It has a very poor screen in it. Thermals are not great and it's just missing. A lot of features to me show me: wants you to buy this model, which is the me notebook pro it's, the 2020 model, the refresh, so it also has 10th giant Intel in here. So it's got the 1051 0u this one. I have has 16 gigabytes of RAM one terabyte SSD, which should be PCIe, and it also does have a new screen which is 100 srgb, so 1080p panel still glass covered still the same design. Backlit keyboard weighs two kilo, so it is a heavy laptop for an ultrabook for what it is. It'S got the NVIDIA MX 250 as well. So I bought this laptop myself it's, not like what a lot of you think that these huge channels that we're just being gifted all these free products, no Xiaomi doesn't, give me any of their products or not even loan units. So in the Box here on the top we've got a type C to type C cables. So just like the original model, this is our 65 watt charger and it's got the two prong style, so us star plug there. So if you are living in the US, then you don't need an adapter for that, which is great, but I will of course living here in Europe and the laptop heading is reasonable, so offers a bit of protection there, and here it is so we'll.

Take a look at that and check the weight first so weighs in at one point nine seven kilos which compared to the competition, oh yeah, it's, heavy, ok, so it's, not the lightest 15.6 inch laptop out there. It is slim, though, ok it's, about 16 millimetres, not counting the rubber feet. If you include those in it's about 21 millimeters at its thickest point, so the lids, the same minimalistic design is no big xiaomi logo. Here on the top – and I prefer this – I like the look of it now – this alloy in my experience, because I had the original model – I owned it for about a year even probably about a year and a half it's, very, very easy to scratched you've got To be careful with it so pressing down on the lid there's, no flex on that, because it does have glass, then looking at our ports. So on the left side here, we're gon na 3.5, millimeter headphone jack with mic in and the audio quality you've been testing. It sounds perfect to me: no problems, there's, no interference or static we've got two USB 3.1 ports and sadly, yet again an HDMI 1.4. A this should be HDMI to spec, so we'll, only output, a maximum of 4k 30 Hertz and not 4k 60 Hertz like HDMI to wood, so on the right, we're going to status LED and to type c ports. Now the one closest to that status LED, which is that little dot, this one supports power delivery and the only one that accepts power: okay, that's anyone you charged with it's, also the only port that has the display out, which is 4k 60 Hertz maximum.

This type C port here is only data. Now the SD card slot it's ultra high speed, which is good. I would have liked to seen faster that's ultra high speed 3, which you get with the me notebook gaming, laptop and SD cards. Well, when you put them in you'll, see that they do stick out and it's, not that click install, which I prefer, so they could be broken off here. It is next to the review book 13, so a big difference in size, but not really in thickness that's. Why the thickness, I think, is actually still even in 2020, quite good for a 15.6 inch laptop. So, yes, you can open it up. One handed as you can see, and that is as far as it will go back it's exactly the same as the readme book. 13, so these hinges in my experience now of using, of course, that this particular same build for over one year. It doesn't really loosen up. They are good and just build quality over all of Shelby's laptops is, I feel, excellent, so this touchpad is a very decent size here. Windows position smooth finish to it, and it does have that incorporated fingerprint reader that you can use with Windows hello to login quickly without having to type a password now hot here with this particular model, is vented out from just above the keyboard right here and the Other models – I've reviewed, the one that had the gtx 1050 – that gets very, very hot here, and even the first model, so there'll be something i will be.

Keeping an eye on will be the thermals, especially after the disaster, that is the readme book. 13S 99 degrees. C – and here is the underside of the notebook, so we've got five rubber feet underneath this one here, just like other Xiaomi laptops, you need to pull this foot up here to get access to the t5 Torx screw, so there are nine of them in total that You need to remove if you wan na, have a look at the internals. There are downwards firing Harman tuned speakers, so it does take a bit of effort to pry off the rear cover start from the top here and when you pull it up and then out. Okay, don't just lift it out. It is from the front here because you risk damaging the clips that you'll find on the other side of it, so nvme SSD here from Intel. This is a P, 660 P series, one so not as fast to say a samsung PM, nine eight one. Unfortunately, so this is times four PCIe. If you add another one in here in vme Drive, it will then run at times to sharing bandwidth between them. So I recommend just probably putting a set of three one in there: two terabytes. If you wanted to or if you still want those speeds, then okay use another PCIe one. So the battery pack, the 61 hours it's going to last about seven to eight hours. So far in my testing, thermals are good, so two fans, two coolers we've – got the GPU, the CPU here and the two transfer thermal pipes.

The wireless card is an Intel 95 60 with Bluetooth five non upgradeable. So you cannot upgrade the RAM. The only thing you can change is the SSDs that is adhere with this model, so the bias is originally in Chinese. You expect this and you can swap it over into English, which I have now of course. Now there are a couple of interesting things in here that I wanted to show you to point out. There were got options here for the CPU convertible turbo mode and it's, saying that when the GPU is not working, that it will increase the CPU performance and it's Suns standard by default. But you can put it into boost to help boost the performance which I'll do GPU working mode performance or office to keep it a little bit quieter. So having that on the standard settings, I've noticed that the fan hasn't really been running, that much, which is good because remember some of the original first models. The fan seemed to come on just over time and there's a keyboard backlight mode as well. You can set that to power saving or standard now power saving it turns off after 15 seconds standard. I just think it stays on all the time. So I managed to install windows in English and what I actually did was just upgrade to Windows. 10 then install the language pack. This way I retain the factory partition but it's up to you. What you want to do.

You can just do a complete new Windows: 10 home install the CD key and the bus will pull through. So the display I've measured it. But only the brightness okay it's scraping about well 218 it's, which is it's okay, because it's a glossy fully laminated panel. It will be a little bit more susceptible to reflections, but taking a look at images. So far, looked good but I'm gon na have to break out the spider 5 Pro and take a look at the srgb Adobe RGB coverage there as well, but it seems good. It seems a bit of panel differently than when I remember light. Leakage is just a little bit around the corners, not really that noticeable. So I have benchmark the internal drive there that intel SSD and because it's, not a Samsung. You could say there could have gone with, say something that's similar to the PM: 98.7 isn't, it or 981. Sorry that would have been lot faster than those have been 3000 in two thousand and a half or even close to three thousand rights as well. So we're missing out on a little bit of speed here, but these are still good. When you have a look at the random reads in writes they're for the type of drive it is it's, just not the fastest. That is, is really our basic edit with that. So Geekbench five school here this is with the 25 watt TDP when you set it to the boost performance mode, otherwise it's 15 watts by default and the score is about 100 points less hit on single core score versus the river book 13, with the exact same Chipset, but in a single channel Ram.

I expected this here because it's got dual channel RAM to be faster, so not too short what's up with that. Perhaps something was going on in the background. The multi core score should be a little bit high here, but that's actually not a bad result. Now, Cinebench 15 did test this one out as well: 680 CB, not exactly the greatest. Hopefully we can improve that, but if you're asking about, if we can under voltage, been blocked out to us, you can see here the 25 watt power limit once it's PL 1 and 51 watt. Okay. So unfortunately, no under voting with this is a little bit of a disappointment. The good thing, though, where they've read me book, thirteen absolutely failed miserably was thermals and so far it is looking good. So maximum temperatures it's getting up to where is it 71 degrees, so it's, very good? Okay. So when I start gaming pushing the GPU and the CPU really had at the same time, I do expect this to increase, but so far the third fan noise thermals. So much better because of the twin fans in there and the separated coolers so much better than Remy book 13, which is really good to see so I'll have more benchmarks coming up later on with this that'll be in the full review. Yes, this will have a full review, also wanted to point out that with GP, you see here that it is the 25 watt version of Nvidia's iMix 250.

So it's, not the crippled 15 watt version. This one should give us pretty good performance, but remember it is a low in GPU, so it's, not exactly for gaming, but I'll. Do some gaming in the review and you'll see that the performance is actually good but on medium to high settings depending on the game. So I've got those two downwards frying speakers tuned by Harman. They do sound very good there's, no change to this from the original models. Very good speakers here's a sample of them Music Music. So I did go and test out Linux, which you can see didn't boot here, I've just got a cursor flashing away, so it could be something to do a compatibility issue with Linux running on the 10th June chips here, so it's. Looking very good for this laptop. I know a lot about this one because I used to own one: I've reviewed all the other models and it is a very good build it's, a great keyboard that it's got it's a very good touchpad. The screen has improved now: sRGB a 100 it's, now 218 it's of brightness, which is well actually about the same as the previous models, so there's so much. That is exactly the same, so it's a dated design. It does weigh 2 kilos, which is a little heavy for this category of ultrabook. You could say dedicate a GPU on. There is really nice to have, even though it's only got 2 gigabytes of ddr4 Ram, it's 25 watt version, so it's not the crippled 15 watts.

As I pointed out, and you can actually game on it a little bit, there will be in the final review. The final video of this. I will show you a little bit of gaming. What you can expect performance wise. You just need to lower the settings. That'S really about it, sometimes on the real demanding games, perhaps even lower it down to 720p. Otherwise it can run everything at 1080p, so we'll cover that I will cover more benchmarks. We'Ll take an even deeper look at the thermals, because I am noticing that when you're gaming and pushing it quite hard that around the top, just like the previous models, it is getting up to around about to 45 degrees. So it does feel quite hot there to the touch on the top that's about my only area of concern, but so far I mean the thermals are very, very good. Compared to the rim e book 13, which go up to 99 degrees Celsius, cooks itself, a very poor screen in that one as well lacking ports liking lots of things that model, but this has it so the scares there to type c ports now Thunderbolt 3. No, it doesn't have Thunderbolt 3 on this. This is just the two lane PCIe the 2 lanes out speeds is what you're getting from this type C port on here and it's, just the one closest to that a little LED status LED that supports the power delivery. As well, not both of them it'll be nice.

Have they both supported it? So if one jack broke, you could use the other one as a back, but anyway so we'll be back with a follow up on the me notebook Pro here, but it does look like a really good laptop. It is expensive, it's just over 1000 u.s..