Me me: notebook err, 13.3, 2017 edition. You could call it so this is the one that has an upgraded GPU, which is now the nvidia MX 150, as you can see here now. This has 384 cuda cores and it's running 2 gigabytes of double data rate 5, samsung memory there, so that's dedicated graphs, of course, much faster than you'll find any of the integrated Intel solutions. The CPU is an i5 7200 you and I'm monitoring. At the moment. The temperatures and I will also be using a thermal probe to check out and see just how hot it's going to get so keep an eye on the frame rates that are displayed in the upper left hand corner. So here I'm going to start out with battlefield 4. Now these settings I'm using at the moment I'll show you the settings of each individual game here. This is 720p on the low preset. I think that's fair enough for this GPU now bear in mind that this is not a gaming laptop. Yes, I need to activate Windows. I need to sort that out soon, but I'll get around to that, but first let's have a look at gaming performance. So here we go 45 50 frames per second at the moment, that's not particularly bad, considering at 720p, and I think the ping rate is very good on the server though join so where's 75 degrees on the CPU and 70 on the GPU already don't.

Imagine I'm, going to last long here: Oh tank tank tank tank yeah you've got to kill when I died, but this one is definitely playable, which is good to see just make sure you keep it on the lower settings and this one is rise of the Tomb Raider on the lowest settings again, 720p again and we're scraping 30 frames per second. So when the action gets kind of heavy, I imagine that it will dip down and lag, but it does look like it's going to be playable at least next up I'm going to test out fallout 4 with the resolution again at 720p and on the lowest settings There so let's see how it runs, so this is looking quite good, actually we're heading the vsync limit here of the 60 frames per second, even with a lot being rendered on screen, while it's dropping down a little bit to 55 so I'm. In my power I'm. Here, I'm, just going to jump down here and I can see it's dipping down a little bit 41, but really, I think, you're going to be fine with this game. It'S, not really that demanding. So this one's going to be perfectly playable. You could probably even tweak the settings up a little bit if you wanted some more visual details. Next title is project cars now I'm, going to leave it at the need of screen resolution of 1080p and the recommended settings here and see if it can handle it.

I'Ve got a feeling that it will actually be able to do this. There'S, not the high settings. Of course you can see there but reasonably demanding see how it performs. Okay, so it's under 30 frames per second, not looking too good, actually you're, not looking too bad. 45 seconds. Applause. Sorry, really poor driving from me in a while. Since I played this game, you can see that yeah. This is going to be definitely playable that's. Why now, if you want 60 frames per second just lower the resolution and a few of those sittings run it, it may be 720p again and tweak the settings down, and this one, I think you can get a constant 60 frames per second looking good now. This last title is Grand Theft, Auto 5 I'm, going to go with 1440 x 900 resolution. For some reason, it came up with these settings that I'm pretty much just going to run with these some of these settings. The more demanding ones are toned down a little bit, but you could even tone down the population density and all these other ones. So those are the settings there. Lots of things Ascalon high, so we'll see how it runs. You see at the moment here, we're getting around 53 frames per second 58, not actually doing bad at all. Considering it still looks very good with these settings, so it's jumping the Carnell and check out the performance at high speed notice that the CPU is hitting 80 degrees I've seen it get up to 81.

So I mean it is getting hot, but we'll check the thermals in just a second down to about 40 frames per second there, but this game clearly very playable on this hardware. No problems you're just going to have to tweak those settings there to your own peripheral, personal preference there to get the best performance and visuals on it, but it's looking good. So let's have a look now at elf thermals, because I can hear those fans are on high speed, so maximum temperatures are 81 degrees and yes, we have had thermal throttling, as I would expect on this hardware, so it is getting quite hot. There now also bear in mind too that the settings and the performance you've seen at the moment is all dependent on the drivers, which I don't have the latest drivers on here, so that Nvidia drivers do need to be updated and that in turn, should increase performance. A little bit, maybe just a few percent, or something like that so it's getting up to 81 degrees internally. But what about the chassis, the housing here, wow that's so hot that feels like it is almost going to not burn you, but getting close to it. Let'S have a look now with thermal probes, so just at the top here this is where the exhaust vent is we're up to 48 degrees. That is really hot. 47 there palm rest area is ', which is still quite warm and around 36 here.

So it is definitely heating up now I didn't show you any real, lengthy gameplay there because that's not the idea. The idea is just to quickly show you. The game have a look at the frame rate and have a look at the temperatures here and clearly not showing off my elite gaming skills there, because they but it's in shocking gameplay in that video. I do apologise for that. I just don't really have much time to game any more, so the great news is that, yes, you can play a lot of new titles and demanding games on this hardware, but you're going to have to lower the screen resolution, not on all of the games, but Some of them great to see that project cars can run in 1080p and you can even run Grand Theft Auto 5 900p on some of those settings which are tweaked up below the lowest. So you can game on the side here, but as you've seen, if you're going to gain for extended periods that it's going to get scorching hot, I would use a laptop cooler on this. Definitely if you're going to be gaming for over an hour or so because this thing just cooks itself, it gets very hot. This same problem with the earlier 2016, the first model – so really things have not improved the decimals here, thanks a lot for watching this gaming review and I do have to catch you back with the full review of the Xiaomi me.

Notebook err. 13.3.