So this I have been using for the last almost two weeks and it's. The budget version cut down version where they did cut some definite corners compared to the mean up, but pro model. So we have a metal lid on this one alloy that's, the only metal you're gon na get on this particular model. Now there's, no flex. When you push down hard on this, the hinge is good on this, and we do have rubber around the outside, giving it a very quality feel to it. The build is excellent and we do have yes larger bezels much larger than my me notebook pro here, because they want you to go for if you want the slimmer bezels go for the more expensive model. Now this model is far superior in many ways. It has a much better GPU. It has double the RAM. The configuration and much faster SSD would double the size storage, so it makes sense to go for this one with the larger battery, but this particular model here does have some pros going for the fact that you can upgrade many components which I will show you shortly. So the keyboard typing on this keyboard is very good. Once I got accustomed to the slightly more crammed in style of it, because we've got the full number pad on here typing on this keyboard. Yet is very little flex on that and I do like it it's, not bad backlit, like we get with the pro model as well.

So you know there's a lot of things and reasons why you would get that model over this one. But if you want to save money, then this is one to go for so palm wrist plastic. And yes, it does show up fingerprints, but I feel it's going to hold up a lot better than the paint job that we get with the middle and the alloy. On the minnow, but pro that is always showing on the palm rest, some fading on my unit after about 8 months of use, which is not good, you're not going to get it with this, so the touch pad is the same size. This is using Windows. Precision drivers it's a good touchpad and it's, really the same touch pad as this one. Of course, the fingerprint reader in that now overall build wise. It is good well put together and when we take a look at the internals, you can see that this is where things get a lot better we've got slightly better cooling on this one. The fans come on a lot less, so thermals are actually much better and I really do like the fan profiles. The fan was on this one. You don't get an irritating fan that comes on now and then just with like tasks which happens on the mean up a pro, not here so upgradable, you can upgrade. The wireless cards are great for hackintosh and you can also swap out and put an even a larger a terabyte drive there 2 terabytes.

If you wanted to or even for, I think you can get now for 2.5 inch drives, but because they put that 2.5 inch drive in here, we do have a massive compromise with the battery capacity, which is really quite annoying, so 41 watt hours instead of 60. You get on the pro and in my testing this means battery life is terrible, we're only getting three and a half hours to four, so that is not great at all. Now, four ports: we get a couple more ports on this, which is good, but we don't have type C. So, on the right hand, side we have Gigabit LAN it's something that's missing on the pro model: 2 USB 3 ports, and we also have an HDMI port on here, which is only 1.4 speaker. Now wish it was HDMI 2. I believe that everyone needs to start using HDMI to speak now in 2018 and, of course, a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack there. Now the output out of this headphone jack is good, clear sounds it supports a microphone and the loudness is decent as well. There then, on the right hand, side we have DC N, so no type C charging for this one charge times are close to about 3 hours, so it's, not as fast a USB 2 port here great to have this on the right hand, side for you right Handed people out there like myself, now the SD card reader, it is only USB 2 spec, so it's not the fastest here and then, when you look at the weight of both of these, so this model the plastics a little bit heavier.

It comes out to be two point: two kilos, and then we have the pro model, which is still heavy, is 2 kilos there. So there is a 200 gram, different state in weight, but you get the bit of cooling on this model, less fan noise and of course you can upgrade the RAM and all the rest of the components so now to focus on that screen. It is an IPS panel and it is 1080p met, coated auntie, Claire it's, an okay screen. I have seen better and I have seen worse so I mean viewing angles typical IPS, that it is actually gon na be perfectly fine. I mean they could have gone with the TN panel, which would be really bad and thankful that they did not do that. So when you take a look at the color reproduction, it is okay, it's it's not really the grater. So this is not a screen for professional use and I'll show you the reason why? Because when you have a look at the Adobe RGB percent here, so I measured this with my spider 5 Pro you get 48 percent Adobe RGB coverage, which is not great, so that's not a lot there and then, when it comes to your srgb that's 65 of Srgb now the maximum brightness is around about 200 Lux, so it's, not the brightest screen. Now at the moment, I have it set somewhere at about 50, which I use for indoor use.

In fact, that was less it's about 30 now and there it is at its 200 Lux, which is its ideal. That'S fine actually seemed perfectly fine for indoor use. You know gon na have any problems with it at all, and it does dim down really quite dim. Now that shimmering, that flickering you're you're seeing right now this is pulse width modulation, but it's only been captured on camera. Here I can't see that with my own eyes here in person. Now, if you haven't seen my unboxing video, I went ahead and upgraded the RAM, because my model only came with 4 gigabytes of RAM and really that's, not enough, especially with us spec. So I'll CPU is the i 5 8250 you and you can get the I 78550 you which has a higher turbo, that one goes up to 4 gigahertz and this one here maxes out at 3.6. I think it is so you get 400 megahertz more now. I do recommend, if you can, to put in more RAM of course, it's going to help improve the performance. Now you came with Windows 10 in Chinese. So what I did here you don't have to do this. You can do a clean, install it'll pull through the windows, the key that is in the BIOS and it will activate then just have to install Windows 10 home. But I upgraded to pro for the purposes of my review, to keep the original drivers and to keep the recovery partition.

So when you upgrade to pro that then allows you to install an English, an English language pack. So it comes with a Samsung SSD that a set of three 128 gigabytes you get about 98 or about a hundred or so gigabytes free, not a lot of space. Of course, you've got the one terabyte drive now that one terabyte drive is about a hundred and ten megabytes reads and writes sequential, and we look at these speeds of the SSD. They are fine for a set of three SSD. No problems. Remember, if you want faster and more storage, then I highly recommend going for something like a Samsung 970 Evo that costs about a hundred euros and you can get the 256 gigabyte version and that will really give you super performance that's. When you get about 3500 reads and about 1500 write sequential so the a Cinebench r15 schools here, you can see 705 CB is not bad at all. When you think of this has been about a 580 600 us laptop that their performance is good. It'S a decent CPU because its quad core it has eight threads and that's the opengl score as well, which you know is not as fast as the MX 150 you get in the Mino, but pro matte GPU is about twice as fast. So this is the fire strike score here for the MX 110. Now I did manage to do a little bit of overclocking, so this is an overclock score here.

This is the best that you about a squeeze out of this, so the Maxwell architecture does over caught. Pretty good, it always has for the desktops, and the same goes here with the laptops. So I managed to get 135 to the core clock and then 920 on the RAM Club, and this is boosting it up, probably giving us about 10 15 extra frames per second. Depending on what kind of game that you are playing and for those that are interested here, is the past mark 9 rating so 3546, here the weakness being the GPU there and well, we SSDs not as fast, of course, as the nvme one we get in the Mean up, but pro now wouldn't, you look at general performance of the laptop it's as expected for a core i5 with the four cores, eight threads it's fast and with my 16 gigabytes of RAM. Of course, I can do plenty of multitasking, so streaming 4k video here in Chrome, not a problem, no issues whatsoever, no dropped frames so your day to day general performance is really good. I don't need to really go through this, because everything opens up really fast, even with a set of three SSD. So scrolling performance in edge is really good, no issues there, everything it opened up offer stocks excel, really quite quick, no problems, especially with me running the 16 gigabytes of RAM. So I've already shown you the Cinebench result. I just wanted to quickly play back here.

A high encoded bitrate file, so this one see jellyfish. This says: 140 megabits per second 4k 10 bit a TVC, and this plays absolutely flawlessly fine, no problems Skippy here, that's, all gon na be quick. So the performance you get out of the core i5 here, an eighth generation chip, even though it is the lower voltage. One is really very quick, very fast and everyone's gon na be pleased with it so I'm doing a little bit of editing here. This is 4k and it runs fine now. This is because I do have that 16 gigabytes of RAM, so bear that in mind. If you were to do this with just the 4 gigabytes that this model originally had, then it would be a completely different story here. So it is keeping up fine. It is not a problem here, the time line when you're looking at the preview screen. This is all in real time. I just quit. You stroll through to show you that it's keeping up fine, no issues. There I've noticed that when you resize some of the windows here, you do get a little bit of lag. That comes into play there now a very large edits that sometimes I do it it's up to about 25 minutes and notice that it will start to slow down a little. But overall it is pretty good, and I will show you now here with Windows. Sorry, Intel's xt you that I've done a little bit of a tweak here to the power limits as well.

So if under vaulted point 0 9 and I've increased the power limit to 45 watts there, so that's helping and you'll see later on. When I do my encode that it's going to hold that turbo without any problems, the thermals are perfectly fine and the fan noise is also very good, so that's great. So what I'm gon na do now is do my test here, one minute of footage: I'm gon na export that, with the YouTube 4k preset we'll, see how long it takes to do that. Ok, so it's going to take just over a minute or so, but do remember that Adobe Premiere Pro now does feature the hardware acceleration. So I think it's using Nvidia's, quick sync to really bolster up the speeds here. So once that finally finishes I'll hit pause once the hundred percent bar disappears, so there we go about one minute and 19 seconds to encode one minute of the 4k YouTube preset, which is not bad at all. Aside from the battery this here at courses, the other weakness, the NVIDIA MX 110, which is basically just a rebadged, relabeled, 920 MX, so it's quite a weak GPU, but at least it does have double data rate 5. There is another version of this particularly chipset. Well, the 920 M that only has a double data rate 3 and it is really crippled. This means older titles you can see here. This is Skyrim. This is on the medium preset we're getting around 50 frames per second.

So this is not a super fast TPU, but at least I mean you can get away with playable frame rates in 1080p. Here, if I start to pick a fight with some of the guards, you see that that frame rate is going to drop down a little. So you do expect depths of under 40 frames per second, depending on what's, going on if there's a lot on screen. We see now 35 frames per second, so it will get leggy at times here, but let's test out a lighter title League of Legends. So you can see it's running this one on the very high sitting perfectly find really good frame rate here, so it's hovering around 150 and 60 frames per second, not an issue. This is a very light title of course, though, so a lot of hardware can play this. You don't need a demanding machine to run this game and GTA 5 here with normal settings. 1080P is actually getting quite a decent framerate, but again bear in mind that I have overclocked that GPU quite a bit, so this is giving us about an extra 10 frames per second or so more. It is dipping down to mid 40s here, but overall, it still looks great, actually on normal and we're, getting a very playable frame rate here, which is great, considering the GPU that this has and for those of you out there to still play counter strike. It'S running around 60 frames per second, and this is on the high preset, the very high settings, so this is fine and after three hours now are pushing it.

You can see these are the temperatures and max temps on the CPU, so 68 degrees. This is not bad, I mean as there's no thermal throttling that has been triggered here and again, I'm running an increased Parliament here. 45 was so did recommend that, because it's going to handle it just find the hardware, and then we move over now to take a look at the GPU. You can see that gets up then to a maximum of 66 degrees. So that's perfectly fine again. It is overclocked to sternal temps as well, are actually better than the me notebook Pro, probably because it's a thicker laptop, and it has a little bit more space for cooling sore up the top here on the me notebook Pro gets close to around 46 degrees. This way here, you can see, is 34 36 38. So it is a little bit cooler here now. This is, after about an hour of really pushing it quite hard. The system, the touchpad that remains cool 26 degrees, as well as the palm, rests at all times. No matter what you're doing max fan noise tops out at 42 decibels, which is also quite good. I'Ll. Give you a sample of it now so laptop has to downwards firing. Speakers they're 3 watt, but this time around they're, not infinity tuned speakers. They don't sound as good as their mean notebook pros, but they're okay, they're, fairly decent and the loudness is also good but here's a sample of them.

So here is a sample shot with the webcam that we get to 720p max and it's 30 frames per. Second. The quality is okay, it is, I almost identical really to the Mino pros. I can't tell much of a difference between them, so we have jewellery microphones and there are left and right of the actual webcam there as well, so there's, a good location for them. I feel because you're not going to get as much feedback from the keyboard, so when you're typing on the keys, you can hear that coming through a little bit there and for those of you that, like to run Linux well, it is running on here. Finally, got screen brightness control options, that's all working, the sound that's working, the touchpad is working, but what is not working is the wireless card. It does not like this Realtek wireless card. The good thing is that you can, of course, swap it out and use one of the intel ones that should be picked up with the drivers. Okay, so quickly, recapping here. So the obvious choice, if you don't, have any issues with money that you can afford to to get the 800 model go for it. Of course, it's got so many things that are better for you get an nvme SSD. You get double the RAM. You get better. The speakers fingerprint reader in here as well – it is 200 grams lighter and the list goes on, but there's a lot of things that do like about this system here.

So the biggest thing for me is you can upgrade a lot more components, so you can upgrade the RAM, which is really good. It has better cooling on here, so the fans come on waitlist most the time. These fans are not on for light tasks when with light tasks, even just surfing the internet, with chrome the fans on this one come on and off, especially when you're on AC. They tend to come on a lot more on the better it's, not too bad. So you get of course, a wireless card. You can change that. So if you were going to be buying one of these as a project for say, setting up, half and Tosh, and you can swap out that Wireless, if you're not happy with the speed of it and you're running Windows as well, you could put one of this Intel and gigabit ones in there with the Bluetooth 5 a lot faster than what is in there. You can add a 2.5 inch ad drive and they're cheaper options as well. For that, so you've got a terabyte of storage since it comes with more storage, but you get the slow SSD you get the faster one with this model here now the screen is another pro to me unless of course, you're editing on this, you need to do. Color grading, then this one slightly more accurate but it's still not a wonderfully accurate screen. We have on the minnow, but pro so, both of them aren't, wonderful screens for color grading and things like that.

You need to get a more expensive, better model of notebook. For that with a better screen, but I feel for students for business and things like that. The mat coders screen is just a lot more practical, less susceptible you're not going to have problems where the reflections glare. It is only 200 light sprite, and I feel that show me toned it down intentionally on purpose that this panel will actually be able to be a lot brighter, but they've really toned it down to save on the battery life, which they probably know. Why they've done that, of course, is absolutely terrible. The biggest con with this laptop here apart from the weak GPU, now a lot of people aren't gaming, so the GPU might not be a huge issue that they cut down on the GPU, obviously saving money there, but the battery capacity. I feel that would have been better if they ditched the 2.5 inch driver. No, a lot of people won't agree with me on this, and this include another setter and MDOT two driver set a slot in there or nvme would be better. I feel and give us the 60 watt hour battery, because the 60 watt hour battery, in the mean up a pro, is good for up to about. I can get eight nine hours, sometimes out of this one, just running on integrated graphics, this three and a half to four hours, it's, just shocking it's, so bad the battery life on this, I can't believe how bad it is and how show me pushed it out With such a small battery, now I thought 31 watt hours, yeah 41 watt hours is not a lot, but I was hoping for at least five hours.

Six, maybe but Tony get four hours. Four and a half tops and that's, where the brightness right down terrible, which makes it really hard to recommend unless, of course, better life for you isn't important, and what is more important is the upgrade ability that this machine has so end of the day. If you've got the cash get this model, if you're on a budget, you need the upgrade ability, and then this is a decent notebook. As I said, the keyboard is good to type on. It has a large touchpad. The screen is good. Yeah it's got the larger bezels build quality overall is typical, Xiaomi it's a very good build. It feels a lot more solid, the press, the plastics on it are going to hold up a lot better than the Middle's here in the long run, because I noticed that the paint can chip on this one, and so this is the really the machine to go For thank you so much for watching this review on xiaomi's in the notebook, and I do have to catch you back in the channel with a more upcoming reviews. My latest videos are right up here, so check out those, and I will see you soon bye.