The dream of a dual screen: surface Duo is kind of dead at Microsoft and Samsung has really weird ideas for the Galaxy s23 series welcome to the Friday checkout Music. This video was sponsored by curiositystream in partnership with my streaming service nabila. First up in the brief, nothing announced that the nothing phone 1 will come to the US in a really strange beta test for 299 dollars. You can buy it, but bizarrely you dont, get U.S cellular bands, a warranty or even a production operating system, and all you get is just hopes that it works. Pretty weird, then reports are that Apple will eventually bring touch screens for Macs, something that Steve Jobs once called ergonomically terrible and kind of tricked the balance with the iPad around. It would be an interesting. U turn for sure, though I dont quite know how theyd suddenly make Mac OS touch friendly. Next fairphone announced that the fairphone 2 will stop receiving updates at the end of March 2023, after an amazing, seven and a half years of support, mostly without even help from Qualcomm and as a perfect contrast to that meta and that support for their original Quest headset. After less than four years so yeah boo meta – I mean you could buy the original quest in not very long ago, and I feel like Zuckerberg needs all the Goodwill he could potentially get for his VR Empire to be built. So I dont really understand this move anyway.

Microsoft just released a vole E, I think thats, how you pronounce it. I guess a cousin of the image generator AI Dal e, and this one is a text to speech AI with a model that claims to accurately simulate a voice from just three seconds of audio sample and demos on GitHub range from pretty bad to pretty darn realistic. They descended the latter and found himself soon upon firm Rock. They moved thereafter cautiously about the Hut groping before and about them to find something to show that Warrenton had fulfilled his mission. Microsoft is also rumored to put another 10 billion dollars into open AI. To have more control over the likes of a chat, gbd and doll e, of course, and theres news that there might even be a paid version of a chat to GPT coming down the line and in even more Microsoft news. The giant also switched its U.S employees. From fixed paid vacation days to unlimited time off, it will be interesting to see if people actually take more or less time off now that there isnt a clearly allotted set of days anymore, I bet its actually less, then Intel. Finally, shipped Sapphire Rapids its long awaited server chip that were some two years behind schedule, its so late that it almost ran into the Next Generation server chips called Emeralds Rapids, which are also set to be released this year, oops and in a rare win for building Regulations and the internet England just made gigabit internet a legal requirement for new homes, pretty badass; okay thats it for the brief and for my first story of the week were going to be talking about Apple, bringing two of its most crucial, iPhone components in house.

First, Wireless chips, Bloomberg reported that apple is working on a combined Wi, Fi and Bluetooth chip for the iPhone aiming to replace what is a key component that it Now sources from broadcom. This is new and, in addition to Apple already, having plans to replace qualcomms modems for cellular connectivity from 2024 or early 2025 after having constant fights with Qualcomm for years and after buying Intels 5G business back in 2019, apple pays broadcom almost 7 a billion dollars a Year, just for the Wi Fi and Bluetooth element, so it is a pretty major deal, even if theyll have to continue licensing all kinds of Wi, Fi and Bluetooth patents. This means that Apple would bring essentially all Wireless chip development in house, and it would leave only memory as the only major type of Chip that they havent done, that with with yet and on top of that theres also news about them doing the same with displays As well, this is yet another report from the usually very reliable Mark German. The displays are expected to start shipping by 2024 and will start with a micro LED displays for the Apple watch Ultra and from there it will expand to the iPhone and its mixed reality. Headsets as well apple is apparently making small batches of the display in its own facility first and will expand to large scale manufacturing later. Micro LED is sort of the next gen display. Technology which is inorganic, brighter flexible, has Ultra fast refresh rates and so much more and you might remember, Apple buying.

A company called Lux view in 2014, which specialized in micro LED displays, which Apple has apparently developed since nobodys, been able to make micro LEDs at very large scales at very reasonable costs. Yet, but I guess thats the goal now at first. This rumor seemed very strange to me: making displays is typically a low margin business with lots of direct competitors. You have this huge boom and bust Cycles. You need huge scale for anything to work at all and so on. So I was kind of hesitant to believe it, but then I realized that Apple has kind of a different approach that might just work instead of Designing and then manufacturing. The display, like most companies like Samsung and LG, do Apple will do what they do with their chips, which will likely mean researching the key Technologies and then Outsourcing the less lucrative manufacturing to others to compete over which outsources the risks for apple as well. And I can already see some fancy branding coming out of apple as well like Pro optic, X or hyper magic display, or something like that. If you have any good guesses about what the code these displays, let me know: okay on my third story of the week, is going to be the surface Duo 3, giving up on the dual screen design and instead, apparently adopting a foldable design, and I have a Bit of a strong Told You So energy about the story, so Windows, Central, which has reported on the surface Duo pretty accurately for years, just broke the news that Microsoft apparently remains it to the surface Duo line, but isnt sticking with the dual screen design and instead Going with a foldable, this isnt a huge surprise, since neither the original Dual nor its successor actually sold well, despite some major improvements between generations and other manufacturers, didnt jump on the form Factory either, except maybe LGs, now failed.

The tent and so Microsoft had the very hard task of trying to get both the Android operating system and also the apps to work well on this custom form factor with very few users to justify any real Investments. Neither the operating system nor the third party apps received enough resources for taking full advantage of the two screens, while Microsofts own software had tons of bugs and was often a few Android versions behind all the competitors as well. Microsoft, wasnt initially crazy for wanting to avoid foldables, while they had durability issues and were thick and heavy, but that segment has evolved much faster than the dual screen segment. Samsung foldables are now waterproof, unlike the duo and now can also work with an S Pen. Multiple makers Ive pretty much gotten rid of the crease, which was originally a huge problem, and opal and xiaomi have recently released phones that could match the weight and thickness of normal phones. This year already as well. Meanwhile, Google focused on building foldable features into Android itself. Rather than focusing on dual screen features, so Microsofts idea was falling behind everyone, even more so the foldable form factor simply outgrew the dual screen form factor in a pretty major whale, just like I predicted in every video that I made about the duo, but still Im. Actually kind of excited to see what Microsoft will do once they decide to make a proper foldable will be exciting. Okay on my third story of the week is going to be weird news about the Galaxy s23 series which by now, we know more or less everything about so Samsung confirmed a date of February the 1st for its first in person.

Unpacked event in the last three years and its almost certain that this is when well see the Galaxy s23 launch. Also new this week is that you can now already go to Samsungs own website. That is linked in the description and make a pre reservation with up to a hundred dollars in credit for pre orders, if you reserve both an unnamed Galaxy phone and a galaxy book laptop or fifty dollars, if you just reserve the phone, not bad, I guess and As a reminder, we already have official marketing photos showing off the device in four new colors Phantom black botanic, green Mystic, lilac and cotton flower according to win Futures very reliable raw and Quant, and these images show off a slightly simplified design and the main highlights for The specs are that there will be no exynos version this year. Only the excellent seeming Snapdragon 8th Gen 2 in all markets, plus a 200 megapixel main camera with heavy pixel, binning and leakers, claiming that the image quality, especially in low light, is shaping up to be a pack leading now pre ordering a phone that isnt even announced. Yet feels like a very weird stab at the dark, especially when nothing has been said about the phone yet officially, but while youre in the description, you might actually find a much better use for both your time and your money, which is subscribing to nebula and curiositystream. Now nebula is our very own streaming service, built and owned by many of my favorite educational creators that features our usual videos ad free and Early Access, and a bunch of exclusive nebula Originals as well and Im excited to say that it will soon feature quite a Lot of extra Friday, checkout content too more on that a little bit later, but fun fact weve, just reworked most of our video streaming backhand for nebula, so videos should play back even smoother, now and weve also expanded to cover a lot more device types.

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