. You know its going to be very simple video Ill. Just tell you the reasons why I recommend this Mi Pad 5 series and also the differences between the two and special thanks to my friend Cymye. Please make sure to subscribe to her channel link is in the description and please make sure to watch till the end and tell me which one would you like, which color do you want and which one you would choose the pro version or non pro version. Please leave your comments, below., Alright. So the first reason I can easily recommend this Mi Pad 5 is its design.. You can check out all those great designs, the details, the aluminumalloy. You know the middle frame and the hand feel you can feel its like. A high end pad., If I didnt tell you you might think its from Apple or something.. It really looks like the iPad Pro., As the CEO of Xiaomi said, uh its based inspired on the iPad pro you know so yeah the the design is really good.. The second, the reason i recommend is the price., With this kind of price it just its a no brainer. You just cant find anywhere else, and this is the Mi brand, its a famous brand right and with a little bit more budget, you can buy the keyboard and you can type like really smoothly and you like it, you will like it. I wanted to have the pen, but today they dont have a pen to show you and third is the system.

Guys with 120 hertz refreshrate. You are gon na love, it you can just its really smooth whether you watching some videos, you know, watch some twitter, its just smooth and I guess, with the pen and everything you can do. This could be. Maybe you know for light working. You know you can work with it. As a second screen for your computer and that it could work perfectly and thats the main three reasons. I recommend this Mi Pad 5 Pro or Mi Pad 5 and yeah. If you have a little bit more budget, definitely go to the Mi Pad 5 Pro and speaking of that Id like to speak a little bit difference between the two uh. Of course the first is uh the speakers., The Mi Pad 5. Pro has eight speakers and Mi Pad 5 has fourspeakers and theyre really loud, and you can tell the difference. I just put the audio test here. The second is the camera difference. For the pro version. It has two cameras: 13 megapixel plus 5 megapixel depth., While on the Mi Pad 5. It only has one 13 megapixel camera and for the front camera they are the same theyre the same right, yeah the front camera. They are the same thanks to Cymye for reminding uh. Oh, yes, its eight megapixels. For the pro version. It has the fingerprints scanner, but for the Pad 5 it doesnthave fingerprints and also uh only for the 256 gigs version, the Mi pad five pro it supports 5g, and for that one, you can insert the sim card and thats another big difference.

. Lastly, the battery the Mi Pad 5 pro supports 67 watt fast charging and has 8600mah battery and for the Mi pad 5 it has 33 watt fast charging and the battery is 8720 yeah yeah 20 yeah, the Mi Pad 5 has a little bit more battery capacity And thats the maindifferences. So thats it.. So what do you think of the Mi Pad 5 and Mi Pad 5 pro.? Do you like it? Will you buy it? I think, with this price, its a no brainer right Just go ahead and buy it right. Link is in the description., i dont have the previous uh Mi Pads, and if you have one of those please let me know in the comments and do you think its a big upgrade or something just. Let me know, leave your comments below Im Sami.