So, as most of you know, i replaced my hp spectre 2021 for my microsoft service book tree. So one of the reason i did that is because of the functionality. I find that two in one really good, but then i find the detachable much more useful in my usage of the laptop. So i got this as a bundle, and this is the microsoft surface book 310 gen i5, and i got this as a bundle. I got this with a bundle of the pen and the the mouse, so this pen is not rechargeable and unfortunately, in the store, the only color that they have is black and yeah. Let me just open this for you guys so yeah there you have it so, like i said this is battery operated. I was actually quite surprised that it looks good and feels nice in hand. The pen tip is not too short, but i find this will be quite useful in my usage, like i said so, i was. I don’t think that this comes with some extra tips. No, it doesn’t it doesn’t come with extra tips, but this is mostly the. I think manuals yes just manuals, so unfortunately there is no extra tips for this one, and let me just put this on the side now. I can’t believe that i’ll be saying this, but i am quite excited with this art mouse from microsoft, service book. I got this as a bundle as well, which makes me really happy and, like i said i’m, quite excited that i’ll be unboxing.

This microsoft uh mouse arc and i can’t wait. I don’t know what to expect with this one. So let me just open this. For you guys, so this one is not rechargeable, it is battery operated as well and wow. This looks good and it feels good in hand, so this has like a rubbery matte feel on it, and i was quite intrigued by how i can change the arc of the mouse and uh it’s. It is good, it is good, so right click left click it’s. Quite uh functional so yeah, this one’s definitely feels a bit uh, you know luxurious and the map feel makes it feel a bit different. You know which is nice like i said this is battery operated and it’s i’m quite excited to use it. I can’t wait to use this by the way i haven’t been using mouse for quite some time but it’s nice to have this as a bundle, so it doesn’t have much inside too. So just you know paperwork’s paperworks and nothing else, but then yeah feels good in hand and quite handy so for the real star of the show. Is my microsoft surface book 3? So, as most of you remember, i replaced my hp spectre. 2021 for this surface book tree uh, because i know uh, some of you might get disappointed because i’ve been a spectre user for a long time and i find the hp spectre. 2021. A bit disappoint, it’s good.

But i was a bit disappointed over that. But then anyways, i decided to go for service book 3 for some reasons, for example the camera. I find the camera here way better than the 2021 and detachable is a bit useful in my schooling right now and yeah, mostly that’s the that’s. My main reason, so, aside from that uh wanting out of box, one thing that i noticed is the build quality for this one is really stunning it’s phenomenal. It feels good in hand but it’s a little bit heavy and so here’s, the micro usb and the power charger. The hinge, which is a fulcrum design and here on on top, is the camera and the microphone the microphone, the usb a two usb a and the micro sd card card port, and these are the speakers so uh at the back. Are i mean at the bottom uh that’s, just like the rubber stopper and some uh branding down there? So another thing inside the box are, i presume this is just like the paper works, so manuals and everything instruction guides is where you can find them and on the other box, i’m, pretty sure that’s, where we can find the charger. So i find this very light weight, so yeah just the charger, so i find the charger a bit uh lighter than i expected, but the wiring. I noticed that the wiring is a bit thinner than i was expecting. I hope that’s not that that won’t become a problem in time and this one is a flat cord which is nice.

I like flat cords, okay, so mostly that’s it so for one final, look here’s my microsoft surface book tree. So i know some of you guys might be disappointed that i replace my hp spectre 2021, but then you know one of the major things that i consider is the functionality, and aside from that, is the uh the build quality as well. The camera is another factor, and you know the bundle that i got in this laptop. So the quality of the hardware for the microsoft surface is better compared to my hp spectre. I actually can’t believe that i am saying this right now, but then you know see seeing them side by side. I really can tell that that this one has more luxurious, feel in hand. So let me just give you a closer look of the power button, which is good in clicky and the volume rocker so feeling this enhance. The feel in the in the hand, for this laptop is a bit different, it’s, quite heavy than i expected. But then you know i can’t complain because this feels really good in hand.