This is the brand new in 2022 hot off. The presses lots of reviews out there if you want to check that out, but this video is going to tell you how to set this thing up from Soup To Nuts now to get started. Youre going to need two things. One youre gon na need the beta Quest Pro right, so go buy it its not cheap its like 1500 bucks. Hopefully they put it on sale for Christmas for Black Friday, and the other thing youre going to need is some kind of mobile device that you can load the The Meta app on right. So thats the app where you have your account and you manage all your games and buy stuff, and that kind of thing well youll need a iPhone or a tablet of some kind. For that, once youve got those two things then youre ready to go now. If you want to see what this looks like as its being unboxed Ive got a video that you can watch up here, so click on that guy, you can check it out, but with that were going to go ahead and jump right in and start the setup. The first thing that youre going to want to do is get this thing on your head, and there are three adjustments that you need to look at to make this thing fit so first theres a spinner right here, a wheel and that moves the forehead pad back And forward Im going to set it to where the the distance is farthest from my face just to start, Ive got a huge head and these things never fit me right.

So Im going to give myself as much space as possible. To now I wear glasses and youre, probably saying why doesnt he have them on well Im not going to set this up to start with with glasses. But you know my glasses likely will not fit well in there again huge head issues, but if you do wear glasses, then pushing the front as far forward as possible is going to be a bonus there. You know the second adjustment is on the back theres another spinner, and this moves this whole back piece forward and back now, some things to think about theres, a cable here. This is supposed to be like this. This is the power cable, because youve got batteries back here. A lot of people say: hey is my cable supposed to hang out like that yeah. Well, this expands Right Moves back and forth, so you need a little bit of slack there. So this this will move this way and then the other adjustment is on the inside and its kind of hard to see this. But the lenses actually slide in and out and thats to set the ipd or the intrapupal distance. You could just take two hands and move those this infinitely adjustable, which is way better than a click. Click click style. So you can get it just right, so lets go ahead and set this up for your head. So if youre, following along with yours, go ahead and grab yours and lets, lets put this thing on and see if we can make it fit um.

Another thing to note is Ive, got the side blinders on, but Im going to take them off, and these just clip on theyre magnetized Im going to take it off for a little bit easier process here. All right and one thing, youll notice is when youve got this on without the blinders theres theres. A lot of you can see stuff right so its not like the Oculus Quest 2, where you dont see anything outside of it. This has augmented reality, meaning that its got cameras and you can see the real world in certain apps and games. So youll youll want to uh to have that. If you want the immersive style, then youll put the blinders on and it really really blocks out a lot of the side light, and there are even third party super blinders that you can buy. That really give you that immersive feel all right. Well, once youve got this on um and its sitting, where you think it needs to sit, were going to go ahead and turn this on and get started, and the power button for the unit is, on your left hand, side on the bottom, so go ahead, and Just hold that down and it should power up for you, while its powering up, you might want to adjust your ipd left and right. A little bit and uh youll youll see the uh, the infinity meta symbol at some point. The symbol will pulse a bit and then disappear.

Youll have a black screen and then youll come up to three dots and then things start happening, um its pretty cool. Okay, now, remember your volume. Controls are, on your right hand, side. So if you put your hand up, you can feel those too. If you use your thumbnail, you can feel the little slot between them. So you know the up and down and the instructions say you can point your head to select and youve got a DOT thats floating around and a button that says continue to the right says: point at that and then hit the volume button. Now you can select your your language now. This is a good time to adjust everything, and if things are blurry, you can move it up and down, and you can move it in and out and get it to just how everything works. The way you want it to Ill choose my language, English Ill point, my head, the dots over English and then I hit the continue button here volume all right. It says please stay seated for setup, find the seat with space, to move your arms before continuing and hey. Look I got armor space highlight continue, go all right turn on the controllers. Now it shows hands, holding controllers and it says, hold down the button on the right controller and the lines on the left controller for two seconds, so its a little bit easier because you can kind of see whats going on in the world.

As you can see, Im trying to stick my head up so got that one that one now you might not know what the buttons are. So you can kind of peek and and see all right. Ive held down the two buttons, and these are just the buttons that are on the farthest, left and farthest right for each controller once they turn on theyll, both Buzz, and it takes me to a Wi Fi screen asking me to select which wi fi I want. So, Im going to find my Wi Fi point at it select. Oh, I guess it wants me to use controllers now. Okay, all right! So its got the left controller on I point at my Wi Fi hold it down. Select clicks connect its asking for my password. All right, it looks like it is connected to my Wi Fi. Now, Im going to select done, go now its asking me to adjust my wheel, fit Ive already done that, and I think you should do that as you go through this and make sure you have have this really comfortable on your head, but it says: adjust left And right to give you the correct fit, I have done that so were going to move on with a continue click adjust the depth will turn the depth wheel if the lenses feel too close or too far away from your face or glasses Ive done that Im Going to continue adjust the lens spacing we talked about that a bit already.

You just use your hands to grab them one on each side and its really easy when its on your head, you just can come in from the side like this and push in or out its really easy to access the lenses in the in the pro model. Once youre happy, there continue all right now for your safety. Uh read the manual and it has a nice little animation ongoing with a lady sitting down and getting away from stuff and looking at the Mania manual. Her child comes up and she throws a child and says get out stay away. Im setting stuff up it says we are using only indoors. Remember sun will damage these, so I dont dont use this in direct sunlight and then its designed for ages 13 up. So not for kids um for your safety. Another acknowledgment of all the safety warnings Im going to acknowledge that and were going to preview whats new. It says, learn more about these exciting features, while your headset prepares for a software update continue all right. This goes through and shows how you can boost your productivity and theres a mobile app for mediquest. Certainly we know we know about that. Well, continue, past, all those things, and now we are uh in the update process. It says updating process put your device on the charging dock. Your headset will play a sound when the update is complete, um and then the next step says to download the metaquest app on your mobile device to log in and continue setup.

So, while if you havent done that already, while your headset is updating, go ahead and grab the metaquest app on your mobile device, once your update is complete, youll hear a tone from your headset, and that means its time to move on well. The next step is to pair the headset with your app. If you dont have the app you can go to the App Store search for metaquest download that and you will want to create a user account and log in. I would recommend using an email address and not using Facebook as that, if something happens to your Facebook youre in a world of hurt, so just do it do it all separate. You can do that now, its not like the old days and once you get logged in itll. Look something like this right and in your headset. At this point, its got a three or rather six digit code that you need to input, but we have to figure out how to actually add that device. So lets go to menu and were going to go to devices and we are searching for our old headset and that exists in this downstairs. It wont be able to find it, but were going to click on this plus button to add a new headset and we are going to add Quest Pro looking for the headset pairing. I want to talk a little bit about the Bluetooth pairing before we move on now.

For me, the pairing, while it looked pretty straightforward in the instructions that I just gave, you was not straightforward at all. For me it was, it was pretty tough and what I mean by that is, I tried it on an iPad and it didnt work at all, and then I swapped to the iPhone 13 and I was able to make it work. But I had to attempt it multiple, multiple times, maybe five or six times, and then what I had to do to make it. Finally, work is when you get to the point where it says: pairing and its sitting there spinning I turned off Bluetooth on the phone and then turned it back on again, and I did that a couple of times and finally, it finished I dont think I was Too hasty, I think I wasnt impatient. I gave it time. I think I gave it enough time, maybe giving it a lot of time. You know 10 minutes or something will will work, but for me it just spun and spun and spun until I started turning on and off Bluetooth on the cell phone and then 5. Finally, it paired. So you might experience something like that. Hopefully yours is straightforward. Just pairs up and youre good to go, but dont be surprised if you need to play with things a little and for me, what got it to work was turning on and off Bluetooth on my cell phone, as I was attempting to pair the headset now that Pairing is complete.

The next screen says this is designed for privacy and has some notes there with a continue button, go ahead and select continue There, and the next screen is share additional data to improve metaquest. I am not sharing anything more than I have to so. I am going to dont share and uh now its time to create a boundary. Uh and a boundary is a safe area around you that the headset will alert you when youre passing through, so that you dont, you know, Punch walls or run into glass Or or whatever Im going to attempt to do this just in a seated position so that I can capture all of this on camera, for you, so Im going to click continue at create a boundary and now were confirming floor level. If you look down, youll youll youll have pass through on, and this is pretty cool. This is where you can see an augmented reality format whats going on, so you can see all of your room around you and then on your floor. You should see purple squares and this is really cool. I mean this is uh. This is this, is, I think, a glimpse of what the future holds. I mean, obviously, today it works okay, but man. The the promise of the future, for this is good. The floor looks good for me. Its at a good spot, um Im going to click, confirm, Define play area now, Im going to dry circle using this hand controller.

As I point at the ground, it lights up little pluses on the ground and Im going to use the trigger to hold and then draw so and sounds like a paint can coming around me all right now, Ive drawn my area Im going to confirm this. They say, move all your furniture out and that kind of stuff for the purposes of the setup video, though Im just going to stay seated here, confirm now um. It will very briefly show you your purple pluses floating in the air around you and then it goes to choose your home experience. Your home experience is your launch pad into the world of metaquest. Youll come back to this place anytime youre, not in the app. You can always update this later. So basically its asking do you want to feel like youre sitting in your room, and you can see your room or do you want to be in a fully immersive fantasy environment Im going to choose mixed reality because thats new Ive experienced the fully immersive on the Quest 2. so lets uh lets, select mixed reality then continue. Okay. As soon as you click mixed reality, you can see your room again like I can see. You know the the camera thats filming me here and my lamp and lights and everything so its kind of cool, um continue and uh device setup is now complete. It says push the Oculus button to finish and let me see oh, I can just do this and see it.