Now that I've had and I'm on my fifth battery cycle. In fact, I've got the stats of that v battery cycles, so that's one thing that was missing in my review was the complete stats. It does take a few battery cycles. I feel to get your proper battery life that what you can expect out of a phone, because the first charge only got around six hours of screen on time, and I felt that was quite disappointing for the very large battery that's. In this I mean this is a heavy phone it's about 210 grams, with a very large 5260 million power battery within it. So 9 hours and 35 minutes screen on time here with my typical typical kind of test that I do and that's not continual use by the way here, because I wanted to test the standby battery drain, which isn't brilliant so overnight, you're losing around 7. So I think that me y11 definitely needs a bit of optimization so here these stats here so YouTube was used to light the camera as well was taking some photos. But a Twitter call of duty and Google Play services does seem to hog a little bit more than I expected now. I have cleared out the keishon data and it was a recent patch that came through that did improve performance and some bug fixes, but I've noticed that it's still no wonderful, ShowMe service framework as well as listed in there so there's something going on in the ROM.

In the background that's not leading, it really go into a deep sleep, especially with standby, so there's. The battery Eustace is over the space of 24 hours just over 24 hours and you'll see here that, according to my stats with GC and battery, monitor which I like to use about 5 minutes of phone calls. So I didn't make a lot of calls on this phone. I don't tend to make a lot of calls there and there you go to 24 hours, so that is actually pretty good. However, I think for the size of the battery in here I was actually expecting a lot more. I was expecting this phone to be the new battery champ, basically at least for the size of phone, because that's a huge capacity that's in there but I'm. Finding that other phones were four thousand milliamp hours actually do better. For example, the real me x2 Pro and then I've got my quawi any probes slightly larger battery in that one. But it also comes out to about two days use on these ones, where I think about a day and a half with this or heavy use. You still make it through one day, at least with the Mino pro. Now I did a camera comparison that's in the channel between these phones here that's, why I'm, showing them? Okay, so the x2 Pro versus the me note Pro. I found that the me note 10. Definitely one out there in terms of camera performance, that it is really good, very good, that sensor I'm really looking forward to seeing it in a phone with a more potent chipset, something like a Snapdragon, 855 plus or the hundred eight megapixel sensor.

I feel would be a little bit better, but it went out and every single thing these two, apart from I felt daytime stills, were just a little bit more detailed and on the rear cameras at least getting the color accuracy a little bit better because nitrite mode, I noticed where the neon sign that's meant to be blue, was captured blue on both the Hawaii p30 Pro and the x2 Pro. But the me note: 10: it came out purple, so there are some slight tweaks needed down xiaomi's behalf, but I found also very interesting: do check the channel for those comparisons and there's a dislike of them in the description as well, but this video, the p30 pro Was better at at times by the me note, 10, and that is absolutely fantastic to see how far she armies come they're one of the better phones in terms of photography in the beginning of this year, p30 pro was actually beaten, was some low like thought shots There were, from my point of view, and that to me is just absolutely amazing, and even with the five times optical zoom, a lot of people debating whether that is actually really five times optical. But when you see the results compared to the huawei periscope five times. Optical camera, it actually came out better. The Xiaomi so i'm happening to believe that, maybe yes, it is five times optical. I know it's taking an 8 megapixel photo even though it's a 5 megapixel sensor.

They upscale, i think they apply a little bit of sharpening, but the results as you'll see from that comparison and do surprise and come out a little bit better there. So let's talk about general performance as well. Over those five days, i found this phone to be pretty good. I mean for gaming. You notice that it's definitely no snow during an 855 plus, as here it, the screen is very nice. What I'm seeing is with these curved edges are a lot of accidental touches more than other phones, so with the software I think, shall we need to just up that edge detection. Should I say, anti detection. There did not detect some of the touches. Sometimes the accidental touches using the keyboard as well. I'Ve noticed too that sometimes it can be a little bit difficult that the touch response to me needs to be tweaked I'm, getting a few more typos than normal when typing using this. This is, of course, the G board. This is Google's keyboard, that's on here and run performance overall I'm still seeing a little bit of stutter and lag sometimes just going between things and when you swipe here. This sometimes comes in with a little bit of animation. Stutter now the fingerprint reader it's good, but it's, not the best okay I'm, noticing that sometimes it's a little slow here it seems to be doing well face. Unlocking is working that's, good and the position of that fingerprint reader.

I pointed this out of my full review. As well, that, I think, is actually pretty good. They'Ve moved it up a little bit higher than most benefactors would have it here, but they pushed it up a bit, and you see that was a little slower. Just then, but overall I mean it is good. It'S performing well face unlocking as well now the build of this again. This is something I pointed out in the full review to me, as fear it's, very obvious that it look at this. It looks so similar to the p30 Pro it looks like a huawei phone they've got the branding here of Xiaomi in the same location as Huawei, the buttons on the right and the exact same location, but the build quality of the me note in here. I really do like, I think, it's a step in the right direction, even if they are copying, maybe Huawei they're all copying each other anyway. That seems to be a lot of that going on so for the price that's selling, for I still believe that the 549 euros it's selling for here in Europe. Europe is just way too much for what it is for: okay, the cameras, yeah that's, okay, it's, not a problem, but what is the problem for me. Is the chipset the center again 730 G for that price? I feels just too expensive. It needs to be at least a hundred euro 150 euros cheaper and watch this mark.

My words, the price is definitely going to come down on this one because there's stiff competition from other brands out there, like the real me x2 Pro. A lot of you have been asking for comparisons between these mobiles, which I will do a quick comparison. Video that'll be coming shortly, it's, not exactly a fair comparison, because I know a lot of people going to complain. You can't compare a Snapdragon 855 plus to a 730 G, but there's just so. People know which offers the best here, but I can quickly summarize and say four best cameras. You get this phone definitely better than the x2 Pro, but if you want their performance, a 90 Hertz screen and a cheaper price tag x2 Pro there, but I'll go through in detail with that video there. So, overall, after these five days, I'm gon na be hanging onto this phone for a while, I want to see, show me fix the little bugs fix the starters. Improve their performance, hopefully improve some of the camera lag and we've got a good phone it's. Just the price really does need to come down and I believe they were going to be dropping that price down within a few weeks or month or so they'll have to so. Thank you for watching this video. If you haven't seen my camera comparisons check them.