Would they show me to the windows version? Now I checked out the word version. Any gamed, okay did struggle with some titles due to the high resolution display it has, and now, with the Windows version, hey I'm going to check out some popular titles like a Nicola Jen's Counter Strike global Offensive, as well as a few store games. So let's see how well it performs alright. So first up a few Windows Store games. Now, if you don't want to see these windows for games, you can actually just check out the timecode there and skip ahead to where I test out League of Legends and counter strike. So first up I'm, going to try and see how Dungeon Hunter 5 runs. Now. I'M running this at the native resolution, I haven't loved the desktop resolution at all. Nowhere left to run fuck the data he burned me all right, so you can see that this title is perfectly playable mean those frame rates of fluid running just fine, and these beakers are at 50 and they're quite loud, as you can hopefully hear this thing picked Up in the mic, so this game now is sniper fury relatively demanding game. Now, all of these stall games, I'm playing on the native screen resolution that's full zoom a little bit of lag they're, definitely not as smooth 60 frames per second, not, but it looks like it's going to be playable. Now I have a goat, a assault type game, see if it can pick up, keep up with us stupid a lag there actually, but overall, this one is playable it's, just not as smooth as I would personally like it to be asphalt.

8, airborne just going to play the first track. What are you normally doing to set it on these tablets just to see it gain how fast it loads and how smooth it's going to be there's a little bit of lag there? The frame rate is dropping a bit, but what few starters just in another stutter and it didn't register my touch they're gon na. Why probably because it's just struggling a little to keep up so so far from that a little bit of gaming there I can fill the tablets getting a little warm and it is now 83 degrees is the maximum. So far now I have my Logitech Bluetooth keyboard here and a Bluetooth mouse I'm going to use to play Counter Strike global Offensive just to see how it runs so keep an eye also, on the top left hand, corner just up here, I'm going to have the Frames per second and the temperatures being shown the whole time so does to map on a public server, which is relatively fill 16 players, see how this goes so hit shots only, and the frames per second it's around 40 at the moment is 800 x 600. On the lowest settings now they didn't take home for me today. I did it not at all, so it seems okay, my mouse I think's because I'm using bluetooth, isn't. Actually, oh there we go it's a little bit better. There seems to be a little bit jerky there, whoa 25 and down to about 20 frames per second there's, a little bit of stutter, ah yeah and I'm pretty horrible.

So I think that's enough of my really bad gameplay ah definitely hurts enough of my bad gameplay. So move on now and pissed out League of Legends, also, the last game I'm going to check out and this club is League of Legends and we'll – see how it runs now. I'Ve never encountered this before. It seems that I'm an acute overdose eat when tea thousand, but I have to wait eight minutes, of course, I'll edit this out so I'm, going to go for a custom game here against bots or one on my side, two on the opposition. Just so I don't piss anyone off if I enter in a game and then leave because I don't actually play this game. Okay, so 21 frames per second but it's running in the native screen resolution, so that's far too demanding. We have to change that. So I loaded it down to 1024 by 768 on the very low settings and we're getting 65 frames per second and BOTS have only just sorry. Minions have only just summoned, I think, we're about to summon so we'll see how the frame rate handles a bit more action on the screen, it's a little hard to see, but at 40 approximately 40 frames per second at the moment, and if I scroll around the Map doesn't seem too bad now my mouse doesn't seem that smug probably cause I'm using a game Bluetooth, making a little jerky. The motion it's not entirely smooth there.

Okay, so I can, i could say pretty much safely that if you run the game this one particular with low settings and this lower resolution here, then it's going to run just fine that it's not actually that bad. I don't think considering. This is only just a little mini 7.9 inch tablet counter strike. There was a little bit laggy and the still games as well. You might have to lower the desktop resolution, but overall, considering it's only got an atom x5 and then I think the performance is okay.