but it is what it is and uh Im Im staying on here. The SIM cards in here Im keeping it in Im not going back to my pixel 3 XL um Im happy and I know and trust that Microsoft will hopefully get on the ball and fix these bugs to make this even a better phone. So it was well worth the three to four hundred dollars be in the next phone I might buy might be a surface 202 whenever its down to the three to four hundred dollar range, but right now lets just my price range but um yeah. I plan on using this for as long as I can so thanks for watching. You know theres more than enough videos on how to use Duo and all the neat tricks that I wasnt just going to do that for you with it hope you didnt find what I have here: boring kind of a 22 end of 2022 retrospective review for a 2020 device that, like wine, seems to be getting better with age.