This is the corium version, so it's a 12.5 inch one. I wanted to test out Linux to see if that's going to work. So this is Linux. Mint 18, the cinnamon build 64 bit and everything is working just fine, apart from the speakers that's. The only thing that I find that doesn't seem to work, but I connected in a 3.5 millimeter earphones and yes, sound, does work through that. So if someone knows how to go into terminal fix that, if there's a way to route the sound actually through the physical speakers, instead of just the 3.5 I'm gon na, need a headphone jack you're going to have a fully working running Linux on there. So you better run dual operating system there. All you need to do to set this up I'm running. A live boot at the moment is make sure you disable the secure boot and the BIOS that's the only thing and then you'll be able to install that. So the mouse pads working with gestures to finger scroll here I have noticed that there's, maybe possibly a bit of a driver problem or not the correct drivers with the Intel graphics. I don't, if I can actually replicate it here, but I just noticed that moving up and down scrolling up and down there was a bit of tearing screen tearing going on. That also could be the fact because I'm just running from perhaps from the USB pendrive here that I have, but all the apps work settings screen brightness can be tweaked and adjusted.

I haven't found anything else that isn't working just apart from those speakers there. If I go along to battery this information, that is loading up there as well that's telling me Wireless is working, although I'm disconnected at the moment – and it looks good, looks really nice on the screen, because it's quite a nice 1080p screen that show me went with So not bad at all I'm going to test out remix now that's my final other operating system that'll test and see, if that's going to work that one was requested all right now, so to set up remix it's, just a matter of downloading the remix ISO from The official website that it's remix for PC version 3 30 minute test out, and then you just run the installation tool and I'm selecting the ISO to install that C Drive. Oh, that will set it up as a dual boot machine. Okay, it's asking me to disable dual boot. Please turn off secure boot before it can proceed to installation. Well, it's good English proceed to install it so that isn't working for some reason to install it that one so I'm going to have to install it to a pendrive. Even though I have secure boot, disabled, not sure what's up with that. So this right here is, as far as I can get trying to run remix on it, just not going to work it's frozen out. It is to freeze up every time so to get this fire.

I had to put the BIOS in legacy mode to allow me to boot from the USB pendrive there, because I couldn't disable secure boot with UEFI mode enabled so not sure what was going on there. So that was a quick look there at Linux and remix on foot Toninho, not working, so I don't know if there's going to be a workaround for this or later on, it might have support for it.