Microsoft are being unrepentant about their requirements of using an eighth generation intel processor to run windows 11, but yet it’s removed the checker tool from its website because it doesn’t like the results that it’s getting from people so there’s more to this than meets the eye. If you want to find out more, please let me explain: Music, okay, so this video really is a follow on from yesterday’s video, where i point out that probably you won’t be able to run windows 11 in fact, reading the comments – and there are literally thousands of Them there are lots and lots of people who have very good high performing systems with let’s, say an intel i7 7th generation, processor lots of memory, and now they are finding out they won’t be able to upgrade to windows. 11 people who’ve recently bought machines either refurbished. Second hand, or maybe even a brand new, but with an older processor and they’re finding out they won’t be able to run windows 11. This is not going well for microsoft and because of that, as a result, microsoft has been trying to push its agenda forward and it’s been publishing, uh different statements, saying what it’s trying to do, but it’s still not being very transparent because it’s now said oh well, We didn’t realize that you’d actually use the checker tool. We didn’t realize you’d actually check to see with your system and then you would actually be upset. If you found out, you could say, remove the checker tool will remove the checker tool because they want to improve it to make it better.

What’S. Actually, of course happening is there’s lots of feedback lots of negative feedback coming in microsoft’s way, and they want to try to stop that first of all by removing the checker tool. So let’s have a look at the new information that microsoft has published. Now, basically, microsoft are still going on the lines of security, security, security, security now that’s fine, because one of the jokes about windows, of course, is the amount of malware viruses that exist for windows, and we want to do absolutely everything we can to improve that situation And there are a lot of hardware features, including tpm and secure boot and uefi, and so on, and so on that are important for making security better i’m. All for that i understand that 100. However, as i said in yesterday’s video, it seems that microsoft would draw an arbitrary line across in the sand and said if you’ve got this process. You’Re. Okay, if you’ve got this processor, you’re, not okay, but yet when i have been looking at the security features available on those different processes, they look exactly the same more about that in a moment. Now, what microsoft is saying is trying to use a virtualization based security. Vbs and the idea is that some parts of the operating system can be put in a small hypervisor, that’s kind of a virtual machine running inside of the operating system, so that the data in there is protected from any malware.

That might be got its way onto the main system and to do that, it needs some hardware support that stops the malware accessing the memory that can be used by uh, the the hypervisor and that’s, absolutely fine, so there’s a whole document from 2017. Okay, that describes the ideas of virtualization based security, and the bottom line is what you need is something that supports hypervisor. It needs to be able to support vtx as it is, for example, uh, an intel and a few other extensions. Now i’ve been looking at those processors that intel have made and looking at which ones support these different features according to that vbs document from 2017, and the point as far as i can see, is that if you go back even as far as a sixth generation Uh intel core cpu, you still get the same protection here’s a little table. So minecraft is saying it supports the eighth generation of uh intel processors. The i5s i’ve got here the i5 8500. It supports vtx, it supports vtd, it supports extended pace that’s, one of the things that’s needed by vbs that’s. Okay, 64 bit. Instructions it’s also got all these other things. It supports os guard, trust and execution execution bit. Disable it’s got memory protection. Extensions it’s got all these stuff and they’re all supported, say great well done microsoft. You can now build a better operating system on that, but, of course, as you can see here on the table, the i5 7500 supports exactly the same range of features.

If you look at the i5 6500, it supports exactly the same range of features. So really microsoft are saying yes it’s. Because of security, you need to better do vbs, which means you need to be able to have vtx and all this other stuff, yeah. Okay, great fine, absolutely great, more security, but what about the seventh generation that supports the same functions? What about the sixth generation that supports the same function? Why have you drawn this line in the sand? Saying? Oh, but it’s gon na be an eighth generation, uh intel core processor. Why? What? Why do that and i’ve also added to the table here, the i5 4400, as the closest one i could kind of five to those other ones. And yes, here i can see it. Doesn’T support the intel trusted execution technology, it doesn’t support, sgx doesn’t support mpx, so you could say: okay, here is a reasonable cut off, because we are actually going to use these security features and we want those security features to be in our new product. That could be a good argument, but in microsoft, are not making that argument and that’s part of the poor thing that’s going on here. Microsoft are not making an argument about why they’re doing things they’re just kind of saying this? Is it and then, when they realize that people actually use their products when they realize that actually people depend on their products when they realize that every single day there are people boot up a pc and they make their living on it? There are people that boot up a pc and they do games right.

There are people that do bootable pc and they do online schooling with it, and microsoft are not just ignoring the fact that they have invested time. Money and effort and they’ve got this machine and they’re running it, and microsoft is just saying what we don’t care about. You one other interesting thing that microsoft said in this latest blog post was that it will see what the user experience is like for people with intel core 7th generation, processors and people with original ryzen processors, so that’s with the zen micro architecture. And if the experience is okay, then they will extend the number of processors that are supported. This just proves that this is just an arbitrary thing that they’ve done. They just drawn this line and said: oh we’re, just going to support that we can’t be bothered to support old stuff, so we’re just going to draw a line, but yet the features as i’ve already shown you. The security features, are already there. Just microsoft, don’t want to support it and follow the money was what someone said in one of the comments. As i said, they’re really only interested in new pcs, because new pcs is where they get their money and that’s where they are trying to expand their user base. Buy a new pc, buy a microsoft laptop even but you can’t be guaranteed. That will support windows. 12, of course, because if you’ve got a surface pro 4 like me, that doesn’t support windows 11, so you can’t even guarantee if you buy a microsoft piece of kit it’s going to support things.

This is just such a drama, so i want to address a couple of things in the comments. A lot of the comments were made in my previous video one is that some people are saying they’ve managed to install uh the developer inside preview on a pc that’s, not supported according to the checker tool. For example, i just had a message from somebody and said: they’ve installed it on a surface pro 4, which microsoft has clearly said, will not support windows, 11. and, of course, that’s normal. These insider developer builds will support a much greater range of hardware, but there will come a cut off point where, when microsoft actually insists on these features or insists on the cpu support, then you won’t be able to go any further with those preview builds. In fact, the date will come when windows 11 will be released. This is assuming nothing changes with what microsoft are saying. This is all based on what they’re saying today, of course, but the actual final release will come out and you won’t upgrade to it. So you’ll be stuck on the insider last developer, build that you’ve got and there will be no windows 11 for you. So do be careful about installing this on so on hardware that doesn’t support it, because at some point between now and october, you’re going to find that it won’t upgrade anymore and you’re stuck on a beta, build of windows 11 and also thanks all the people that Told me i should switch uh to linux, just want to point out i’ve been using linux since before version one of the kernel so for at least 25 years now, so you don’t need to tell me to switch to linux i’m.

Talking about the machines i’ve got here that run windows, i didn’t mention the other machines that i have that i use on a daily basis, but thanks for thinking of me, okay, so that’s it. As i said, this is a drama and it is unfolding if you want to keep up to date with what’s going on, then maybe you should follow me on twitter at gary explains where i might post little tidbits that i’m finding out about what microsoft are saying. If there is a big piece of news like a huge – u turn by microsoft, then i will make another video, okay that’s.