Imagine that experience on the biggest screen in your house, your smart tv from a 6 inch screen in your palm to a huge display on your wall i’m sure the experience will be totally amazing. Xiaomi today has launched the tv webcam what’s, even exciting, that you can use this with your pc laptop and even your macbooks wow, a tv webcam that works everywhere. Can’T, wait to see it in action, so let’s quickly, unbox it and have a closer look at it. But before we begin subscribe to my channel and press the bell icon, so you never miss an update. Also follow me on my social media handles facebook, instagram and twitter. The handle name is mr tech singh. All right let’s try jump into the unboxing. So here is the retail packaging of the xiaomi tv webcam. You have the image right in the front on the right. You have easy to use some quick guide on how to set it up towards the back a list of some of its features. 1080P. High definition, picture quality, privacy protection cover easy to use, dual far field mics and if you look closely, it says compatible with android tv computers and laptops. And yes, that includes a mac as well on the right. You have some manufacturing details and the mrp, which is ’99, but you can get this for one triple nine, all right, let’s unbox it so the first thing we have in our hand, is the user manual, a usbc, cable.

And finally, here is the xiaomi tv camera wow. So first thing to see: is the xiaomi branding? You see two far field mics on the front and when you slide this, this is where you see the camera wow that’s nice. So the first thing you notice is that the body is made of metal, which is really good and sturdy, and just to give you some reference, how small this camera is: here’s a b11 light phone and it’s just half the size when it comes to the length Wow so it’s really small – and this is where you’re going to place it on the tv or on your laptop towards the back – is the usbc port to power the camera, and this section will rest behind which will give this camera a good grip. It’S. Really nice clean simplistic design and looks really impressive: let’s connect it to the tv and see so. First thing we need to do is connect the usbc cable and then, when we take it on the frame of the tv, this section is magnetic and attaches to the tv there you go it’s magnetic and it holds on to the frame of the tv and, of Course you can keep the shutter open or closed depending on when you’re, using it or when you’re, not using it. The other side of the cable goes into the usb, a port of your tv to power, the camera. So before we move to the setup and demo you should know this is a 2 megapixel sensor that can record up to full hd.

1080P. So first thing: when you attach your tv cam, you go to the app launcher and you go to the google play store and you search for google duo for android tvs. Currently, google duo is the only app that works with webcams. Hopefully, with this hardware now being available, more developers will make apps for smart tvs. So once the installation is complete, you go back to your home page, go into the app launcher and you’ll find google doodle installed, click open click allow allow allow and there we go well i’m, just checking, oh my god, we’re in the frame. So there you go. The camera is already ready and working it’s set up. You don’t have to do any other setup process, it’s, just simple connect, install and use. So how about we make that quick video call and test it anji sergey. Can you hear me? How are you bus just made a video just like yours, the me webcam, so i thought i’ll do a test call to you, how’s, the audio how’s, the clarity, audio quality is awesome, really good, all clear, yeah right now, i’m, around four meters away and uh. If i’m coming closer now, can you hear me any better or is it just the same? This is now better it’s, not better more crisp and clear. This is better and how’s the video quality how’s, the clarity how’s, the pixelation. Yes, the video is also very nice and clear, like you can definitely use it for meetings.

I’Ve personally tested this device and it was working fabulous wow like even you’re standing like approximately around, like four minutes, yeah yeah, exactly it’s perfectly clear. So definitely – and this is like very good for like uh like family meetings – oh yeah, it’s gon na be amazing, yeah. Definitely great shallow, creating cello, okay, take care! Thank you. So much take care, bye, all right, it’s time to check out the cameras with the laptop. So we have two contenders here: the original camera that came along with the me notebook horizon edition and the xiaomi tv webcam. Now this is a 720p camera. This is a full hd camera, so let’s see the video quality difference both are connected to the laptop with a usb port. So first thing we’re going to do is go to the camera app and there we go now. This is the mi usb camera that came along with the main notebook. The quality of the camera is pretty good. This is 720p it’s, clear, it’s sharp, but there is a lot of noise around the edges that’s one of the things that happens with a low resolution. Camera and a camera that doesn’t get enough light all right, it’s time to switch. Oh, my god. This is day and night. So, firstly, there is no noise anywhere it’s like clear, crisp and sharp, and, of course, this one also comes with a shutter on the top. So you can turn off the camera if you don’t want to you put it behind, and the camera is available to use wow.

This is so much more good, so i can easily say that the xiaomi tv webcam camera is miles better than the basic cameras that we get along with our laptops. Now, if i switch back to the basic camera, you’ll see it’s more wider comparatively to the xiaomi, because that has been designed. Keeping that tv in mind, because if it is too wide and if you’re using it for tv, calls it’s not going to be a great experience, so it’s not as wide as you would find, mostly with the webcams that come along with laptops. But i don’t think that’s a problem. This is wide enough it’s at a decent distance and it’s working. Absolutely fine, it’s, a great experience all right, a couple of things to keep in mind currently for tvs, it’ll only work with the google duo, app but i’m. Quite sure, seeing the current scenario, many developers are going to catch on to this and will see many more video calling apps for tv. Soon. Imagine skype teams, or even zoom on a big tv, wow online meetings would feel like being face to face actually that’s exactly how i felt while using duo on the tv. While talking to my friend second point, if someone calls you on the duo app, it won’t ring on their tv or even notify you unless the duo app is open on the tv bummer, but not a deal breaker now for the good stuff. Well, the video quality is very, very, very good.

Yes, truly impressive: no noise, no pixelation, even in low light, it’s time to throw your bad web cameras and replace this what’s even better, is that you can use this with your smart tvs as well birthday parties with your grandparents who can’t travel or see your loved Ones up close it’s, a very different experience. You can buy this from for 1999.. I shall leave the links below in the description if you’re looking to buy a webcam, this one is highly recommended. So i hope this video was helpful.