This is still even this far into 2019. My favorite small 8 inch Android tablet. Now this isn’t, the original one that I had the first one I had was the white version. It didn’t have LTE and I’m back here with a re review and I have been using this tablet quite a lot and I’ll just cover in this particular review here. Why, after this long that this is still my favorite and why I’m gon na be keeping this particular tablet here, let’s take a look at the build, so it’s a very nice small side, because the rounded corners it’s an alloy back on here right up the top. We have plastic, this is for the wireless antenna. Reception and we’ve got a 13 megapixel camera on the rear and it does protrude, as you can see, a little bit it’s six out about a millimeter, so it’s not great, but over. I think the build definitely quite decent on this tablet. Now some slot on the left hand, side will take micro, SD cards now tested up to a hundred and twenty eight gigabytes without any issues and we’ll take a nano sim here, because I have the LTE version. Now this LTE version does lack LTE band 20. So if you need that in Europe, if you’re, somewhere and say Germany, then unfortunately it does not have it. It’S got like the Chinese LTE bands. With this one top left hand side, we do have a 3.

5 millimeter headphone jack, so this is one of the tablets that does have it, which is good because those manufacturers dropping it. The output from it is very good, so it’s just like Shelby’s and mobile phones, it’s something they do very good. Their analog 3.5 millimeter out it does support microphones, there’s no static over the line either and then along. The bottom. We’Ve got a type C port here that does not support video out. Unfortunately, on this tablet there is no HDMI out or whatsoever. We have a microphone and in two loudspeakers which do sound quite good. Then, at the top we have a 5 megapixel camera housed within this rather large top bezel, so both the top and bottom bezels. They are not the smallest, especially in 2019. Sided. Bezels. Look! Ok, but here are some samples now taken from that front and rear camera. So with the stock hope you get 1080p and it does not have any electronic image stabilization. Overall, the quality is all right, but as I’ll show you now, if you use open camera, you can at least get 4k footage. You can see that the difference is quite significant, that the footage now is a lot sharper, but still no electronic image stabilization, but it is a tablet after all, so I think this is good enough now in direct sunlight, even though we have quite a good maximum Brightness it tops out about 600. Lux is not so good in direct sunlight, because it’s, an IPS panel it’s, fully laminated AMOLED panels tend to look a lot better in the sunlight or OLED I’ve found, and you can kind of struggle to see it at the moment.

Here it looks a little bit in real life better than what I’m showing in this video, but it’s, just not brilliant. So you need to really know that for GPS use, if you plan to use this on a boat or in a car or something just be prepared to struggle at times, if the summer it’s beating down on to it, so we can tweak with the screen. Of course, your colors, your contrast so it’s on the automatic brightness contrast sitting out of the box and for most people that’s going to be perfectly fine. I prefer actually standard which gets the white balance a lot more correct and Nicolson. You can tweak this if you wanted it to you say I want a more of a warm white. You want to call, you can also adjust the scaling and the DPI. So it’s give me scaling of the ticks, the font, the dpi everything else. So if you don’t, like everything, looking too small, can make it a little bit larger so with the second model. Here, of course, now I have LTE now there is no LTE band 20 for those that need it. So just bear that in mind that you might not get good speeds might be stuck on an e 3G, which could be a little bit unfortunate. But here in Spain, I’m not have any any problems whatsoever with that. So I’ve got it from trading chinjung and they actually unlock the bootloader and put a shell me EU ROM on here, and I find in my experience that it’s actually coming out to be better than Xiaomi zone.

Rom we’re still stuck on Android, eight, unfortunately so it’s 8.1 and Android nine ROM, the Android Pi ROM, should be coming soon. This month, it’s apparently now that they’re supposed to be bringing it out. Hopefully, we’re gon na see that, because my vision has the pho gigabytes of RAM and you get 64 gigabytes of storage and I’m on the latest beta from the xiaomi dot EU guys and it’s working fine I’m finding the performance with the full screen. Just as you can see, I’m in and scrolling here is smoother and faster, then show me zone ROM here and I’ve removed a bit of the bloatware as well that used to get now. We do have face, unlocking still that is working. So if some things I want to point out so obviously Play Store is still on there. If you’ve got the Chinese ROM, then you’d have to install that separately. That can be a bit of a hassle so that’s. Why? I like the fact that it’s got it included and if you really enter your custom, roms and things with the unlocked bootloader, you can flash the pixel experience ROM, which is really good and may post another video of that one. If people are interested it’s, quite an interesting, ROM it’s, giving you a course, as the name suggests a pixel experience, it also has google’s camera with it. Now you can’t run it with this, but you have to edit the build prompt, so that’s a little bit full on, so we don’t have still Widevine level one.

So ok that’s one of the cons that I had with the original model that I first reviewed. So this means Netflix, Amazon Prime, is going to be stuck unfortunately in standard definition, which is a little bit of a hassle here now YouTube. This can actually work with this particular ROM. When you go to your quality, you can run it right in 4k. If you wanted to and let’s just test out how it does perform, so no problems, it will run it. It will stream that fine and here’s the battery life so over 10 hours, depending on what you’re doing so. This was streaming amazon, prime, mostly, and about a good 70 on wireless. So if you’re on data then expect this to be around 9 hours a little less, but if you were doing light tasks and you’re reading e books and things like that, then this that is really ideal for that. You can probably get even a liver and maybe even 12 hours, depending on your brightness, which is really good. Now. The charge time too, is close to three hours, so it’s a little slow, even though the chipset supports it. We don’t have Qualcomm quick charge, three support, so it just charges at the 5 volts, 2, amps and that’s. Why it’s slow and to to score no real change, even though I am on the Xiaomi dot eu ROM, it feels faster and smoother the optimization of the ROM, but it’s not going to increase your benchmark scores still good for the chipset.

So GPS is working really well no problems and having the hardware compass, really aids, the fact that at least it’s going to know where we go in the direction we’re heading, especially for Google Maps. So it knows we’re, heading north or east or whatever does a defect. This is my 4G speeds, so they’re good, they’re, fine. I haven’t had any problems with the coverage. It seems to be just like my mobile phones, for me, at least here in Spain, on LTE band 1 amp 3, support which I can run, but it doesn’t have been 20. Just remember that Wireless really good, very fast. This is impressive and also is the signal. Strength and range seems to be really good. I go over the other side of the apartment and I don’t run into any problems there with that whatsoever. So you can see when you’re scrolling around, I will bring up Twitter because that’s one thing that can be a little bit laggy. So just refresh that – and you can see that yeah – it does get a little slow at times, because it’s got a lot of things that needs to. Though, and this scrolling there seems good and it’s mentioned, that the touch response and accuracy I’m not having any issues. It seems to be good with these xiaomi dots, EU rom. So take a look now at gaming performance we’re, just gon na clear everything out here, so that Ram normally get about 2 points.

4 gigabytes. You can see, I own the moment, two point one free. So I have it set on the extreme framerate option, which has 60 frames per second and HD. I had to use GFX tool to get the setting and, being such a small tablet is very easy to get to the controls. I find with your thumbs and a lot more comfortable. Framerate is keeping up, I mean it’s, not a continual 60 frames per second the whole time. You can clearly see some frame dips and I was trying not to die straightaway and you can see no real lag here. It is very smooth and fluid, and this game, which has Shadowgun legends on the 60 frames per second sitting on the low settings, runs really well, even though it’s really quite demanding the snapdragon 616 handles this fine one other thing due to its sizes. Well, the fact you can hold it with one hand and it’s just so light and portable is ebooks and PDF files, and things like that, so you can see here, looks great on the screen and really ideal for this kind of use. Hopefully it will have Android Pi soon, so that’s android 9. That should be coming from Xiaomi. I mean this month or next month and the xiaomi dot EU rom, which I do recommend because we’re getting none the the bloatware they’ve removed most of the bloat. It seems to be well optimized and touch responses mentioned a little bit better and feels just a little bit quicker and snappier, so you can get up to and even over ten hours of battery life from this, which is really good.

It takes almost three hours to fully charge so it’s a little on the slow side. Excellent 3.5 millimeter headphone jack quality, no HDMI out on this as one of the cons no wide vine level, one cert and, of course, if you do get the official accessories. This is one I do recommend weighs about 100 grams it’s the official flip case and get in different colors as well. So you simply just slot the tablets into it and it does offer quite a good protection, so the whole back is now. I a met back on here, and we have a very nice soft finish like a fake leather on the front of it, so this flips around when you open it up, it does unlock and lock it as you can see, and it does act as a stand. As well this case, so thanks a lot for watching this follow up review nineteen months later, with a mean pad for still a great little tablet and do watch my full detailed review.