We don't really know that it has not been confirmed by Xiaomi at this point, but based on the fact that the 5x turned out to be the A1 it's quite possible. So this mobile here from them has a focus on being slim light with good cameras, it's a mid range er. It has a mid range chipset in here, although the Snapdragon 636 is almost about as fast as this one here, not a big difference. When you look at antutu scores, so it is powered by the Snapdragon. 660 has Adreno 512 GPU. You get 4 gigabytes of RAM or 6. Now my model has the 6 gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabytes of storage. Up to 128. It has a 3030 mini up our batteries so because they've slimmed the body down on this, it is not as large as the redmi note series, so they rid me note for the redmi note 5, that has 4000 an hour battery sizes on there and yes, that Of course, translate into less on screen time I'm gon na mention that here at the start of the video, because I believe a lot of people want to know that information straight away. So with my testing this one here, you can get around 7 hours of on screen time, whereas when I did continual use of the phone on the redmi note 5, I managed to get about 9 hours of on screen time, so there's a big difference there so That translates into real world use on the redmi note 5 at least 2 days for most people.

This one here, I believe, is a two day phone depending on your use. So if you're quite heavy to moderate use, you may have to charge it every night because it's, just not gon na, be able to do a full two days, which is a shame, but the better life is still decent. Considering that battery capacity. So the screen on the front of it it's an IPS panel. It is 2160 by 1080 and that's, two by one aspect: ratio of course it's a bright screen, decent blacks on here, not as dark, of course, as an AMOLED or optical OLED, pan or anything like that, sunlight legibility, as well as okay, not the greatest there. Now it does have good color reproduction, the whites out of the box. The calibration is a little bit cool white, but if you set it to the standard setting, it looks a lot better there and overall it is a nice screen and we've got 2.5 degrass corners. As well so they're smoothed off nice now up the top here. We'Ve got a 20 megapixel camera. Now this can take some of those portrait photos as well here's a sample, so it will stitch in the background reasonably well. But if you have a look around my face, it's not perfect. The rear camera does a better job of that. Now. This camera, like the redmi note 5, tends to overexpose a little bit, but it is much better. I feel than the camera and the redmi note.

5, pro we've also got an LED front facing flash on here. This is 4500 K and up the top and IR transmitter a secondary microphone used for noise cancellation and yes, there's, no 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. On this, there was also no micro SD card support, so that is a deal breaker. I realize for a lot of people and I'm, not too sure why xiaomi is doing this I'm, not agreeing with their design choices here with this model, I feel that most people would be happy with a slightly thicker build, maybe one millimeter, more less ugly, camera bummer. Just sticks out about two millimeters but giving us 1000. When an hour's more of battery a 3.5 millimeter, headphone, jack and micro SD card support, they would have created, then I feel one of the best possible phones around for the price. So this one's priced around 300 us and I feel for what you're getting it is a very decent phone, apart from, of course, those obvious cons here, so the operating system due to this six gigabytes of RAM that's, very smooth, I haven't encountered any bugs multitasking is Great and I won't go into details here with me: why I'm pretty sure most people who are watching this will be familiar with xiaomi's custom UI, so it's their own skin. On top of that, it gives you a lot of settings and a lot of things to tweak and the old days back in the older versions.

I think was me UI 607. I didn't really like it that much but I've grown to like it, and I do like some of the tweaks they have with this operating system. One of them is on screen full screen jest, as I said say if you ever controller, so you just swipe up to go home swipe in home for recent apps swiping from the left of the right is to go back and it works quite well, and one Thing it does save on is those often accidental presses. When I use on screen keyboards with the on screen menu keys, I accidentally tap recent apps or home and when you're in full screen mode. Of course, that does not happen at all, but it is annoying to see that with that bezel down the bottom, the chin, we have that we don't have capacitive menu keys down there. They still have room for it, so really wish that Xiaomi would add them there. Now that loudspeaker down the bottom, it actually sounds not bad, but it's. Just the single speaker there here's a sample of what it sounds like since we're on the topic of sound, also wanted to comment on the call quality good, no problems, good noise cancellation. It does not sound muffled like the meet to s, which is great so but audio quality, even that loudspeaker is better than their flagship me to s, which is good, and that is also bad for the me two years.

I don't know what is going on with that model. I hope there's going to be a fix for that, so call quality. Great wireless reception and cool reception is also good. No problems with the 4G speeds. No problems with wireless speeds either there. So that is all a positive GPS as well works well, and I won't lock onto every single satellite it sees, but it does always stay around 3 to 4 meters of accuracy. So taking a look at those cameras on the rear, so they have hype them up. A little bit now, one thing: that's not available at the time of my review here – is the AI scene, detection mode that should be on here, but the current camera app and the firmware that I am on doesn't have that so it will not automatically detect the Scene, if there's a cat there, it will display a cap like the mimics 2's does so that is missing. But besides that, from these samples that I've been showing you now, you can see it can take a really good photo now compared to the redmi note 5. This camera, i feel, is better it's, just overall, better contrast to get more details in the shadows and even with video as well. It'S got more details. So, if you're interested in seeing which one's better check out my side by side camera comparison with the redmi note 5 and the me 6x here – but here are some video samples now, so you can record in 4k and EIS is enable, but it doesn't tend to Do a very good job or is simply just not working so it's a little bit shaky, but overall the audio quality is really quite good and I do like the video quality.

This is definitely up there with flagship grade, not bad at all. Now it does, of course, lack optical image stabilization. We don't have this, but I will show you a fix to get some really nice, steady, 4k video. So to get that really super smooth, steady pixel like stabilization, you just need to use a program called open camera. An able electronic image stabilization – and this is the result here, so this is handheld I'm, not using a gimbal hold it really still, and it looks amazing, like it's on a tripod. This is really good and look at the stabilization now gon na walk down these steps. Really impressive, and I really do like the video quality you can get out of the me 6x and a very quick low light sample here. You can see that the focus has a little bit more trouble here with these current lighting conditions. So this is video that's. Being shot on the front facing cameras, you get 1080 P maximum, even though it's a 20 megapixel sense, I feel maybe they could have added 1440p, maybe even 4k to this, but it's in ATP that's, alright for a front facing camera. If you're, not too bad quality, you can see when I'm in the shade here is really quite good, not bad. The audio quality, as well as good and low light with the front facing camera as well, it's not doing too bad at all. So when it comes to gaming performance, the snapdragon 616 with the Adreno 512, it runs all the games at 1080p, which this is basically running.

Okay, some games will stretch out to the 2160. Most modern titles will every single game I have tested, which is World of Tanks, shadowfied three pub G it's, all smooth with very playable frame rates. You do see the occasional little stutters here and there, but that even happens with the Adreno 630 and that's. What the Snapdragon 805 system Android thing, optimizations, not that wonderful, but all games ran really well so I'm pleased with the performance with gaming. So, overall, this is a really good phone. I do like it there's a lot of positives on it, but of course those deal break as I mentioned, so the build quality is great. It'S got a really good screen. It'S very fast, it's fluid really good at multitasking. The front facing camera can overexpose a little bit. The audio quality in video is much better than the Memex 2s, for example, and if you want really good for case stabilization, just use open camera, like I showed you with the redmi note 5. So you get really stable footage there. Now the focus is not quite as good on this camera as the Remy Notes 5, because it doesn't have that dual pixel phase detection, autofocus it's just phase detection autofocus. So now and then you will see a tiny little bit of focus hunting, but not like the previous generation of shammies. Now the operating system – ok, Android, 8.1 that's great we're on the latest version. Almost the latest version and their security patches are coming out with us.

They'Re patching it they're working on it, haven't encountered any bugs so it's all looking good for this mobile. Apart from the fact that the camera bump is quite large, that will put off a few people, I feel, but the main thing of course, is no 3.5 min a headphone jack, maybe not so much of a deal breaker for some, but no micro, SD card support. So they really should have put this that on their shell me, and that is really the only thing that puts me off. I still feel the best bang for your buck has to be the redmi note. 5. That is still my favorite, even though this does have better cameras on it. You get the better battery life or get an FM tuner 3.5, and I mean a headphone jack and you also get micro SD card support on the redmi note 5, not to mention it's. A good 70 or 60 US cheaper, so that I feel, is the one to go for, but if you must have better low light, photography then get yourself, of course, the 6x. Thanks a lot for watching this review.