Well, so show me things, but if you ask me this is more like the show me me pad to see or 2’s now why you may ask that. Well, the build is exactly the same, almost as the knee pad 2, but we do have a slightly larger battery, a USB type c port. Now on the bottom and a new rear, camera 13 megapixels F, 2.2 aperture. The quality is great. It is premium full unibody, alloy, rear housing, so the screens are fully laminated 2048 by 1536 IPS panel, very familiar one. It looks really really nice it’s a great panel with a maximum of 460 lux. Now you will notice that at the top and edges at least on my unit here, you can see some light leakage where the blue is changing color, just a little bit along there. Now this will vary from unit to unit and it’s, something I do often see and it now starts and ends with 4 gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes of internal storage, no more 16 gigabyte configurations which really wasn’t enough storage. To begin with, show me didn’t. Do anything stupid like remove the 3.5 millimeter headphone port on it now the sound quality out of this jack is really good. Super loud, very clean, very clear. Absolutely no complaints with that same goes for the two rear firing speakers that blast outwards they’re quite easy to cover up with your hands when you’re holding it, but let’s have a listen to how they sound.

They do sound quite decent there’s one little positive. We get to from them switching from Intel to the media tech, as the media tech supports FM hardware radio. So here you can see I’ve tuned into a station. So if you’re someone that likes to listen to the radio on your devices, then you should be happy. Having this at least on a tablet, because a lot of tablets don’t have FM tuners on them, I’ve tested the OTG function on this. You can plug in your pen, drives here, I’ve plugged in a micro, SD card and it’s working just fine without any problems, with fast transfer speeds. Now on to a few benchmarks. First off is Wireless, so getting very decent speeds here out of the wireless AC that it has onboard those download speeds really really good maximum speeds. I do see from my line out of full 300 megabits per second, but only topping chipsets can get that, and this is coming close, so really good speeds there. Now the range of the wireless AC I find to be fairly decent, but I have seen better from other tablets that normally have a little bit of plastic somewhere for the wireless antenna reception anyway. Moving on to antutu. This is six point two point: seven Skouras 81000: a decent score. However, this really isn’t that much faster. If not any faster, then the scores you can see from the meat pad with that Adam Z, 8500.

So, truly, quite disappointing, and here we have the internal storage. So e MMC, 5, spec of 260 sequential reads and 120 sequential, writes the 4k randoms, also quite good, so not bad. The storage is not going to be a bottleneck. Geekbench, for these are good scores like that multi core score fairly decent and the single core as well, so there that isn’t, the weakness of this chipset it’s more the the GPU that it has on the early power VR 1. You see that it’s a little bit of stuff at here that animation that’s just another thing to do with how the ROM performs and you can compare it to other devices they’re the single core scores. Ok, so it’s very well looking at marks and seeing all those fancy numbers, but how does the ROM perform? Well, I find it to be very disappointing at times it seems fluid. You can do a bit of multitasking and it’s working okay and then I’ve just found that, for example, it won’t actually work at times the auto rotation. Like now look at that come on you give it time it might come around now. You’Re probably saying hang on, I’ve got Auto rotation lock on no it’s off, but these kind of things pop up all the time consistently on at least my unit here. While this current ROM it’s on and it’s a stable wrong, they release this ROM and for me it’s in an absolute embarrassment.

If I will show me, I would not be happy with this ROM at all, and it really is disgusting how buggy this is so it does feel quick and snappy when it’s working properly and the brightness also has issues auto brightness at times, doesn’t seem to like I’Ve got it off at the moment, but when you have it set not on auto riders but on the brightness level it will now and then glitch. So you put it into sleep, pull it out of sleep. They lock, it unlock it and sometimes that auto brightness. Just doesn’t seem to go where you want it to, or you increase the brightness to have it only to start dulling. The screen is another bug, there’s, just so many bugs and when it comes to gaming well that’s, where it gets even worse, it’s down to luck, whether the game you want to run will actually run for you or play, because here this is a svelte extreme, which Still doesn’t work: I did try to develop a rod by the way. A lot of people saying well used to develop a rom it’ll have bug fixes and then it should all work. Fine, no, so you’ve really got a 5050 chance. That’S going to happen. Cause you’d have an epileptic fit, it will crash. Sometimes it locks up. The whole tablet. I’Ve also seen the UI completely crash and reload itself, probably about three times in the week of being using it.

And yes, as mentioned this run, is unacceptable, not good at all, and the main reason why I don’t recommend getting this tablet until all of the bugs are ironed out with the ROM and here’s another little bug here. You can see that something weirds going on with the notification bar there’s, something glitching away. Can’T, say I’ve ever seen this before on any roms. So to show you Chrome performance here, you can see scrolling their little stuttering. Oh look at that lag. Just then not as smooth as it should be so well. Sixteen by nine content might not be the greatest, because you get some heavy massive boarders due to the four by three aspect ratio. It is really good, however, for pdfs comics ebooks as i’ll show you here. They look really good and because we do have that really sharp 267 PPI screen things are very clear, very easy to read and really ideal for this kind of use. Okay, so it’s, not all doom and gloom. There is one strength of this tablet, and that is the battery life. You can get around eight to nine hours now being playing games of World of Tanks, air clash of clans, Chrome, a lot of crime of being streaming and YouTube and I’ve got at the moment. You can see around 32 left and I’ll just bring up GCM battery, monitor just to show you here that the screen on time – hopefully you can see that is almost six hours, and I have approximately three hours left.

My other cycles of the battery have been just over eight hours, and I do believe that if you tweak down the screen Brian that’s, because my sitting, I tend to have it quite high that you should be able to get ten hours. Even and I do think that ten hours of web use at least something very light now gaming, if you’re going to be gaming, then you can cut that battery time in half to around four to five hours of continuous gaming. But still, I do think that the battery life here is quite decent for a tablet, and you should definitely be able to make it through a full day now charge times a rather slow took over five hours to fully charge it using the stock charger from having The battery right down to ten percent, now plugging in my quick charges, I have I found that it doesn’t charge it any faster, so it doesn’t support any form of quick charging whatsoever. As far as I can tell our games that do run like modern combat 5. Here they run a cave it. You do see the occasional framerate dip a little bit of lag here and there after 30 minutes of gaming. The tablet does get quite warm to the touch at the moment it is only around 30 to 3 degrees the highest. I have seen it get is 36 degrees, so the front facing camera is F, 2 point 2, 5 megapixels and image quality is all right now here’s a very quick sample from my unboxing video, and you see that it does tend to over sharpen quite a lot.

The same goes for the rear camera, a lot of over sharpening only 1080p resolution maximum, even though it is a 13 megapixel sensor now photo wise again. These are more samples that I use from my unboxing that you can see that the images that it captures they’re actually not too bad for a tablet. Okay, so quickly. To summarize that, I don’t see this as a true upgrade at all over the meat pad. Personally, I would buy the knee pad over this one any day and even the i5 mini 4s that I have here, which is a 7.9 inch tablet. This one is around 120 us even with half the RAM it’s still better, because it has a stock rom on there it’s faster and it can play all of the games, maybe not as smooth and fluid, because it’s lacking a little bit around there. But the stability of this ROM is truly disappointing. It is really bad it’s awful! I can’t believe that they released a ROM okay if they had to push out Android 7. Why do they have to give us such an unstable ROM? It would have been better to release an Android 6 based me, UI 8 ROM that was stable and not this rubbish that they have given us now. I’M sure. As time passes, they’re going to iron out all of those bugs they’re going to improve things are going to push out lot to updates and later on it will be a fairly decent tablet.

It does have very good hardware. The speakers sound great a great screen on it. Excellent build quality, but I just don’t see why they really release this. They should have just come up with the knee pad to s this one with this more RAM in a few refinements, because really that’s what it is end of the day. This is not a proper upgrade thanks a lot for watching this video. If you did like it, you needed the channel.