So this is a really good phone, as I mentioned in my review, it's got a few things with the software that are kind of an annoyance but they're all fixable, which is great. So we have a very good display on this, even better than my me9. I believe I think it's better than this one. It looks really really good, and this has a maximum brightness slightly better to 840 Lux now fingerprint reader. I did show you my little pro tip ad. The same thermal index finger that you're gon na use added about three times and you'll, see here, unlocking takes about a second it's, not as fast as the rear, fingerprint readers, which is a little bit unfortunate. But to me this is perfectly acceptable, more streamlined and okay, there's, no red or anything so late at night. Sometimes you do sort of thumb ball around. You put your thumb here and go. Oh hang on. Oh there we go and you finally get it so that's. Just that's a real minor thing to meet it's, not an issue, so the build is really good. I like how this feels in hand. I did with my first impressions at the show me event at Mobile World Conference. I just like it better than the mean. I know I really wish they'd put the same Highway from the me 9 in this phone here and I think a lot of people would go for it because, having the five point, seven nine inch screen versus the the almost six point.

Four, we have, on the mean nine of course, much larger phone it's, just a lot better, now they're couple of things to know that I did point out too, with the earpiece slightly off centered. So if you really value – and you love having them absolutely best call quality, this earpiece is good, but it's definitely not flagship quality with the earpiece there, but I like the way, the rear of it completely flat, and it just feels better, as mentioned probably about three Or four times now that just in hand it's a lot better than the rounded edges of this one, and I just think it looks better, very good, looking phone apart from the camera module sticking out quite a bit as you can see now, this video really is About what you're all after and that is course battery life, so I've done my tests and it's really really good. So I play pub G for about an hour and then shadow game, legend, so very demanding game, but it did set it to 30 frames per second, not 60 60 burns through the batteries so fast, and that was three hours YouTube YouTube was actually on for more Than this, so that only says an hour and 35 minutes CPU use – and here is all my apps – that I use there now note that Google services is in here and Xiaomi network their servers framework there. So the I found that the idle time and battery consumption is a lot better than the global roms.

I always find this with the Chinese roms. They just tend to be way better in terms of battery consumption in use, so we do get a global ROM for this and I flash it. I bet you it won't last this long so screen on time. There we go eight hours, that's, actually really really good. Considering it's a three thousand and seventy million hour battery, so very good, and only thirty minutes, it got itself to fifty two percent, so that is really quick and here's the full charge time so I've just finished up completely charging it. It took an hour and 23 minutes with the supplied, Qualcomm quick charge, 318 watt charger, so really good there. That is just so so quick, faster of course, then. Actually, the me, knowing because of the smaller battery capacity me know, intakes are just under two hours. So this one been about 15 minutes or so quicker there now ROM performance really good, really good. It feels like a flagship phone, even though the antutu scores are only 180000. It does not feel like that at all, very quick and smooth, no full screen. Ui gesture lag finally gone on these latest me, you, a 10.2 updates, which is really good, but there are those annoyances, as I pointed out, with my full review. So there was an update that came through 340 megabytes. It did not fix electronic image. Stabilization and video still all shaky doesn't even work, and we don't see notifications.

So there was a guy in the comments, as there always is a guy in the comments, doesn't even own, the phone, but he knows the fix. He knows how to fix it and it doesn't work, of course. So his suggestion, No thank you for the suggestions as well. It doesn't work. So if you disable the me why optimizations so for that you have to go in and enable developer mode. Now I never review phones in developer mode. I never make any tweaks no custom roms. Why? Because I review phones as they are, as you buy them out of the box, as if your mother bought one. She would not be going into developer options here, so that's, disabled and, unfortunately, it doesn't fix it. Okay, so notifications and not showing this is the way xiaomi wants it. I believe, which I don't agree with, because I am definitely a fan of all the other Android phones that show those notifications here at the top. You can see here for my samsung galaxy s, 9 plus there's a notification. So I know that I have got a text message. I have emails as well, so I can go through one by one dismissing things and not lose track of things so it's very important, but of course here, you're gon na have to swipe down to see everything and see those notifications which is annoyance. So the hardware is definitely there. I would love to see. Show me make a version that has this right here.

So we can have the me your nines Hardware, so it's, never like an 845 855. Sorry in this phone, I think, would sell really well so it's. Just the software side, Xiaomi tied it up, please give us a global ROM, I hope there's a global release of this phone. I would probably actually get it if they can fix the electronic image stabilization if they can fix the notifications, of course, so no LTE band 20 that's, not there. No status LED that's missing as well focus with the camera doesn't have that assisted laser autofocus. So, even though they're very similar camera setups, the main camera is exactly the same: the laser assistance, so the IR transmitter that has on that one, not here so that's, not working. Now I did test out open camera that someone wanted me to check so open camera. No electronic image stabilization doesn't work either with that which is really unfortunate, so just the whole, as mentioned. Thank you so much for watching this follow up.