Yes, there will be some bezel, but we've now got a slider for those front facing cameras, so that's Xiaomi's way of doing things instead of having a pop up camera, which a lot of people thought they would do. It'S now a slider, so we're gon na check that out in detail we'll take a good look at the phone here. So if you're, unaware of the specs I'll just quickly go over, it's got a Snapdragon 845 and we don't have the 855. Yet my model here is the hundred and twenty eighty gigabyte version with eight gigabytes of RAM. There is one with 10 gigabytes of RAM and 256 gigabytes of storage. Now that's, not expandable, so that's. The real con here with us that you can't put a microSD card on this and it also has no 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. So I picked this one up here from Trading Shenzhen and they do include a type C to USB adapter and also a power plug adapter, so that ones are not actually gon na work for me, because I am down in New Zealand at the moment. So the phone here that feels actually quite a bit heavier than I thought it would, I guess, because of the slider mechanism and things they probably have to beef, that up a little bit and just add a bit more metal. So under here we have a wireless charger in white, as you can see, so the max input rating of this wireless charger is 9 volts, 2 amps and it's a rubber ring around the outside there.

So it's not going to slip off any tables or anything. The top of it is just this nice plastic. We have the type C there input, of course, and then what looks to be a status LED on the front. The charger is Qualcomm quick charge, three specs so 12 volts 1.5 amps max and that's going to take just over 2 hours to fully charge the phone. Then I standard Xiaomi, cable here so that's Type C 2. Usb in the box below the wireless charger. You will find a 3.5 millimeter adapter there to type C and our SIM tray till now. The included case is okay. It'S made out of plastic, it does have a bit of a cheaper feel to it. It'S very lightweight it's, a matte finish that it has on the outside of it, but it's not up to the same standard as the case. We first got with the Mi Mix and even the mi mix 2 case. This one is quite a bit cheaper and not quite as nice so show me, I guess they are cost cutting here or just to reduce the weight. Probably so you can see on the bottom that's the mix three on the top here is my samsung galaxy s. 9 plus and that 17.9, just under 8 millimeters of thickness and it's, almost 9 millimeters thick the mean x3 it's, also noticeably heavier too. As you can see, it comes in at 219 grams, which is getting a little bit heavy, especially when you compare it to my samsung galaxy s, 9 plus, which is a hundred and eighty eight grams.

Take a look at the bottom. So we've got two grills here that make it look like it has dual firing downwards, loudspeakers in effect doesn't it's, like other Xiaomi devices, so the one on the left is where you'll find the microphone inside there and then the grill on the right side. That'S. Our loudspeaker we'll give you a sample of that in this video we've got a type C port there. Now it does support actually Qualcomm quick charge for, but you need to buy a separate charger for that, because the one that I showed you included in the box is only a Qualcomm quick charge. It'S respec now you can see two antenna lines there either side and then look around the edge they around the screen. To me, it feels like it's metal. On the left hand, side you'll, find it I'll. Do nano SIM tray here interesting to note that there is no rubber gasket around this? There is no IP grading on this phone, but I thought they might put a gasket on there as well just to help things out, but no that's missing. Now that little button below it that you can see there that's for shammies ai, so you can directly launch that a little bit like the Bixby assistant that you find on Samsung phones on the rear. We have a ceramic finish, which feels great in hand. It says mix by Xiaomi, a rear, fingerprint reader and then the camera bump, which protrudes an extra millimeter houston scientists bump.

Here you will find a Sony IMX 363 that we've seen another xiaomi phones. It has an aperture of if one point, eight 1.4 micrometer sized pixels, and it does also have for access optical image. Stabilization now, there's secondary sensor as there two times, optical zoom that's, another 12 megapixel sensor and that's used with your portrait photo mode in hand. The ceramic finish on it does feel really good, but it's extremely slippery. As I found out, I placed it on a bed and it proceeded to slide off right in front of me, so you got to be really careful with it. On the right hand, side you will find our volume and power buttons. These are made out of ceramic just like the dedicated AI button and have a good feel to them. They do not rattle around and they're perfectly fine. Now, if we take a look at the top here, there is an ever so slight gap between the slider, the front screen and then the lower half it's very hard to make out. In fact, on my unit, it's – really not a problem, but some people have told me that there is an issue with some units and taking a look at that slider. So you can see a very slim, top bezel there's a little gap at the top there and that's, where the loudspeaker, which is actually below the slider, is going to transmit the sound through it. It does look to have a sensor inside it, so if I slide it up now we get a very satisfying click noise and it does actually feel really good so in hand.

Without the case, the phone feels great with it on it feels just as good. You can see it fits it well covers those buttons, so just powered it up gone straight through the whole setup. I didn't show you that, because there's really no need it's running me away 10, and that is on Android 9. Now what I wanted to show you here is just the settings screen because it's a white plain screen – you can see now the bezels on here, so you can see at the top that we still do have a little bit of a bezel here and looking at It I think, if they put slightly smaller sensors in there, that perhaps they could have actually gone with two front facing cameras either side there to me. I think it could actually be possible, and then we wouldn't of course need that pop up slider. So as soon as you open the slider, you can see it's gone straight over to the camera and when you close that you do get a little tiny beat noise a little confirmation. Now I did have a rather large update out of the box. It was 2.1 gigabytes and you can see that's brought the security patch level up to October now, the first of October, which is not bad and at the time of this video I am on the latest stable firmware. Now, if you're not familiar with me, UI 10, it just looks a little bit different, so the toggles now are starred a little bit different there and you can see we do have a toggle there for dual GPS and just getting out of this, you see when I go back to the home screen here that the icon set they've just tweaked it a little bit.

It looks a little bit more modern. He does have quite an apple look to it. If you ask me, I mean take a look at the settings there now because I am on the Chinese ROM here. So this is not the global ROM. There is no global ROM at the time of my video here that should be coming up later on, but you really should just buy yourself the global version later on to save all the hassle, any problems, things like that, so you get a little bit of bloat Here you've got some bloke. You can see there Microsoft. You could consider that bloat. This you're gon na see a few things like this you're gon na see a little bit of Chinese now because I'm coming from a Samsung device. I often am so used to actually just swiping up all the time to then get my apps and the apps drawer. But this doesn't have an app store, of course, being me UI, this is going to happen. You end up bringing up their own search menu and most of it is going to be in Chinese. Now you can set a English keyboard on here and what I'm trying to do now is just get Google Play install, but I have had a few issues and it seems to be difficult to install because we're now on Android 9 that's causing a few problems. Now now, if you tap this little button here, which is on the left side, that's the AI button, this will bring up the AI and it's only supporting Mandarin Chinese, so that's useless to everyone else.

And I have no idea what it's saying there it's probably saying it. Doesn'T understand me at all: for free storage we've got one hundred and sixteen gigabytes. I remember you cannot expand upon that. So if you need more, you have to get the 256 gigabyte version and for those of you that want to know here the information of the camera sensors, you can see right there there's our sensors, so the main sensor that's that Sony IMX 363 – that I mentioned It'S, a reasonably good sensor, quite a good one actually and in the secondary backup one there is a samsung and the front. Camera is another sony with that two megapixel axillary one being an omni vision sensor now, along the top, you will find a notification LED. You can see it as flashing now, and this unfortunately, is just in white that's. All you get as you can see. I do have Google Play now set up and running on the phone. Now, how I did this was go to a APK mirror or any other website that you can download. Google playstore just grab the latest apk and you may need to make sure that you actually get it for android 9 once that was installed, and then I opened it, it works. So the Google service framework is actually part of the ROM now with MIUI 10. So a lot of people were asking me to show this now ambient display, which is you're always on display that, yes, we do have it here, because we're using a Super AMOLED panel.

This is a Samsung panel and you can schedule it now. It will show the time, notification, icons and other info. They are warning you that it's going to increase your battery usage, of course – and this is normal double tap to wake – is here now that banding you're seeing going down the screen now, that is only on camera. That'S something that I always run into this problem when I record AMOLED or Super AMOLED panels, so the screen has a maximum Lux of close to 600, which is really good, so even outdoors it's, quite visible, it's great now you do have this the contrast and colors Option inside the settings so you're able to set this off the default. So the default is this automatic and you can go to increased contrast. You can actually tweak it yourself, but standard is actually the more correctly it gives you a more neutral white rather than say, a more cool white that it is out of the box. So what about the panel itself I'm? Not really seeing any problems with this panel at all it's an excellent panel Super AMOLED from Samsung, so 23 40 by 1080 is the resolution I am seeing on the top and just around here a little bit but very hard to capture on camera. A tiny bit of what I call shadowing so right on the edge it's a little bit darker than normal. Now they have used rounded corners here, which aren't too round but they're, not perfect.

They are a little bit distracting. I would rather actually have squared off inches there, but when you take a look at real world images, the screen does look very good and personally, I would love to see a 1440p panel on this. Now. This has a 19 by 9 aspect ratio. So it's stretched out it's a little bit longer, but overall, a very decent screen and definitely flagship grade. This is a great screen that Jamie's gone with, but it would be nice now to start to see 1440p screens. That would be just a little bit sharper but overall it's very good, and you can see that the blacks here they are very dark, because this is an AMOLED panel. Now I know a lot of people gon na. Ask me this so I'm going to show you this: the screens. Okay, yes, the Samsung has a 1440p screen. It is a better screen. It does have the curve at the edges that you either like or dislike. Now. This is one thing that I pointed out and ranted on a little bit about the earlier Samsung's that I checked out that had the Super AMOLED panels and I'm sorry AMOLED panels in them and it's the same one here that when you look at it side on With the glass I don't know, it's, because maybe they don't have the glass tinted correctly or it's, just the bonding process that it always looks different from the Samsung's.

At about the same angle, you can see here that the black on the samsung galaxy is known plus, is darker. What you'd expect from a Super AMOLED panel and when you take a look at this panel here and when you put it face on you'll notice. That then, yes, it's, nice and dark, but take a look at the bezel, the black there and then the black on the screen. And then you take a look at the top bezel blackness on my samsung and you'll notice that it's just a lot deeper there. So it's something to do with the process: it's, not a massive issue. Anything like that it's just something I wanted to point out that compared to say a Samsung device with an AMOLED panel on it it's, not quite as good. So here is what that always on display looks like it does move around so it's not going to burn into the screen, but it will not actually show a lot of information or to show you missed calls messages, and that is really about. It is not a lot you can tweak with it. Hopefully, xiaomi will be adding that so on the left of the screen, you can see that's the always on display from samsung that's on the galaxy and note sorry, the galaxy s 9 plus, and it does give us quite a bit more information there. We get better live for, get your facebook alerts and other alerts, and even tells you how many more other notifications you do have there in time hopefully show me we'll, be adding all of that to their always on display as well and now just to run through A couple of things so why vine security level 3? We knew this was going to happen.

It'S most Chinese devices have this problem, so that means Netflix will not run and anything higher and then standard definition treble support that's been since Android 8. However, it doesn't support, seamless, updates again. This is something you always get with Xiaomi now the internal storage. I did benchmark that, as you can see, and those speeds are really quite good, not the highest. I have seen but check out the random reads there of almost a hundred and thirty megabits per second me watts per second sorry that is really good and when it comes to and to to hire the normal score that I see for the snapdragon, 845 and that's, Aided by the fact that we've got the eight gigabytes of RAM here, instead of the six it's just a little bit faster than when it comes to some of those scores, but very good, and you notice that in the UI I just wanted to mention that that Everything has been smooth and fast. I haven't seen that typical UI stutter that I was getting with me away. Nine me away ten seems to have really improved upon that which is good to see because it was frustrating you get a brand new phone with a very fast top end chipset, and you see those stutters that should not be happening, but so far that's not the Case, which is great, and you probably think what about face, unlocking so, yes, it does have it. You need to just swipe up like this and then look at the camera and it unlocks.

The only problem is, of course, you just have to swipe the phone down, but that's, actually not too much of an issue at all and the fingerprint reader on the back well it's, just like any other Xiaomi device here it it unlocks even quicker, very fast and No problems with that you can see that it does pick up fingerprints, look at it at the moment, looking rather messy now, after only four hours of use, we're, just a quick update that all included this video, that the ROM is not a hundred percent bug free Check this out, you can see that should not be there. Take a look, it's not mean to be there at all. So if something's gone really haywire with the UI right there. If I swipe this side, then it'll show up and then it's disappeared. So there's a couple of minor little bugs now on to audio, so I have used the adapter to test out the quality of the audio via type C, of course, and it sounds fine to me. It'S actually really good quality now show me. Doesn'T disappoint I've noticed, but 3.5 mini headphone, jacks and even audio out via the type C port really good. So we only had that single downwards firing speaker. Sadly, they did not manage to actually put dual speakers on this. It would have been nice to have one at the top, as well so I'm, going to test it out now and compare it to my samsung galaxy s, 9, plus and I'll.

Let you know now that it actually has a little bit more, but the Islam Plus wins on volume, but here's a sample of that loudspeaker, which I find to be decent for a single doubt speaker. So when you open the slider, it doesn't actually always default to the front facing camera. It depends on what you were using last that that's what it'll go through to see see. You can see me right there. This is not my usual setup, so I'm, not in Spain them down in New Zealand at the moment, so that's why the quality of this video isn't quite the same, so you've got HDR. Of course you have portrait mode on this. I will give you some camera samples and some video samples of that shortly. I just wanted to show you that the manual camera mode you've got a choice between the wide or the tele lean, so that's, the one that will zoom into time soon and of course we do have your typical settings on this. I got white balance. You got your focus, your shutter rate and then the ISO, which goes all the way up to your standard 3200, that ShowMe doesn't for some reason, tend to go any higher than this, even though the sensor does support it, we also have the new night mode. Now this night mode – this is something I haven't seen on the previous me UI 9. This is something they've just recently brought in so it's, similar to Huawei's night mode, the night shot mode and other manufacturers like oneplus that have brought them with the 60 it's gon na stitch together a lot of images and just try and give you the best night Photos possible – and I will again in this video – give you a sample of that shortly, but before I get onto the camera, samples wanted to show you this right here.

So this is our video settings and there is something new here so image stabilization. That is there that option, but I don't actually think it's working in 4k it's just the optical that's working, not the electronic, but take a look at this. We now have this right here. 60 frames per second 4k. Like other manufacturers, I knew the sensor could do it, so this is the front facing camera now and we've got too many people know this sensor could probably actually do 4k and for some reason we still don't have any electronic image stabilization on the front facing camera, Which is disappointing it's about time that Xiaomi actually added that in after all, there's a lot of manufacturers, Samsung oneplus that are using electronic on the front facing cameras? If you have a shaky hand like me, then the footage tends to be shaky, as you can see. Overall, this front facing camera quality is good it's, not having that big problem that we did see in the past, with Shomi phones with overexposing front facing camera. That was something that was plaguing me ui9. It seems to be a lot better here, it's just a course. The wind noise you're gon na hear that's going to be a problem with any phone, because at the moment it is quite windy. There'S a bit of a storm that's coming in 4k video sample now. So this one's and 30 frames per second, because my videos being shot in 30 frames per second as well, so we'll have to upload a 60 K sample separately for that, so the quality you can see is quite good.

The optical image stabilization is working well on that sony AMX 363 sensor. However, when I walk along here, you can see that to me and I don't believe it's using electronic image stabilization if it is it's only a little bit, because I am seeing some as wobble there a little bit with it now there will be a bit of Wind noise here it's quite windy today, the weather's not exactly amazing we've, had a bit of rain but check this out focus just like the other dual pixel face: detection autofocus cameras over here the focus is really good. No more focus hunting like the earlier show means the other flagships that did not have this focus technology. It is really quite good. So, overall, the video quality for 4k is looking great and let me know in the comments – and you do want to see that 60 frames per second sample and I'll try to upload that or give you a link to it. At least this is now a good sample being shot with open camera that's, a third party application worth the electronic image stabilization enabled, and you can see that it's making absolutely no difference here. We are getting at same level as we did with just the stock out. So it's shaking around Sayle it's not going to use electronic image stabilization with opening camera. The focus sometimes does also seem to be a little bit slower, not quite as good as the stock app.

So I see no reason to use open camera and gaming well with the eight gigabytes of RAM and the Snapdragon 845 it's, as you'd expect. I don't really need to go into a real detail here that it's gon na play all the latest games. This is punchy on the high setting and it runs it super smooth, high frame rate and the highest sitting. I can choose there, so no problems at all running the top and latest games. Now. One thing I have noticed, which isn't too great you get a little bit of play actually that I didn't notice when you're holding it in portrait mode. You don't really notice this at all, but if you happen to hold it right now you see when I move like this, it will actually move a little tiny but there's a little bit of play, that's coming through from each corner there, just a tiny little bit Of Rocking it's about a millimeter now I haven't had enough time on with the phone to give you an exact battery life figure but it's. Looking like around 7 to 8 hours of screen on time now, I've been using it a lot at the moment, I was recording a lot of 4k video taking photos, so very, very heavy use and it's only been on for about two and a half hours at On screen time, and during that I have lost about 40 percent battery life, but it's only the first charge here.

So after I've gone and cycled that battery a few times, I will have an update video with battery life, so keep an eye out for that. So that's the Xiaomi mmx3 and my first impressions overall, very good it's, an excellent device build quality is good it's right up. There I've noticed, as I pointed out, a little bit of play, that when you have the phone in landscape, that, if you do push up against it, there's a little bit of play and a movement in that slider. Now I don't believe it's gon na be a big problem, but I just did want to actually point that out, because when you're holding it in portrait like you would normally have phone using it most of the time like that, you don't notice it there. Now the slider does feel really nice the way it slides up and clicks into place. No issues with that. It does have a good feeling, it's great, to have slider phones and we're working away from the notch, which is great because I'm, not a huge fan of notches and good, to see other solutions like pop up cameras and now the slider here from Xiaomi. So the UI is fast. It feels smooth it's fluid the performance overall was really good. I have noticed a couple of bugs here that when I showed you that it wasn't quite right the UI there is a couple of any little glitches there, but I haven't seen the usual stuttering.

I have tested out full gesture mode and I'm, not seeing that stuttering. That I was getting on me uo9, so hopefully this is fixed for good. Now, the camera very good focus on it, as expected for dual pixel face detection autofocus, so that's working well for K. Video looks good. However, the 60 frames per second video by the way great to have that option. I find the quality that you see a few more compression artifacts and that so hopefully it's just because it needs to be tweaked a little bit more with the software. So there's definitely going to be some bug, fixes improvements coming through here now. The other thing I want to also mention is that we are missing on missing out on dual loudspeakers, so there'll to be that it's got is still good, but compared to other flagships, we're missing out on a couple of things: IP raiding, no microSD card support, no 3.5 millimeter headphone jack I'm, pretty sure you most of you'll be aware of those problems there, but as a package of law, it's really good, very nice screen on this it's bright, you can make it out in direct sunlight and then we've got options of even up To 10 gigabytes of RAM, which is a complete gimmick, you don't need to pay the extra for that because me, oh, I is not actually going to really let you take advantage and who's going to be multitasking really. That is going to be able to fill up and need 10 gigabytes of RAM.

I think that 6 and 8 is going to be perfect for most people, so as we can expand its storage, it's, not expandable, make sure you get the version that suits you best. So if you need over 128 120 gigabytes of storage, free you've got a mess of music collection. Whatever then make sure you get the 256 gigabyte version, all in all it's a good looking phone, the night mode as well with the camera. It definitely does improve things. I'M, not too sure, if it's as good as other manufacturers like Google's a night site, I'll have to get my hands on one of those, of course, to compare that. But I will be back with updates on things like a battery life and how long it takes to wirelessly charge it great to see that that is included in the box and also the main use out of it.