You won't want to miss this. Inside the box. We have the laptop itself, which is protected by foam theres, also various instructions and driver CDs, as well as another box containing the power brick and cable.. The P650RE is a laptop in the Prime series from Metabox, an Australian company that specialise in custom high end laptops.. First well start with the specs of the laptop. These are the specs that I selected when ordering the laptop online. Basically, every component has multiple ways that it can be customized, so you could end up with a completely different laptop, depending on your selection. Weve got an Intel Skylake i7 6700HQ CPU 2.6GHz, which can turbo upto 3.5GHz. This is a quad core processor, featuring 4 cores and 8 total threads. Theres 16GB of DDR4 memory, 2133MHz. For storage. We have a Samsung 850 EVO 250GB m.2 SSD, which runs the operating system and a secondary 500GB HGST Hard disk drive for data storage. For the gamers theres. A Nvidia GeForce GTX 970M, with 3GB of GDDR5 memory. Well have some benchmarks later on.. The display is a 15.6 IPS, 1080p LED backlit display. For network connectivity, have a Gigabit, ethernet port and Intel Dual Band Wireless AC card… All of these specs are placed nicely into a Clevo P650RE6 case. Essentially, Metabox have built this laptop inside the shell offered by Clevo.. The case has a black metallic brushed, aluminium look and the build quality feels quite solid.. It looks pretty great until the fingerprints start to build up, it would have been nicer if the surfaces were a bit more fingerprint resistant.

. The total weight of the laptop, including power. Brick is 2.5kg, which is still quite portable. I havent had any issues transporting it around.. I also like that. Its a good weight for me to easily open the lid with just one hand easily.. The dimensions of of the laptop are 38.5cm in width 27.1cm in depth and 2.5cm in height, so its actually fairly thin for such a powerful laptop.. The 15.6 display in my model features a 1080p IPS panel at 60Hz, but can optionally be upgraded to 4K., The brightness can be adjusted and it looks pretty good. The viewing angles on the screen are actually pretty amazing and I can see details clearly from any sharp angle.. The surface of the screen has a matte finish to it, which I prefer over a glossy screen, as you can more easily see what youre doing, regardless of the lighting situation as theres no reflection. Above the display is an inbuilt 2MP camera capable of 1080p video at 30Fps, however, the quality isnt very great, which seems to be pretty common with inbuilt laptop cameras., The keyboard and touchpad, have been fine, no problems there, but there wasnt anything special that surprised me either.. The keys feel nice to type on and have optional white LED back lighting, theres even room for a full numpad on the right.. The touchpad is quite a good size and features physical left and right click buttons with a fingerprint scanner in between.

. The touchpad also supports multi gesture support, which is awesome as Im used to two finger scrolling from my MacBook Pro. Theres. Also, a good amount of wrist resting space for both hands on either side of the touchpad for typing., Something I came to like after more use were the amount of ports available on the laptop, as it gives me, the ability to do basically anything without carrying around Any sort of adapters. On the left there are 2 mini, displayport, 1.2 ports, 1, USB 3.0 type, A port and 1 HDMI 2.0 port.. Over on the right. We have a range of 3.5mm audio jack options, including SPDIF microphone and headphone jacks. There's, a 6 in 1 card reader, which supports MMC, RSMMC, SD Mini SD, SDHC and SDXC cards. Next, there's, 2, more USB 3.0 type, A ports, an RJ, 45 gigabit, ethernet port and Kensington lock. On the back there's another sneaky USB 3.0 type, A port as well as the AC power input for the included battery brick.. With all that in mind, how is the laptop to actually use Everyday real world performance has been excellent, which is kind of expected, with specs like these., Im running Windows, 10 Professional and have not had any slowness or delay at all. All programs Ive had open at once have performed well with no issues. During normal use. I have not had any heat issues even when idle the fans are noticeably audible, which would help keep things consistently cool.

With an ambient room temperature of 25c. The CPU temperature was only 20c at idle. In terms of more synthetic performance. Ive run some basic benchmarks. To give you an idea on how this laptop with these specs performs., The CPU temperature rose to 50c, while running the PassMark CPU benchmark, which resulted in a score of 8734. In Crystal Disk Mark, the SSD performed around 530MBs sequential reads and 470MBs sequential writes per second, While the spinning rust hard disk drive was only around 100MBs, both read and write, which was sort of expected as I cheaped out, and got the lowest model available just for data storage, so thats fine., I ran the Fire Strike benchmark from 3DMark and got an overall Score of 6606 Ill leave a link to the full results page in the video description.. Throughout the test, I did notice some screen tearing, which is expected without a g sync style display. This model of laptop is upgradeable to a g sync panel. However, Im using this laptop for work primarily and not gaming, so I didnt go with the g sync option.. The included battery is a 4 cell Lithium Ion Polymer battery rated at 60 Watt Hours.. The battery is claimed to last for 325 minutes and with a full charge and just doing web browsing with the screen on half brightness Windows 10, estimated that it would last for 342 minutes. So that seems fairly accurate. While running the benchmarks on battery power.

The estimate reduced to just 45 minutes., Considering the high specs of the machine. I think the battery life is fairly decent and should allow you to get plenty of things done on a full charge, with the exception of lots of hardcore gaming, which shouldnt be surprising in general, with gaming laptops., There are front facing ONKYO speakers which sound pretty decent. As far as inbuilt laptop speakers are concerned., The P650RE comes with a 1 year warranty with optional extensions to 2 or 3 years.. A work colleague of mine, who has an older model from Metabox recently had a hardware fault and needed to contact their support.. They were very helpful and, after some basic over the phone troubleshooting determined that the laptop would need to be sent back to them for further investigation and repair. Metabox even covered the costs of the express postage which was really cool.. The Metabox P650RE laptop offers powerful mobile gaming and could act as a desktop replacement while being portable and quite thin. Considering the specs inside., The P650RE starts at 1789 AUD and basically every component can be upgraded in multiple ways, so the final price will greatly depend on your requirements with the particular customizations I have. The total was around 2200 AUD.. You can check out their website at and customize. Your own high end laptop Ive left a link in the video description for this specific model.. So what did you guys think of the P650RE laptop from Metabox? Considering the specs are better than my somewhat outdated desktop.

I think its pretty awesome that something of this size can be so powerful..