Look at the new Xiaomi Notes, 10 light. Now this particular model is quite a bit different to the meeting light. I just reviewed. It has a 64 megapixel main camera. It also does have a full HD AMOLED panel in it with n screen fingerprint reader, but there is a difference in terms of chipset and as a result, performance now. It starts the base model with 6 gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabytes of storage. Now there is a bit of confusion. I can see from the comments on which model you should actually buy. So in this review of the me note Tim light here, I also will do a little bit of comparison and at the end, I'll. Let you know, after using both of these phones extensively, on which one I feel is best at what so in our box, you get a user guide, a warranty card, a type C 2 USB cable and our charger. So this charger is 30 watts maximum the charge rate it will take just over an hour the exact time I will give you later on in this video, and then we do have a TPU case as well. It'S a high quality case, it's slightly transparent and it does fit this phone perfectly. So let's take a look at the weight of this. One ended build quality, so it's 208 grams here so heavier. Yes, then the me 10 light and also is thicker. This one is nine point, six millimeters, but it does have an excellent bill.

We have a frame around the outside that is metal, so no plastic frame with this one metal volume up and down buttons as well. I do like the location of them, so I can easily get to that. One with my thumb and the location of the fingerprint reader you can see where it is, is very handy and I've noticed that it does work quite well, not quite as fast as the me 10 lights. However, it's, probably aided by the fact that that particular model does have a faster processor, probably making it a little bit quicker there so down the bottom. We do have some antenna lines. I'Ve got a type c port that does not support video out its USB to spec 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, with excellent quality, microphone and single down with firing loudspeaker with this, then, at the top we have an IR transmitter and a secondary microphone used for calls, and In video for stereo audio and then on, the left well, there's, no buttons there at all, just an antenna line that you can see really good a build quality to this one. So it is a step up over the me turn light and definitely because not just because it's metal, but the finish of it is Wow and just seems almost more like a flagship build that we have with this so the front facing camera. This is 16 megapixels. We don't have a status LED in the air piece with this one, unfortunately, and then the bezels, okay, so top and bottom they are a little bit slimmer than the meeting night light.

Curvature of the screen makes the side. Bales would look a lot slimmer, even though they're actually probably about the same and then, of course, the cameras on the rear. The main camera is probably the main reason you would get this particular model over the meet in light, because it is a 64 megapixel Sony. Imx6 86, as used in flagship phones from Xiaomi like the poco f2 Pro. It does take an excellent photo, as you see later on in the samples, and we do have an 8 megapixel ultra wide 2 megapixel camera for macros and a 5 megapixel camera for our depth. Information and some dual tone LED flashes. There now I'm, someone that does love to have very good displays and all the tech I use – and this is not a bad display at all it's, a good one from Xiaomi that we've got so this one is six point: four seven inches. It is full HD, plus the resolution and it's AMOLED. Maximum brightness does top out to be about 615 to 620 nits of brightness. This is measuring just white by the way, so we do have our anti flicker DC dimming now watch what happens on camera. When I turn this off, you can see it flickers bear in mind. This is just on camera. This is going to happen and at lower brightness settings. If you keep this on, I don't detect any flicker. Normally my eyes at least I don't see the flicker that some others could dark.

Motor calls is there and you can schedule that this is pretty much standard, very deep, blacks, of course, being an AMOLED panel, and what about the edge detection? I find that triggering gestures is good. It'S always nice to have the curved edge for our gestures. Okay, but I personally prefer a flat AMOLED screen because you don't this color shifting, you can see on this alto right edge, see how it's a little bit bluish or a gray intent, and that is normal because of that edge that curvature we have to the glass. Now this is covered with Gorilla Glass – five here as well, which is great and the color scheme. We'Ve got options here for our auto mode and you've got saturation as well. But what is missing, as we do not have with this one, get a sunlight mode, but with that 620 nights of brightness it is still legible in direct sunlight. The gamma checks out to be okay, it's, not bad here and real world images do look good. So all up this is a nice screen and I do believe most people will be very happy with it, but as it as good as the meet in light screen. No, I prefer that screen. I think it's marginally better than this one. So in general, for most people, this phone does have performance. I think that's adequate. Now, if you're into your games, you want the best performance, I would say: go for the meat in light differently, as you'll see now looking just at a few benchmarks.

So this is the last patch that came through just before I started to film this, and all it's done really is just add our security patch level now to April that was much before when I first got it it's now April, and those patches will keep coming Through, of course, from Xiaomi they're, pretty good with fixing things, and they definitely need to, of course have a few updates to come through with the things that I've pointed out in this video. So a charge time here of one hour and 10 minutes to fully charge the battery isn't. Actually too bad it's at 30 was it's, not the quickest I have seen, but overall, that is read ecent for the five thousand two hundred and sixteen million our capacity and very time here. So this one is slightly disappointing. Don'T get me wrong here: 15 hours at a fixed, better life benchmark at 200. Nights of brightness is a good score. This means two days for most people. This phone will run four, but I got almost 16 hours close to 16 hours would than me 10 light, and it has a smaller battery capacity. I think it's down to the screens. I think this AMOLED just isn't quite as efficient as the one that is in the medium light there. So if you want the best better life me 10 light is definitely the way to go now. Gps, a very good signal strengths here: okay, you get a very good average and the 35 s all good walking in town in my car.

It will follow me. It doesn't, lag behind or skip and just jump all over the place. No, no problems with that very good GPS, so, while is speed and not as good again as the better SPECT Snapdragon 7 6 5 g system on a chip that ones Wireless is actually a lot better than this. So the minimum speed here. This is my point. I always measure at which is downstairs quite a way away from my rellis wireless router, sorry it's on five gigahertz band and that's wireless AC, and I have noticed that it should actually for me, be at least over 100 megabits per second, so lagging behind there. A little maximum wireless throughput is 272 megabits per second now on 4G I'm noticing decent speeds I'm, getting up to 20 25 megabits per second dependent on, of course, your carrier there. It does have Alta you ban 20 and also LTE band 28 as well. So all the European bands are all covered for your 4G. This is the end to to version 8 score. This is, I find a score for what it is for this chipset okay, so the Snapdragon 730 G is still very decent in terms of schools there. For these synthetic benchmarks, so this is Geekbench 5 now as well. Just use this for reference check it out with your current phone. If you want to see if this is an increase of performance or the other way around internal storage, so this one is it's still fine.

This is definitely not going to be causing any bottlenecks. Good random reads and writes sequential read is about half of what you get with the u FS 2.1 spec drive we've got in the me 10 lights and we do have camera2 api level 3 support. So if you are into using google camera that's gkm ports they're going to work on this one, no issues and Widevine level 1. So this means Netflix Amazon. Prime video should all be in full HD. No, no Netflix is working well and then you get about 109 gigabytes free with this one and there we go that's, just the firmware version. I had to start with, and we do get this. We get a little bit of bloat ware. That'S pre installed all manufacturers it doing this, and I don't personally like to see this and then putting these apps on, but it's very easy to remove them. You can uninstall them ion's uninstalled about 1.2 gigabytes worth of bloatware, and you get some Amazon and other ones in here. So we'll jump now into our rom performance. So i have noticed that it is pretty good most of the time it is faster, and if i you trigger those recent apps, they will sometimes notice a little bit of lag with the animations just now and then now, if we go back into applications that task Manager can sometimes kill things off pretty quick, it depends, but i've got the 6 gigabytes of ram here and 128 gigabytes of storage and triggering those gestures, as i mentioned with the screen, is quite good.

The screen sensitivity, the touch response is great, and what about palm rejection? Also good now haptics would. The keyboard i have noticed is pretty good it's, not the best. I have felt it's, not as good as say the K 30 pro or the poco. If two pro haptic engine and that's understandable, because that's a flagship and this one, it definitely is not so I have noticed that there is actually this random bug that I'm just going to show you right now that I managed to probably the first time ever capture A bug when recording is it now and then, when I do something very demanding and I just go into the phone or I've, had it locked and it's been in a deep sleep state, and then I go to unlock it. This will happen that for a few seconds, sometimes it's, normally just a split second there'll – be no icons showing at all with me or I live in, and they don't really think flashes back that's. Just the one thing I have noticed, and as mentioned just the occasional a little bit of lag now and then now side by side. Definitely when you put it along here with the me 10 light, they just recently reviewed it in the channel. I have noticed that this one, of course it does feel quite a bit smoother. This is the snapdragon 7 6 5 g versus the 730 g and it's understandable that we do have that performance gap.

Is it a huge gap, a lot of people probably won't, even notice it, but of course, if you're into your games – and you want the best performance out of these 2 models, then that one is the one to go for. So i often comment on the 3.5 mm, an output of Xiaomi's phones and it's no exception here that it is very good i'm glad to see they still have, at least in their mid range and budget phones. The 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and is still focused on delivering very good audio output from those analog Jack's Bluetooth. Audio is good voice, call quality, no problems, I have tested it out and it sounds just fine to me. I haven't had any issues with the earpiece or funny strange noises. It does have active noise cancellation as well. So here is a sample from the single down with firing loudspeaker right here. Ideally, I would have liked to have seen also in the earpiece, a secondary loudspeaker. Just to back it up, but it doesn't actually sound bad it's got good volume, decent meds and even a little bit of bass to it. As you hear from this sample, you want to our gaming performance, so it really depends on the title. You'Re testing out easier games on the GPU, and this particular CPU here, like mobile legends, will run at a very nice framerate on even the high settings, and it does look great. But if you then step it up to a more demanding game like Call of Duty, for example, this one I recommend running on low now on the low setting max frame rate option, it will run at a steady 60 frames per second, and this is excellent.

But as soon as you step it up to say, hi or even medium, you will then see some frame dips, which is to be expected from this chipset and an even more demanding game, which is shadow gun Legends which is possibly also poorly optimized. This one, I recommend to run on low. If you run it on medium, you will see the framerate dip down to below 30 frames per second, so it's all down to what game. You'Re testing out, as for thermals, very good with this particular phone that even after playing for one hour, it is really barely getting warm on the back and the front of the screen, which is great to see now over to our cameras. So this is the main 64 megapixel camera and tapping this over here takes us over to the 8 megapixel ultra wide now, and then, if we tap up the top here, that is two times digital zoom and then 64 megapixel mode portrait mode night mode, and we Have a pro mode as well, so the shadow rate can go all the way up to 30 seconds ISO up to 6400. You can select the lens you want to use, but we don't have a pro video mode or a draw option. So, with the front facing video, we don't have any electronic image stabilization and it is just 1080p maximum. Now the 1080p quality is good, since they really wish it had electronic image stabilization, so this footage was just a little smoother and more usable.

Now, of course, if we did have the EIS, it will be cropped in about here and I'm, holding it out, that's full arm's length right now, so we fit quite a bit in the shot too, with this one, which is one positive, and you see, as I Walk up the stairs that it is going to shake around quite a bit here as a result, video and the main camera, so 4k 30 frames per second maximum, very good electronic image stabilization. They have really improved here with their electronic image. Stabilization show me and I'm just gon na jog down these steps. You can see that really is quite smooth. Now, if you pan around just a little too fast, you can sometimes get a little bit of shutter, so I don't recommend doing that. Just keep it slow! You can also shoot video with the Ultra. Why but it's 1080p max with this one and the quality doesn't look quite as good, but we do have that really good electronic image stabilization. Now, once you start shooting you're unable to swap over to the main camera or back to the ultra wide Music Music Music, alright guys, so it really boils down to two main areas, and that is cameras and performance. So if you want the best camera for the main camera, you go with this one, the ten the note Tim light that is, and a better build quality as well. Now the better performance screen Wireless.

Is this one? So the meeting light is probably the one to go for most people that's the one. I do actually recommend over these two, unless of course, you really must have that bitter main camera sensor, the sixty four megapixel one. Now there is optimization that's needed a little bit with the cameras, they're not quite perfect and the wrong performance as well as faster and better on this one due to the faster chip gaming as well. However, the gaming on this okay gaming performance, if you keep it on the low settings and the demanding games and even the high settings on the list of owning games, is very good. You can get a solid 60 frames per second, but if you put it on to medium or high with some of those newer titles which really demanding you will see a little bit of slowdown, then you will see the occasional frame dip. That'S, why I say: keep it on low now UI performance with that little bug I'm, seeing too popping up it's. Actually, on the last couple of me, Xiaomi phones that I have looked at and I'm sure they're gon na get onto this ASAP just to fix that little glitch where all the icons disappear for normally just a split second, and they come back again and the occasional Little lag here and there to than I am seeing I'm sure they're aware too, and it will be addressed but it's. You know not exactly wonderful to see this and the phone.

I hope the team's not overloaded with so many releases of mobile phones from Xiaomi. So fast charging great battery life as well, two day phone for most people, but it's a little surprising to see that it didn't actually bitter the meat in light. So the meat in light has a smaller battery capacity, that's 4100 in 100, isn't it. This is the five thousand two hundred and sixty. You would expect this one to get more in terms of runtime, but it doesn't, I think, it's down to the AMOLED panels being just a little bit less efficient on this model here. Overall, it is a very solid offering from xiaomin both of these phones. You really can't go wrong. So thank you so much for watching this in depth long. I know but detailed review and I hope I did answer all of your questions. Please check my review of the me ten light here if you're also interested in that model, that is and do like.