This is Avery a quest now I'm streaming. It I'm gon na repeat that it's streamed, ok, it's not actually running on the system. They can't run it. So I have an xbox one controller here. Now, to show you if I move to the left, he moves to the left and how I have it connected is my xbox. One controller is connected up wirelessly to my host PC. Now I did have a few problems, getting it to string and what I came down to was. I had to lower my desktop resolution to a four by three resolution and then it's streamed just fine, so no problem there. I think definitely with this wireless AC it's got there that it's streaming this perfectly there's no stutters the music's coming across fine, no issues whatsoever, and the other request was if I could check out more USB type c adapters and I've got this Apple type one here That has a USB 3 port and it has type C there for charging it doesn't charge it when I plug it in and you can't get HDMI out over it, so overall it's definitely USB to the type C port. So these are Debbie's really aren't going to do much now it did have when I was back in New Zealand and an actual official Apple one, the multi port adapter. Now that did actually allow me to charge and have a USB port at the same time. So this that's something and the the other thing to note that, apart from that I mean this is a really nice little tablet: okay, it's it's 250, us it's a lot more than the usual hundred dollar tablets.

I have been reviewing like the chewy ha8 pro or the VI, eight plus, all the other ones there, but you're getting a fully laminated display very thin. The audio quality on this is excellent. The displays fully laminated Retina display the only things that really there's a big flaw that it has is USB 2 port and the fact that you can get any HDMI out on it and there's no micro SD card support. So if show me, can refresh this design and add HDMI out just a micro HDMI out on it and if they can include USB 3 type C or 3.1 type C. If it does support that that'll be great and a micro SD card slot. But even even if they don't and just you know, it's still, one of the best ones, I have definitely reviewed for a low end machine that can run a full OS, have got Android and Windows 10. So anyway, that is the request there to see.