This is our best two on one laptop under 500, the microsoft surface go packs a lot inside a small form factor, making it a great budget two in one with reliable design, quality and nice out of the box functionality. As a microsoft, product it’s built with windows, 10 functionality in mind from the word go, which is advantageous for those who love the windows ecosphere. The 10 inch pixelsense touchscreen display offers a respectable 1800 by 1200 resolution that is, remarkably detailed and color accurate up to 129 percent of the srgb color gamut, with a fantastic 415 nits of brightness. This means beautifully bright, fantastic quality picture every time. It also has some of the nicest speakers for a two in one laptop at this price range, which is an added bonus for those who want to use the device as a multimedia hub. The surface go can be detached for a dedicated tablet, experience and snaps back into place, with total ease to resume normal duties. The hinge can bend 180 degrees, which is perfect for note, taking with the surface pen or stylus, the type cover keyboard keys are snappy and wonderful to write on which is good for writers or those who type a lot of emails and reports. The unit features a glass track pad for accurate swipe gestures, making navigation very easy and natural. Under the hood, the surface go runs on an intel, pentium gold, dual core cpu, with four gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of ssd storage.

It isn’t meant for heavy processing tasks like gaming, but instead as a day to day multi tasking device that can also be used for general entertainment once the work day is finished, it’s also great for students offering up to nine hours of battery life on a single Charge depending on usage, the unit weighs a little more than one pound, which makes it easily portable around the campus. It also sports a respectable set of cameras as well, including a 5mp webcam and an 8mp rear faced camera that can shoot 1080 video, which is another plus for those who want to do a bit of video conferencing or calls the device ships with windows. 10 s mode enabled by default, which isn’t to everyone’s tastes, but it can be changed to run on the regular flavor of windows, 10. it’s worth bearing in mind. The features are display. High res 10 inch pixel sense touch screen display with vibrant image quality extremely portable. This is the lightest surface, yet, starting at just 1.15 pounds battery life, this product features a full day’s battery life with up to nine hours of unplugged power performance comes with windows, 10 and s mode. To do the things you want with performance that lasts, including microsoft, verified security, windows, defender parental controls and world class support lots of inputs. This device includes multi, tasking, usbc, fast charging, surface connect and a headphone jack bluetooth, wireless 4.1 technology, and the aspect ratios three to two.

The pros are excellent display. The surface goes display produces rich amazing colors, with a very high brightness rating for superb picture quality. Great design. This product includes several design, features that make it easy to type on swivel into different positions or detach for full tablet functionality. Good battery life, this device can last up to nine hours, which is excellent for a two in one at this level and for the cons no stylus, the popular surface pen is a separate purchase that does not come bundled with this device. Lower resolution display, despite its excellent picture quality screen resolution, is lower than some of its competitors windows s mode. This laptop comes with the highly unpopular windows 10 s mode, enabled by default, though it can be changed to run regular windows 10.. The microsoft surface go is hard to beat for a two in one laptop priced at just five hundred dollars. The display alone is one of the best features of the device making it a great carry along device to use during your daily routine or simply to relax and enjoy your next netflix binge. The fourth product on our list is the lenovo flex 14.. This is a great value two in one laptop and great for budget students. The lenovo flex 14 is a fantastic choice for students who want a reliable two in one at a great price, without sacrificing a lot of features, it’s lightweight, very portable and surprisingly powerful, making it advantageous for those who, like to game a little bit on the side, Powered by an amd ryzen, 5 3500 used cpu 12 gigabytes of ram and a 256 gigabyte ssd storage drive.

The flex 14 was designed to balance a robust hardware set with cost savings in all the right places. A radeon vega, 8 gpu offers some beefy processing power that can help with multimedia tasks and even some great mid range gaming. The full hd touch display works perfectly with the included pen stylus, allowing students to quickly take notes, highlight key information or simply doodle a bit in between classes. Switching into different two in one modes is easy. Thanks to a reliable high quality hinge design that can quickly flip between tent mode stand mode and tablet mode in seconds. Lenovo has also covered everything you need when it comes to inputs, including hdmi and usb c ports, two usb 3.1 ports, a card reader and a headphone jack. Its backlit keyboard is both comfortable to type on and great for typing, that late night essay, the lenovo flex 14 can get up to eight hours of battery life, which is very competitive for a budget two in one rapid charge, technology allows the device to juice up To eighty percent of its full charge within just one hour, so there’s no worry about being without your device for too long it’s easy to carry around campus as well, thanks to a thin design and a weight of just 3.64 pounds. It also includes a true block privacy shutter that physically closes the built in webcam when not being used, which means no malicious software snooping on you. The features are powerful hardware, with a 1920×1080 full hd touchscreen display and the powerful and efficient amd ryzen.

5. 3500U mobile processor. You can work stream and game for hours along with radeon vega 8 for fast video and photo editing. It includes hdmi usbc and usb 3.1 inputs extra webcam security, convenient trueblock privacy. Shutter allows you to physically close your pc’s webcam whenever you’re, not using it excellent stylus pen with the included active pen, you can draw or take notes directly on the screen anywhere. You go great battery life up to 10 hours of battery life, with recharge technology to power, your laptop computer up to 80 percent. In just one hour. The pros are amd architecture. The mix of ryzen, cpu and radeon gpu gives extra horsepower not seen in many competing two and ones. Webcam security, the trueblock privacy shutter, offers peace of mind in an era of webcam hacks battery life at around 8 hours of battery life per charge. This laptop lasts long, which is great, given the beefy hardware it offers and for the cons. The display, though respectable the display quality isn’t, quite as high as competing models priced under five hundred and eighty dollars. The lenovo flex 14 is a very affordable two in one that is perfect for students who want a capable device. That is both easy to use easy on the eyes and able to entertain when classes are over. The inclusion of an amd, ryzen, cpu and radeon vega.