This is the third revision, the 2018 model, not that the previous models were bad, but they did suffer from a problem that I criticized quite heavily and that was the cooling really wasn't sufficient enough. When you started to do video encoding or while you were gaming, so pushing both the CPU and GPU on this machine, those other previous models would get up to 50 degrees centigrade. To the touch now shall we claim that they have sold that so we've got three key changes on this model, that is the new chipset, which is now the KB Lake R that's, a quad core and performances up about 40, which is really great. I do love that new chipset they test it out and then me notebook pro line, that's the 15.6 inch model from Xiaomi and we've got this dark gray color. So that is also copying the same color that we have on the me notebook Pro and then, of course, the cooling that has been improved. Apparently, if you look on Sherry's website, they claim up to 63 percent are calling performance and the copper cooling transfer pipe is apparently about 36 percent. Wider and they've got new cooling fin, so we'll definitely be testing that out in detail. We'Ll have a peek at the internals here and look around and see if we can see any changes. So it comes double box type icked this one up here from geek buying comm they're, the only guys that seemed to have stock at the moment – and I got it shipped out with DHL – but be careful of this – you can't get hit with some rather hefty charges And taxes I had to play 87 euros on this and, as you see, it is really well padded here, so this box is still factory sealed and what this means is it's going to have Windows 10 in Chinese.

The quickest way to get over that problem is to actually just upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, and then you can install an English language pack, but I'll run through that with you. So there we go the notebook in that nice. Grey color really do like that change. Very similar, in fact, exactly the same layout of the packaging as the previous model, so here we've got like an instruction manual and whatnot that is going to be all in Chinese, so no surprises there. We have a type C to type C, cable now so, just like the meet sorry, the me notebook Pro and then our charger here, which is rather small and you flick out the two prong us style, of course that's Chinese US – and this is rated 220 volts. 3.2 amps max power output, so the exact same power supply as the me notebook pro. The other side just has that type c connector, so no changes to the rear of the device. It comes wrapped up in this plastic and we do have a sticker on the back with Dolby audio, so it's got those AKG speakers they'll give you a sample of those later on, but they tend to sound, pretty good, so I'm, going to dive straight into the Internals here to start out with, so you need a t5 Torx bit to open this up, remove all those Torx screws. Now there is one that is hidden under this foot here, so you have to remember to pull that up and we'll check out the cooling on this and see how they have improve things with the larger thermal transfer pipe.

So the case does take some effort to pry it off there's little plastic Clips around the outside that clip it and it will crack off. It feels like you're gon na break something, but you won't. Actually, so we have a ' watt hour battery. We have a PCIe times 4 SSD. Now this is a samsung PM 961. Hopefully this will be running at the full x. 4 speeds, not like the main notebook probe. When I first got that one, it was only times 2 speed due to a problem with the BIOS, but later that was corrected and further updates. The BIOS updates that came through from Xiaomi from their official website. Another another set of three drives here that you can install if you wanted to up to 2 gigabytes, whatever the capacity is now sorry terabytes, and here we have the wireless AC, which has an 82 65, so they have updated that so it's a slightly faster, better Version there from Intel up the top here we have 8 gigabytes of RAM. Now you cannot get 16 gigabytes on this model and you cannot expand upon that Ram. So if you need 16, you have to go and get the me notebook pro on each corner. We have these AKG speakers and, as I said, I'll give you a sample of those later on. They want to the cooling here, as you can see, we've got the GPU right here. This is the CPU, of course, and they do have a larger copper transfer heat pipe.

So this is wider. I can see that already and if you have a look at the fins there on the color we've got a larger fan this one right here and then a little tiny, smaller fan, so that hasn't changed from the previous models. But what has changed is look at all those thins they have put in there. So they've increased the amount of those fan blades the fins in there to push out more air, which is hopefully what is going to keep this a lot cooler than the previous generations. But, of course I will test that out. So what you're looking at right now is one of the USB 3 ports and the type c port there. So we've got full type c support on this model, and that is the hinge at the top there, which is screwed in so everything's screwed, in build quality over all the internals. Here, look really good! Now, just weighted. It weighs one point three to five kilos, so it's a few grams heavier than the previous generation and the thickness is exactly the same around fourteen point, two millimeters, so the lid, the gray, looks really nice, there's, no logos, so minimalistic design, which I do like personally Pressing down on the lid there's a little bit of flex, but it is quite solid so just like the other models, I'm able to open that up. One handed and the hinge feels quite stiff. It'S, not bad at all is a little bit of wobble there, but that's kind of normal and then our keyboard, which to me doesn't, look like it, has changed much.

In fact, the keys look a lot similar and more like the ones from the main notebook Pro, which is great. So if it's like the 2017 model, this could be a synaptics touchpad, hopefully it's running the windows. Precision drivers fingerprint reader is coarse, embedded in here, just like the 2017 model, which introduced that a pleasant surprise here with that keyboard, they have changed the keys, they feel different. The travel feels a little different as well, so this is more like the main notebook pros keyboard, which is a lot better. So they've made a slight improvement in changes here with the keyboard and there's, really no flex, oh I'm, pushing down hard on that and just a tiny little bit wobble if anything, that's, probably my table wobbling, but just a tiny little bit there. So overall that's. Looking really good that keyboard now, ok, the power button is where the delete button should be. So that may be an issue for some people. Sometimes I hit that, but you can set that to do nothing in Windows, settings page up and down keys in the up and down arrow keys if by a shortcut, but you know the I wish they were separate keys there. So they've made some restrictions here. Some calm, promisor x', with this keyboard due to the size so it's, not quite a full size keyboard there. So this is the maximum that that screen will recline back. Unfortunately, it doesn't go back as far as some notebooks out there.

So some of them you can line the screen almost pretty much flat, so that's a slight disappointment in that area. There now just down here a little hard to see on camera. All there you go, you can see all the cooling vents so just along. There is where all the hot air will be expelled, and this is probably why that area tends to get very hot, but I'll be checking that out in this video moving on to the ports we have on this notebook, we have a full size, HDMI USB 3 Port and then 3.5 millimeter headphone jack with microphone support on the right hand, side of status LED. So this is red when you're charging green once fully charged a USB 3.1 point here with data charging and video out support up to 4k 60 Hertz, just like the meet notebook Pro and then our second USB, 3 port, so screens are fully laminated 1080p IPS panel. No changes there just like the previous models, and it does have these bezels around the outside that are rather slim but they're, not Dell, XPS 13 slim and in that top bezel you'll find a front facing 2 megapixel camera with a little status LED next to it. When it's on that will light up white and to dual array microphones there at the top one change, I've noticed here too at least I think I'm right in this is that they've used rubber. Now this little lip around the screen, that is hard plastic on the previous models and pretty sure about that so that's a nice little change there.

So that will give contact – I guess with the bottom there, when you close the lid that's just to stop it from scratching around so nice to have rubber look there. They do that on a lot of other brands like a Zeus. So here we go just in Windows: 10 Chinese. I don't understand what it's saying, but this, of course is just the equal Tanner setup of Windows I've jumped and skipped this of course, and get right into how to get this into English. So here we are in the desktop now set it all up. You had to go through that painful Cortana process, all in Chinese. Now the quickest way to get your windows pro license in here. I'Ll show you right now so go to the Start menu and you want to double tap on that mouse pad and then click this one. It says why and this will bring up our window system info and then you just scroll down and then click on this link right here and then right here is where you input your key to pro and that will start the upgrading process from going from Windows. 10, home Chinese to Windows 10 Pro, and then we can install English so once that key is installed, you need to then accept this, make sure you connect it up to the Internet and it will start to download and upgrade now. This whole process is going to take probably around about 30 minutes in total, so now windows will reboot up and when you get back into it, you'll have Windows 10 Pro so go down to the search bar there in Windows, 10 and just type in lang.

So short for language it'll come up then, with that little icon, so click this. This is where we install our language packs. So I want English so I'm going to hit plus here and then just find English or French or German or whatever language you need. It will download and install that then set it and you're ready to go now. If it's not downloading, go into options – which is this middle one right here and make sure you click the little download link that'll be at the top here, then you'll see that blue progress bar means it's downloading your language pack, I almost forgot you need to go Back into this menu and then set it as default or remove Chinese, so you can go on and just delete Chinese but I'm going to set this one. Now, as the default language, which it is now and that'll, be all ready once that downloads and reboots, then everything will be in English, alright, so just to point out a couple of things here: there's some positives and some negatives. So one positive here is the touchpad. Unlike the 2016 model, this is using a precision, touchpad precision, touchpad drivers in Windows, so full control over the gestures. This is great. We had some nap tx on the first model there, which wasn't as good but was still a really decent touchpad, so it's more or less on the same level as the touchpad you'll find on the me notebook pro now there's a couple of things.

I want to point out too in the device manager the fingerprint readers in Elance. Oh, that hasn't changed and already pointed out about that Samsung, the PM. 9. 6. 1. These are the speeds of it. I did benchmark it, so it actually comes out to be a little bit faster than last year's model, and this will vary, of course, from SSD to SSD, but really good speeds here, and it is running the full times for speed on the PCI slot there. So that's great no issues with that out of the box, unlike the main notebook pro. So just a couple other things here, so the wireless I pointed out was wireless AC, 80 to 65 that's, really good. I won't benchmark that here, but I will in my full review, but should get maximum kind of speeds. This is a really good chipset that one there and there are the eight threads the four cause of the i 5 8250 you right there. So the other thing to point out free space around about approximately a hundred and eighty eight gigabytes on first boot, I've installed the English learn language back there, so that took up two gigabytes of that space. I have run a couple of benchmarks because I know a lot of people will be interested in this, so the performance of that nvidia MX is pretty much exactly the same as the me notebook pro and the previous generation. So last year's model same GPU, same exact performance here when looking at the OpenCL score from Geekbench the bench for score here.

So this comes out lower than the me notebook pro. They have. I feel intentionally lower the performance here a little bit because if you have a look at the RAM it's only running single channel, while the speed is 2.4 gigahertz, which is great it's, only single channel, so we're missing out on some RAM bandwidth and that has affected The performance a little bit here, so it should be around 4000. If this was dual channel, be about 4100 multi core score, then, would be close to 14000, so a little bit lower here, but this is still a huge step up from the 2017 models, so that had an i 5 7200 you and it got approximately about 3000. Here for the single core score, and then the multi core score is a run about just off the top of my head 7000. So it is quite a nice step up in terms of performance, the new eighth generation chips. Here we have from Intel having a look at the display here so really liking it. It has literally none of that IPS glow. I think I had a little on my previous models, but this screen I've seen who have lucked out as in earlier you know, color reproduction is looking really good. I'M liking. The the contrast here, the deep blacks because it's fully laminated as well glossy displays so yes prone to reflections, but these stock images here that I took a long time ago on a samsung galaxy note: 4 they're.

Looking excellent, I mean this car was really our deep saturated oversaturated red this Volkswagen Beetle and yes, it's, looking pretty good but okay yeah. The Galaxy Note forward does over saturate colors a little bit, but so far this green is looking in really impressive. I will measure out the maximum brightness in my full review, so my first impressions of the touchpad in using it now for approximately thirty minutes, it's, really almost exactly the same as the main notebook pros, one so it's an excellent touchpad. It has like a glass surface to it and it supports all those gestures. Very accurate really do like it it's just a little smaller that's. The only thing and same goes for the keyboard, so it is similar. Now the keyboard to the me notebook probe, but not quite as good, I feel now the typing experience on it very comfortable. It is good and as a step up from the previous last year's model and in 2016 model they're huge improvement in the keyboard. I feel it is a step up there, but still just not quite as good as the pro version. So exactly the same speakers no change here from the other previous models that decent speakers there AKG tuned once I'll give you the sample of them right now. It'S also got Dolby audio, so you can tweak it to your own personal preference, so it's, basically just like an equalizer here now some good news and some bad news here with the CPU.

So we can't under volt it, but we can still at least change the power limits here if you wanted to increase them slightly, but you have to keep a close eye on the thermals now Xiaomi, actually locked us out of the me notebook Pro on later BIOS Revisions they don't want us messing around here. I guess it's for warranty purposes. They don't want people generating too much heat, increasing those power limits. So for the moment at least, the power limits are unlocked here. Okay, so moment a truth, they'll being playing a game here. This is project cars on very high settings 1080p, almost too demanding for the GPU just to get it really. Hot I've also done a couple of CPU benchmarks: stress tests and Intel XTU let's have a look and see how hot it is getting now. Alright, so 38 degrees. Now, if this was the earlier models, they would be up to almost 45, almost 50, but hang on there we go 43 it's getting up there, so I can see it has improved, but only by about five degrees. This surface temperatures now I have a look around to the keyboard: the keyboards heating up there to about 35 degrees, and then our touchpad is 28 palm res sorry, touchpad, 26 and now the internal temperatures so it's reached 81 degrees. The CPU. Now I think that's okay, considering remember this – has two more cause than previous model, but I don't know it could actually get quite a bit hotter than this.

So in my full review, I'll test it for hours on end and we'll see what happens if the cooling can keep up with that, and then the GPU got up to 72 degrees. So that is okay, so really the internal temperatures. I feel a fine surface. Temperature really is about only about 5 degrees cooler, which may not seem a lot, but 5 degrees is actually quite a bit the difference between 50 scooching, hot and 45, which I would say quite warm now good news here for people that want to run Linux on This machine, it runs it perfectly fine, as far as I can tell, every single thing is working, so the brightness controls the volume, the audio internet, the battery meter, everything apart from the fingerprint reader that's. The only thing I haven't tested – because I just have time at the moment so to answer that question there, so is this actually better, I step up over the 2017 model with just the cable ache. Yes, it is, and I feel it's definitely worth going for this. If you can get it for a decent price, of course, you've got quad cores versus two cause. You have the improved cooling, so it's not getting as hot to the touch. So yes show me have improved that Corning. I was a little bit worried. Thinking hang on they've gone from a dual core: they got up to fifty degrees Celsius to the touch just above the keyboard quite hot.

To now add two more cores so quad core thing: a whoa hang on pest it's, gon na overheat, but so far I'm glad that I'm wrong there that it seems to be doing. Well, I mean it gets up to 81 degrees on the CPU, which is starting to get a little hot, but it's still not too bad. Considering the dimensions and the cooling that this has in it and then the GPU gets up to around about 70 to 76 degrees, which is perfectly fine for an MX 150. So that is good. Now the other improvements, the color love it. I love the darker gray. I think it just looks a little bit more professional and I love the fact that it's minimalistic, just like with the other two model, so you don't have any big logos, no backlit, big, huge Xiaomi or me on the back of it, which I feel is a Good move for man not to do that, and the touchpad it's really good great there. Another surprise is the keyboard that it's slightly bitter, actually a step above the one on the previous generation, one or so. Last two years I found those keys, we're good good typing. On it, but this is just a lot more comfortable and I like the feel of them and the actual key caps, better quality ones, so overall good improvements there, so the screen on it to me is actually better than the mean notebook pro's screen.

So there is some things that are better, but really the meaning on Book Pro. Overall, I feel as a much better model, even though it's larger, of course, so some people might not be looking for a 15.6 inch ultra book style with dedicated GPU. So they go for something like this, but of course we've got single channel RAM on here, which is disappointment. They'Ve done that. So I feel it's shown me just marketing team probably saying no limit, it make sure the performance isn't the same as the mean notebook pro. So that means people have to go and buy that model they're more powerful model. So, yes, it is more powerful, but we've got very similar specs now, with the same CPU, the same wireless card, the battery life into that, of course, I'll have to test out on my full review. I'Ll come back to you on that, but these laptops – I do know from the previous ones they charge superfast, which is another really good area in these laptops. So overall it's mean it's, really great I'm, looking forward to doing the full review on this model, and I do feel that yes, they've done quite an improvement on it. I mean I did expect more. I was waiting for them to put like dual coolers on here. Perhaps completely redesign us or something like a Dell XPS 13 just make even slimmer, bezels slimmer it down, make it even lighter, even smaller, but maybe next year, we're going to get there, but so far it's not disappointing and I'm.

Happy that my concern about the cooling doesn't seem to be too much of a problem that the improved cooling is doing its job. But I will fully test that out, because I haven't really done that at the moment. Even though it did the stress tests and running game for a while, I feel that I'm gon na do some gaming for about two or three hours non. Stop on this then check back and see if it is gon na reach 50 again, because it's got up to 45 it's only 5 degrees less. So if you're looking at this model and then the 15 inch model, I say still go for the pro considering the price it's about the same, but if you're looking at the 2017 model of this particular one with the kb lake in at the i5 7200. U then it's definitely worth it if you can go for this model because that increased performance, the look of it, the better keyboard, what I just covered there. So thank you so much for watching this review.