But what actually is Microsoft Defender and how is it going to keep me my family and my devices safe, whilst online, thankfully thats? What Im going to be answering in todays video Drop, the titles and lets begin hola, Im Christian and today were talking to vents tactics with Microsoft, Defender app. Everyone deserves to feel safe online. Securing your personal data and devices is more challenging than ever increasing malicious threats. More Time online and many connected personal devices can leave us feeling vulnerable. To give you an idea: 33 million consumers were victims of cybercrime in 2020 and of these 55 million suffered identity theft, pretty scary right, so Microsoft are doing their part to try and help prevent this and the Microsoft Defender app is another layer of added protection. But what actually is Microsoft Defender and how does it differ from security that they already have on my windows, 11 device, the Microsoft Defender app is designed to protect your devices online. It combines the power of your devices, current security, with one easy to use dashboard. So you can check how secure you are for one place: Microsoft Defender is included with Microsoft, 365, family or a personal subscription and works across multiple devices. Now, if you have a Windows, 11 device, you will already have Windows security on there Windows security, formerly known as Windows, Defender security Center, is an app built into Windows, thats a mouthful. It includes Microsoft, Defender, antivirus and Antivirus tool that helps protect your PC against viruses.

Ransomware and malware, the name Defender is obviously incredibly popular. When Microsoft talk about keeping your devices secure, what this means is, you do not need a Microsoft 365 subscription to protect you against those online nasties that come with working online with your Windows device. So how does Microsoft Defender add the extra layer of protection, as mentioned earlier in this video Microsoft Defender works with your existing antivirus protection, whether that be Windows, security or an another antivirus provider, and displays the information within the dashboard from the dashboard? You can quickly check the security status of your device review any security alerts from the last 30 days and see what Windows security settings are currently active. You could also stay ahead of hackers and scammers and stay safer online thanks to real time notifications, security tips and expert guidance. That gives you easy to follow recommendations in the dashboard. You also have the ability to control what is scanned by identifying trusted, apps and files. It also allows one person to check all the attached devices, so the rest of the family can keep surfing and doing what they do best, while one person can look after it all in my house thats my job. What about all those other devices, though? Well, Microsoft Defender Works to provide additional device protection on your Android iOS and Mac devices. You can have a maximum of four devices on your dashboard at one time sounds pretty cool right, but this is just the start.

As you grow your digital footprint by adding family members and devices, the fender grows with you and keeps your devices up to date using trusted Technologies. If Microsoft Defender does find malware on any of the devices either during a manual scan schedule scan all with its real time protection feature itll, let you know and tell you what actions if any it was able to take to protect you in most cases, Defender will Be able to block the malware, and in some cases it may need you to approve a final action such as deleting or quarantining the malicious file. Many of the digital attacks we see, though, are through harmful websites that try to trick you into revealing personal information such as usernames and passwords credit cards and other account information or installing malware on your system. Microsoft Defender will check links that you or an app on your device open to try and spot any that may be dangerous. It does this by checking links that you click on or that an app tries to open on your device and Compares them against the constantly updated list of sites known to be dangerous. That means, if you are on your way, to a site that it knows to be dangerous, it will warn you now. You have the knowledge about how Microsoft Defender is going to keep you and your family safer online.