11.. One of the big downsides is the compatibility. The initial list of what systems could be upgraded to windows. 11 was incredibly small. The justification for that wasnt super clear and a ton of people were running the tool that would tell you if windows 11 would work and even supposedly correct systems that had everything you need were saying that they were not actually functional. So we did a video breaking that down and since then some things have changed. So just to refresh one of the big issues with windows. 11 is that it requires asterisk, a tpm 2.0 chip, and it is there to help ensure the integrity of windows and your files and whatnot its there for security. Now this has been shipping for a little while most brand new. In fact pretty much any brand new computer you buy today will have a tpm chip. However, a lot of even fairly modern systems from three four years ago may not in addition to this microsoft, also has limited the specific cpus that can run windows 11.. Now, if you go to look at the system requirements page, it says: oh, you just need a one gigahertz dual core processor, easy. Basically everything has that. But in reality you also need to have a processor which is specifically white, listed by microsoft, to be fully compatible with windows 11.. Now many people have run windows 11 and the early betas on much older worst hardware and its not difficult to run.

I tried the public beta on my core 2 duo laptop and it was fine not that big of a difference. Although i think i had an issue with the chipset driver, not installing properly yeah funny, you should mention that, so you can run windows 10. Technically, you can pretty much wear on windows 11, but microsoft. This time around has heavily raised the bar to actually run the os makes sense right, well sort of so since then they have made some tactical changes in the way that you can actually run windows 11.. If youre running a system which is not technically supported by windows 11 but at least meets those very easy minimum requirements, then you can upgrade to windows 11, but you have to actually wipe your drive. Do a fresh install from an iso, and you have to agree that basically theres no support guaranteed and no security updates, guaranteed and youre doing it at your own risk, which seems a little bit aggressive for a new version of windows. This is certainly the step in the right direction that i kind of hoped for when i did my original video right, its kind of silly to lock out millions upon millions of people with three four five year old, pcs that are perfectly powerful and capable from running The newest version of windows, especially because windows 10, has a shelf life. You cant just set up forever its only going to get a few more years of updates and then thats going to be that if you have a system, you can upgrade it to windows.

11.. The downside, though, is that the guarantees of security updates or patches or anything like that, just simply arent there. So, for all we know you could install windows 11 on launch day on your three year old, ryzen, 1000 processor and then five minutes later you just never get another update right like we dont know this, i kind of doubt that they will cut off updates that Fast, some people have had problems with games, so that is one thing i have not done as of recording right now, i have not done a lot of gaming on windows 11, but some specific games, arent working ill just say personally for me, using a lot of Like productivity, apps and whatnot ive had no problems, everything is just worked and launched out of the box. I hate things like removing folder thumbnails and its harder to switch default web browsers, scassi. Yes, so of course, our brand new channel sponsor opera, as i have went, to go and set up opera on my device as soon as i went to go change the default web browser its not like. Oh quick, one little click thing. First of all, it asks hey: are you sure you want to try edge? No, i dont use edge after that, then i have to not only switch it but theres like seven or eight different things were like. I have to switch it for htm files, html files. This and that, and even after all of that and ive got opera setup, as my default browser pretty much across the board im using twitter on on windows here and i try to open a link, it opens up edge for some reason.

I dont know why i cant get it to stop doing that. Like look, i have nothing against edge. I, of course, prefer opera, of course, link in the description, but regardless of what browser you want to use, if you want to change the default, it is now far more difficult. Try the release preview version on my main gaming pc and its fine, no blue screens. So far, its just windows 10 with the new skin, i totally agree and in a lot of ways it really is a new skin for windows. 10 short of, like you, know, apps being updated. What not a lot of that sort of core code base and everything is very similar to windows. 10 right theyve been kind of building the foundation over the last few years, and theyve got windows 11 to go right on top. If i wanted mac os id use macos, i will one thousand percent agree that this is very mackawesi, but also i mean like different strokes for different folks right. I personally think that big sur feels and looks very nice right. I, like that sort of design aesthetic, and i think that personally for me, windows, 11, looks better than windows 10.. I, like the glass look, i hope search is improved and i hope i can change the position of the taskbar. So i will say that the taskbar to me actually is totally fine, but, yes, you can change the actual design of it.

So, by default in windows 11, your taskbar is centered on the bottom. However, in about five seconds, you can open up the taskbar settings and just set the taskbar alignment to left and it is exactly the way it was in windows. 10.. Ah, as we were putting this video together, there are a lot of features and theres a lot of small things right, like theres, an entire video just in like here, a hundred random cool little features in windows, 11. um, but it to me just its when you Put them all together. Does it sort of really start to feel like the more cohesive package, so ive been using windows 11 on the microsoft laptop studio, which in a lot of ways really is the halo device for windows 11.? Now, theres a lot to talk about here and ultimately, im somewhat torn on exactly who this device is for. So lets start out with some of the big advantages. So youve got the cool, tilty flippy screen, which is probably one of the more innovative ways ive seen to do a two in one. The design itself on the chassis is also, i think, incredibly clever. So this is a 14 inch laptop or vaguely, since it does have a 3×2 aspect ratio its a slightly different size than most, but generally speaking, it is still a little bit smaller than most like 15 or 16 inch laptops, and because of that, its while a Little bit heavy still fairly thin and the large reason why theyve been able to do that is by jettisoning everything: thats, not the surface, connector headphone jack and a pair of usb c based thunderbolt 4 ports.

But because of that, they have this little sort of lip. On the inside edge, which means that all the cooling is done sort of by these huge vents on the bottom new would call the surface laptop studio a gaming laptop, but with an rtx 3050 ti and a higher powered intel, 11th gen core i5 or i7 processor. In this case, you do have enough performance to do at least some gaming. Is this just an excuse for me to play some f1 2021? Well, yes, yes, it is so there is a 120hz display on the device. Now some games, you can run at 120fps. If you turn the settings down enough ill say for me, most of the time, 60 is probably a little bit more reasonable. The thing thats nice about the surface laptop studio is that it is one of these devices. That kind can kind of do everything you know its sort of a its an in between size, where its not quite a 15 inch laptop its a little bit of a smaller footprint, its not as powerful as a sort of a full gaming laptop. But you have the 120hz display. You have the dedicated graphics. On the flip side, youve got the touchscreen youve got the sort of tilty flippy display. The problem, though, that i have is that, realistically, what are you actually going to do with this device? Because it gets very expensive very quickly, going up to the rtx 3050 ti is a i believe, 300 upgrade and that kind of price you can afford to get a very nice sort of actual gaming laptop, such as the razer blade 14, which can have a lot More performance, but obviously without the cool, tilty flippy design, the keyboard is excellent.

It does have a brand new haptic trackpad, which is very similar to the kind of trackpad that the macbook has been using for a while. These speakers are also terrific on this thing. Thats loud man, its a decently powerful laptop but its not that much more powerful than something like the surface pro 8, which in my opinion, is a far more portable, far more practical device to carry with you every day. So, where the surface laptop studio is not exactly the best cell and its kind of hard to figure out who its for the surface pro 8 is a much more interesting proposition. So this right here starts at 11.99 as configured with the core i7 16 gigs of ram and 256 gigs of storage. This goes to sixteen hundred dollars. Sadly, though, like every other surface generation before it, this one does not come with the full complete set like. I have here with the type cover and the built in pen. This is an add on that is 280 on top of what you are paying for with the surface pro 8, which is still kind of ludicrous, but of course, with it being a surface, it is not a traditional laptop. You are probably comparing this to something along. The lines of an ipad – i also like the display on it more though this, as austin had mentioned before, does have a 120 hertz display. Now, on the surface, this thing, this thing is really neat looking, so it takes a lot of the design cues from the surface pro x, which is great because that brought a lot of physical improvements.

Most importantly, it has the little slot in the back where you can add in your own ssd. It is expandable which is great now. The thing here is that this is also using uh, its using xc, graphics, right yeah, so its got essentially the same i5 i7 processors from the studio, except that these are just a lower tdp version. But it does have active cooling. It does have active cooling, which is great and honestly like, unlike the surface laptop studio where, when you do really intensive things, you feel the fans kick up. This is really quiet and i also enjoy the battery life on it again, its not as good as something like the ipad, but compared to a normal, laptop and um a lot of other more powerful systems. This holds its own, it its pretty much there with a lot of the lighter class laptops out there. It does the tablet thing way better than the previous iterations with windows 10, so that is definitely an upside there. I feel, like microsoft angles, these things for creatives right, but i feel like a lot of students like taking it around because of the portability i feel like. There are a lot of professionals that would use this for applications that i cant, even conceive of. Maybe an architect might want to use it. You know people above my pay grade. Essentially, the bottom line with the surface pro 8 is this: it is the best iteration of the surface pro that weve seen.

It keeps a lot of the same things that we love from previous generations, but it brought on a lot of new features from other products. On surface that we loved as well. This is what i wanted to feel from the surface pro x, but i think this is the best iteration of what they made im happy that microsoft have decided to open up the availability of windows 11.. That is certainly the right thing to do. However, i also dont think its necessarily a great idea to immediately dive in upgrade on day one. Not only are there some compatibility issues to be fair for my experience, its been pretty solid, going from 10 to 11, but some games, some random apps – do have some issues, but on top of that, without the promise of updates on your unsupported verizon 1000 system, its A little bit of one of those things where we know that it will work and if youre an early adopter or you really want to just go for it, feel free. But the good thing is: there is a whole lot more to windows 11 than meets the eye. Thank you very much for watching make sure to subscribe to the channel for lots more spicy, microsoft. Content like this and until next time ill be uh, definitely not switching to any new devices that are right.