As you can see on the box, you can see the um window, logo and the microsoft name on it and microsoft, and this is the surface book uh. This is an old version like a year ago, but im using this for like one year. So this is just a review on another kind of unboxing. This is the box which you can see so on the box. You can see the specification if you can see it. I zoom it so it is until our core i7 process, sixth generation and a 260 256 gb of a hard drive, ssd and a gpu of ram and nvidia graphic card. And so this is the box which you can see from outside. And now i can bring the laptop, so let me open the box, so this is the laptop which im using for like one year and so on, and this is like this is my man machine which im using for watching video, stuffing serving internet playing video games And all do my editing on this machine, so its kind of nice machine, nice, laptop and ill put a sticker on it and apple logo and cross on it. And then you can see the window logo of the laptop, and this is very nice, like laptop. You can see it so i talk about the ports on it. It has a charging port, this one Music, you can zoom it. So this is charging port magnetic ford and then and an external mini video output and then on another side.

You can see this two. 3.1 usb and then sd card. Another side i forgot to tell you this – is the iphone headphones 3.1 headphone jack and then on. The back side is nothing nothing important on the front side. It has a volume, rocker keys and then the power button – and you can see this is the laptop from the inside. So this is the best of this laptop, and this is the screen side. So you can talk about the specification of inside. This. Has a hard drive, suppressor and ram is on this part, while the graphics card is on the downside and both has different uh batteries, and this has a like two to three hour battery – and this is the big battery, so its connected both of this can go. Go for up to eight to ten hour on the battery life Music. So now, if i turn on the laptop, so you can see the surface logo on it and then it will turn on very quickly. So just wait for a minute, and you can see this will automatically turn on if i show my face to it and it will ultimately turn on and then on all right. This is very nice laptop now. If we talk about the pen, which is in the box like this, with this laptop, you dont need to buy this one. Its come free of charge with this laptop. If you click this button, auto button single time, so you will see there will be a menu pop up where you can bring lots of application like sketchbook.

No keynote sticky note screenshot, all of the painting related um apps, and we, when we click, is two times so it will take a screenshot as you can see, it took the screenshot and you can do and also thing with this thing, like you can write a Note on this one, if you doing on something so some surfing, and so you can take a screenshot of your important thing and then you can write some notes on it, so it will save on your laptop so later on. You can check it and you know if i talk about some of the drawbacks of this laptop, so the drawbacks, the first products of about the keyboard, so the keyboard is very nice, but there is one this two up and down arrow key. They are very small. Sometimes youre doing and you click the up shift key rather than this up key, which is a little bit annoying. The mouse pad, which is very glass not mostly and its very nice, and you can see the clip and when you precision and mouse pad this working very good still now. I have no issue with this. Keep it now. Another thing which is another product is a hitch, and this is opening in between these two area, which is when you taking outside. You know it will come some just go inside which will make your key dirty so later on. You can clean it, but this is a bit drawback, another drawbacks about the screen that this screen is like two to one ratio.

So if youre watching movies so there you will see the top box like on top of this this so its no one, not gon na go for full screen. So you will see its a bit some screen on the top of black area on your movie or whatever you watching on your video.