Shall we did talk briefly on 5g, their plans and they showed us the mix. Three 5g version had some hands on time with it. It feels exactly the same and looks and is exactly the same as the mix. Three. The only thing that's changed is the chipset. Now, with the Snapdragon 855 and, of course, the 5g support, however, I did notice that the slider mechanism seems to have stiffened up a bit. It didn't have as much play as the unit that I reviewed, so they possibly made some changes there. So, moving on now to the me9, I managed to fight it out with everywhere. Now is there to get some hands on time with the phone now there's, not a lot. You can tell by just a quick five minutes with it, but I can tell you that the build is very good the fit and finish it feels light it's. Definitely a premium build that it has. The screen is very nice with a 6.' AMOLED panel. It looked very bright, they've got it set to a hundred percent for the press event and the lighting that it's in there, and also notice that what I test that out a model that has the full screen gestures, enabled I couldn't see and detect. As far as I could tell any micro stutters that has been plaguing the likes of the mix 3 in the mix 2s and even the Ruby note 7 that I tested out, but it seems to be a lot better there.

It did seem quite quick and snappy, but again you can't really tell too much with these quick hands on and if you look also at the cameras on the rear. So this is new 48 megapixel sensor they're, not using the Samsung GM one. This is now the Sony it's, the AMX, 5, 8 6, so it's, not the one from the remote 7. This is a completely different sensor. First time the charm is using it and, of course I need to take some photos get them on my PC. Before I can judge the quality we've got an ultra wide, which is really good. I love having ultra wide lenses and great to see so many manufacturers. Now, swapping over to this and then a two times, one which is 12 megapixels that's the lens at the top there. The phone is running Android 9, of course, worth a me away. 10. The latest build. This is a global version, also had a brief hands on worthy mean 9se, so this is a smaller version with a 5.97 AMOLED screen, and I must say I think I actually like this one better, because it felt a little bit better in hand. The fact that it's a little smaller it's lighter so it has a Snapdragon 712, which is really just a slightly faster Snapdragon, 710 and it'll be interesting to see how performance, but I believe, it'll be good performance, because this basically is like 18 ATP display and then It'S driving here so I don't see it being too much of an issue now the cameras on the rear of it slightly different.

It still retains the 48 megapixel Sony sensor, but now the ultra white is 13 megapixels and then the telephoto lens is 8. The front facing camera that's, 20 megapixels, so they've kept the important cameras to be the same as the the me 9 and then, when it comes to the very life. Of course, it has to be smaller in a smaller phone. It is only three thousand and seventeen million hours so be interesting to see just how much screen on time and if it will make it through a full day, it should definitely make it through. I feel a full day of heavy use. I will be reviewing this one in the channel to keep an eye out for that in about a week or week and a half's time. So there we go. That was my coverage. There not much it's very hard to get actual hands on with these phones, because everyone's battling it out to try and get some time with it, and there were guys that were taking up to 15 minutes just hogging it. I managed to get a little quick look at it. You can't really tell too much from it, but the bow quality does feel very good in hand and it's very similar to the me8, and the screen looks quite similar as well, so there will be no. It 7 because it does have that teardrop design. Now I wish that teardrop was a little bit smaller, but it's not too bad.

The bottom bezel does look very good and the overall finish is great. Now the battery life, of course, I'll, have to get my hands on that or hopefully, in about a week's time. I'Ll have my review and test that just how long that 3300 milliamp hour battery is going to last. I imagine it should be actually ok, but I really wish they just made the device about one millimeter thicker and they could have included then perhaps a four thousand milliamp hour, one which was give us even better battery duration, because I feel that that is really. They should prioritize the battery life a little bit more, but they wanted to keep the device. Obviously a little bit. Slim there same goes for the cameras. I really need to get hold of. It start taking some photos because you can't really tell from here the shadow rates really fast you've got up to okay, 30 frames per second, I need to test out the electronic image stabilization. Well, the microphones finally be a little bit better. I couldn't see any fullscreen just your leg or anything like that, so it looks like they have finally fixed that I, with his latest versions and of course the Snapdragon 855 that's going to help out there, because it is very fast.