For so I have now been using it for about three days, and I really am enjoying this tablet. I find myself using it a lot more than I probably would normally with my tablets that I review I've just found this to be very enjoyable so far. This tablet, I really do like it now there's a couple of things that weren't entirely covered in the review. Well, one of them was the the battery lifetime, so I did end up going through that and just wanted to point that out right here in this video. So first up is the standby battery life. So I did do a test of that yesterday and I charged it up to 100 and then I just lifted so we lost 3 only in about 12 hours and that's connected up to wireless, the whole entire time so for standby battery use it's. Looking really really good, you can, as you can see here, that it's gon na go for 338 minutes or something like that. So a very long time screen on time. You probably seen it already so 12 hours. 5 minutes was the max, but I will go through that. So when I was testing it out, I did a lot of gaming, so I played hit for almost one hour, YouTube for two hours and also chrome use for close to three hours there and Pub G for two hours as well. No testing up pub G, almost two hours there, that gaming you're, probably gon na, lose around a belt for every hour of gaming.

You use about 12 percent battery life and actually just a little bit more, but I've worked it out that you can probably gain on this tablet for about seven hours or more, if not more, it is actually really quite good. All depends, of course, on where you have the screen brightness setting, so I set it to 200 lux and it was not on automatic brightness and you can see their screen on time of 11 hours 22 minutes. I still had about 5 left, so the battery life is very solid on this. So when I gave my estimate in the review I said about 10 hours, I like to underestimate a little bit just in case, because that was when I was streaming YouTube and you'd lose about 8 for every hour, so very, very good, better life. You can see it's very steady, it's, just slowly, declining there and no issues it doesn't get hot at all, all gaming, it it really gets warm right here, that's it nothing, nothing, absolutely nothing. So performance of it is really good. I bear in mind that my models, the 4 gigabyte one, so it could be slightly different with the 3 gigabyte model. But I highly doubt that, because I have tested out mobile phones and other tech and when it's just one gigabyte less with Android, it doesn't seem to be too much of an issue be different if it was just 2 gigabytes of RAM or even one on some Of those real cheap, crappy tablets, you can get so overall.

This tablet is really good. Very enjoyable there's been lots of questions in my review people asking about the screen and things, and I feel that it's not a downgrade at all over the iPad screens, and here you can see next to one of those retinas greens. This is the i5 mini 4s, which has, of course, a four by three aspect: ratio this one 16 by 10. So a lot of people don't like that, you do get slightly smaller top and bottom bezels. Now this doesn't just come with the white front on it. It also comes with the black. I pointed this all out in my review of this. So if you want more details on that, then please of course check out the review. But to me, the screen isn't really a downgrade it's, not quite as sharp, but it actually tops out to be a lot brighter. This one's about 340 Lux on this particular unit, and this one goes way over 500 lux and it also both of them. They do dim down really dim as well, so there we go solid battery life, good, build quality, very decent screen brighter than the me pad 3 screen, not quite as sharp it doesn't have GPS. It does not have micro, HDMI out that's, two things that this tablet is missing. If you see my review that's, really the only thing really stopping this from being a really really good tablet, and it still comes highly recommended.

If you don't, of course, need HDMI out or GPS. It really is one of the best offerings I have seen so far and that's. Why I'm? Using it a lot I like it, but of course people have been asking me: what is the best tablet for the price and I feel it's still and always probably will be for so long, the iPad, so the 2018 model iPad it supports the Apple pencil is Very powerful and the base model. I think that sounds for about 300. Us is still the best bang for your buck when it comes to tablets.