Welcome back so today were having a look at the me pad 5 from xiaomi, so this is a product that was released about two months ago by xiaomi. It comes in the global version as well as the chinese version. The one i have here with me is the chinese version of the me pad 5.. So, first of all lets look at the build quality of this beautiful device. This comes in three different colors. The one i have here is the green colorway. It also comes in per white and cosmic gray, so in terms of height, this has a height of 250, 254.69 millimeters and a width of 166.25 millimeters as well. Its thickness is actually quite thin. It comes in at 6.85, millimeters with a weight of 511 grams, which is absolutely beautiful and absolutely light, so the screen size on this is actually an 11 inch display, which looks absolutely wonderful and is amazing for watching content and doing so many different things. So in the box we have just your basics, we have the user manual, we also have the charging brake and we have the charging adapter. So the charging adapter is a type a2 usb type c, and this also comes with fast charging as well. You also have an headphone, connector type c to headphone jack in the box as well. So talking about the screen, we also have a resolution of 100 1600 by 2560, which is a quad hd plus display you have 275 ppi and a refresh rate of 120 hertz with a refresh rate of 120 hertz, its absolutely amazing scrolling and moving from side to Side feel really smooth and its an absolute bargain compared to other products that out there, for example, the ipads, which are almost two times or three times the price of the may pad five.

You also have a big brightness of 500 nits and you have over 1 billion colors on this beautiful device. So lets look at the processor, so the processor on this device is a qualcomm snapdragon 860, so which means it will perform excellently with your everyday tax such as gaming. It can even be used for something as complex as video editing, so im going to do a video comparing the device with the ipad air im also going to do a gaming video with the me pad 5, and you guys should definitely subscribe. If you want to see about that, so we have a camera at the back of the camera at the back is a 13 megapixel shooter, which shows at 4k 30 frames per second 180p and 720p. So we also have the front camera the front camera shoots at 1080p, 10 frames per second and 720p 30 frames per second. The front camera is a 8 megapixel camera. Although the back camera, a lot of people will not be using it for taking pictures, you can definitely use the front camera for a lot of things as well as um video conferencing and talking to friends online. So it is something that is absolutely beautiful and absolutely wonderful. So, in terms of speakers we have two speakers at the bottom of the device. We also have two speakers at the top of the device, so both of all the speakers on this device are adobe.

Atmos supported, which means they give you amazing sound quality, and they give you definitely one of the best feelings that you will have when it comes to the sound quality on a device. So were gon na try and do a little bit of a sound test. With this device and were going to show you what it sounds like with maximum volume, so with the maximum volume, these devices get really loud, Music, so im not actually sure if you guys can tell the sound quality from just this little sound test, but it does Give you an amazing, surround sound feeling and you will definitely really enjoy it. So in terms of storage, we have a six gigabyte, plus 128 gb model and a six gigabyte and 256 gb model for this particular device, so its something that will not run out of space easily, except you are maybe downloading a lot of games or you have A lot of poke files to put on your device in terms of the battery. We have 8720 milliamp hour on this, so this will definitely last you a very long time, its set to last about 10 hours for gaming and im, not sure, maybe about 16 hours. For listening to music, as well as watching videos, so the battery does last quite a lot, which is something that is absolutely good in terms of connectivity. This does have bluetooth 5.0 and we have a usb type c underneath it.

So that is something that is absolutely wonderful. Underneath it we have a smart connector, so the smart connector is meant to connect to the smart keyboard that xiaomi offers as well. You can buy that separately. It doesnt come bundled with the device and at the top of it we also have a smart connector for the pencil that the me band 5 also offers which you can also pick up separately. So ive not been sure if you can use other third party pencils on the me pad 5, but i will definitely check that out and see if that is possible, if thats possible, then it will be absolutely amazing. So this runs the me ui4 pad. The mini iphone pad is definitely different from the miui from the normal phones that you usually get. So i will walk around and look around this entire system and ill also give out update videos on the new updating operating system. For the me pad and see how it goes for the overall, the midpad is absolutely wonderful, its an amazing device, comparing the me pad to my ipad f4. They do have quite a difference between the both of them in terms of screen real estate. The ipad f4 comes in at 10.9, while this comes in at 11, like i said so, they do look quite different between the both of them, but the screen quality of the midpad 5 does definitely look more clear and more amazing than that of the ipad mini, But thats, probably because it has a 120 hertz refresh rate, which is something that is absolutely amazing, so im going to be doing a completely full comparison between the two devices im just going to show you a few clips of what is what the two devices look Like the outer body of the two devices and im going to go in depth in my review or my comparison between the me pad 5 and the ipad f4 im also going to be comparing this device to the ipad mini 6.

So you guys can decide which one is best for your money. There are three amazing devices which come in at three different price range, but of course you can only have one, they have three different operating systems, and it just depends on you guys, which one you decide to choose im going to be enjoying using the mepad 5 For a couple of days and seeing everything that it has to do so, i will definitely release a couple of videos on the me pad 5 and im going to release a couple of comparisons as well im going to release some accessories videos. So if you guys are interested in that, please dont forget to subscribe and hit that like button.