So lets go so right off the bat. You have two versions: youve got the essentials Edition and the assembled Edition. So your Essentials Edition is your bare bones version, so you only get a keyboard without the switches and the keycaps, but you get everything else like the phone, the plates and the battery. So with this version theres a lot of variety because you get to choose between 10 different case colors 12 different backplate colors and two plates theres, also a third plate as well, but well talk about that later. As for the assembled Edition, the contents that you get inside the box is pretty much the same, but your initial options are limited, but you do get some things in return. So, instead of having 10 case color options and 12 backplate options, you actually get only six color options now and the back plate is chosen by default. The assembled Edition does come with switches and, depending on the switch that you get, you get a different plate. So if you get the regular WS switches, youll get a polycarbonate plate and if you get the Ws Swift switches, youll get the aluminum plate and all these switches have a nylon housing, a palm stem and our Factory looped. You also get a set of double shot. Pbt keycaps included inside the box and of course all of this is fully assembled for you, but enough with all that information lets start building. So this is the box that it comes in and just like, the Zoom 65, you get a nice carrying case.

So all the pieces are packed into it. So lets start off with the accessories you get a 7.5 inch braided, coil, cable, screw and stabilizers O rings and dampeners a bronze hex tool case screws, plate, standoffs and Im, not sure what this is. Next, we get a full bag of poron foam, so we have foam to replace the metal weight and Battery slot inside the keyboard foam that goes underneath the PCB plate, foam and PE foam to get your keyboard crack lacking. You also get two extra strips of rubber for the bottom side for the main compartment you get your plate of choice, hot swappable, PCB and finally, the case itself. So this is the zoom tkl in the navy color its got a pretty standard, look to it with some nice design choices such as having a specific portion for the f13 key, a beveled chin, and this keyboard gives you a 5 typing angle, which is pretty nice. The case is made out of aluminum, but instead of anodization its got a nano coating on it, which makes it smooth, but not as smooth as anodized aluminum. It actually has a Teensy amount of grit to it, but it smoothes out as you handle the keyboard. More now, moving to the back side, we have the nicer portion of the keyboard with these three glossy surfaces. This is the gradient navy, color and lets hear that ASMR peel, real, quick. These pieces are really glossy and reflective and make the keyboard look really premium.

You also have these two LED diffusers on the left and right of the keyboard for ambient lighting and youve got the USBC Port settled in the middle of the two pieces. Now lets open up the keyboard, and one thing I really like is that half the screws are hidden by the rubber strip on the bottom here, which is conveniently attached using the screw holes instead of the typical messy adhesive. The keyboard should come with black strips, but you can also replace them with the aforementioned white ones, with the top stripping and adhesive and the bottom one being easily detachable. Once the keyboard is open, theres more, you can actually replace the back plate and its accessible through the four screws on top and the middle screws recessed in the metal weight without having to unscrew it once you unscrew them all, you can just easily pop them out With the screwdriver, the pieces have two layers to them, so its not just a glossy plate and is quite durable, and if you want to get really fancy, you can even get the mirror gloss version which looks absolutely insane and increases the premium look of the board. Now onto the actual building of this keyboard, one thing thats different is that you place the battery inside first, which is included in the Box. As for battery life, this keyboard comes with a 2250 milliamp hour battery, which isnt too big in the grand scheme of things.

But considering that the fact that this keyboard is not full of RGB LEDs and only has LEDs on the sides, its not too bad. And in a wireless setting, this keyboard is actually rated to go on for three months. If you turn off all the LEDs with this battery, so thats not too bad. Now, if you dont want to Go Wireless, you can actually replace these empty spots with the poron foam, provided that we talked about before and you can even completely remove the metal plates if you want to make the keyboard lighter, but thats enough for the case. Lets move to the PCB, as you can see, this is a bare south facing hot swappable, PCB with 5 Pin compatibility with no RGB, except for the function key and the sides for ambient lighting. You can also see theres flexibility for a stepped caps, lock double switch spots for the left shift, right shift, backspace key and even a split spacebar configuration and the next step will be putting on the PE foam for that classic marble noise, the PE foam comes standard With stabilizer dampeners, but if you dont use the PE foam, you can put in the stabilizer dampener adhesives. Instead next were going to be lubing the stabilizers. These are screw and stabs and the stamps are flat footed. So we dont need to do any clipping here and, as usual, well be using crytoks 205 grade 0 to get that smooth non rattle action Ill only be needing 4 sets of these because Im doing the double right shift key.

So when I was lubing these stabilizers, I didnt realize they were different from others until I was putting in the bar instead of the clamp being at the top, its actually at the bottom, and I definitely had some trouble putting them in even though they function exactly The same as a regular stabilizer and after assembling all the stabilizers, I put them on top of the PE foam, so I could get that dampening. Although I dont really like the sound, it makes then tighten them into the board with the O rings, provided also, if youre wondering what screwdriver Im using its the Hodo Precision screwdriver its wireless charges through USBC, and you can get 10 off with my code romsical and Its actually a great kit that I use for everything now anyways after a quick rattle test with all the stabs. We are ready to move on to putting in the plate foam. You also have the option of putting standoffs for your plates. Each plate comes with a bag of these standoffs and screws, but for me for polycarbonate builds, I tend to not use any of these standoffs as for plate options. I mentioned this before theres two plus ones, so the two is a polycarbonate plate which is nice and flexible and aluminum, which is nice and light and sturdy. So these are the two official plates that you can choose from for this keyboard and the third option is actually fr4. They sent this over to me and Im, not too sure if its going to be part of the official lineup of the plates that you can choose from, but Im going to add it into the sound test anyways and for this particular build Im going to be Going for the polycarbonate build, because I want a lot of foam into it, because its recommended that if you use the polycarbonate plates youre going to put in all the poron dampeners.

But if you use the aluminum plates you dont use any dampeners at all. So lets see how those two configurations go: theres, also a bag of supercritical foam sleeves that act as a gasket mount for this keyboard. But if you dont like a lot of flex, you can definitely leave this out, but theyre, nice and Squishy and go over the protruding portions of the plate that rest in between the top and bottom case and all the plates are compatible with the supercritical foam. So you can use it regardless of the recommendations. This next part is by far the most difficult, because you have to put in the PCB foam line. It up then connect the battery and the jsd connector to the PCB, then lay it all down and make sure that nothing is overlapping each other and that things are still aligned and after that, its smooth sailings because were just putting in the switches and the switches. We are using here are the Glorious link switches, which Ive made a review on so check that out. These switches are especially nice if you Lube them properly, so using the unloop versions and looping them with crytoks 205 grade 0, for example. It sounds really nice and, after all, the switches are in were ready to close up the keyboard. Its looking pretty clean so far, and the last thing we need to do is put in some keycaps and the keycaps are going to best fit.

This keyboard. Are the gmk dots too? The design is simple: its clean and the base color matches the navy color perfectly. As you all know, Im a touch typist. So I dont need to look at the keycaps to know which keys Im pressing and the gmk dots 2. Is the ultimate Flex for anyone who is a touch typist and there you have it the completed build of the zoom tkl with glorious link, switches and gmk. Dots too. So now lets listen to the sound test and just like the gmmk pro Im going to be doing a Super Sound test compilation featuring these three plates right here with a bunch of different switches. So you guys can hear what each switch sounds like on each different material and see which one sounds best for you. If you plan on buying this keyboard, this video is going to take a lot of time, a lot of effort. So please, like it when its up its going to be released up here or just check my channel out its gon na, be pretty damn long and, of course, as always its going to consist of 100 accuracy typing tests. One thing thats nice, is that the ambient lighting isnt just on the underside, but its also visible through the top and theres quite a few different effects, with the option to change colors through shortcuts. As for Bluetooth, connectivity, the same format applies for function and z, x and C can be connected to three separate devices.

While function n gives you n key rollover and with via compatibility, remapping, changing lighting effects and creating macros is super simple and it gets updated instantly. So you cannot ask for more in terms of freedom of customization in a keyboard and thats just great, as for pricing, theres. Actually, a lot of information, so lets start off with the essentials Edition. The essentials Edition has a base price of 179 US Dollars and is by group, buy only, and this group by is going to be going from November 15th to November 29th, and the estimated delivery is supposedly January 2023 but lets just say, 2023 q1 to be safe. As for the assembled version, its going to be launching on Kickstarter from mid november to mid December, so its just going to be for one month and the price I think is going to depend on the switch that you choose. So if you get the regular WS switch its going to cost you 199 US Dollars during the kickstarter and 229 US Dollars after the kickstarter. But if you choose the Ws Swift switch, which is slightly better due to having shorter travel distances, its going to cost. You 205 US Dollars during the kickstarter and 235 US Dollars after the kickstarter. So if you plan on getting the assembled version, I would definitely suggest getting it during the kickstarter, so you can save those 30 dollars overall. This is definitely one of the more flexible keyboards that Ive built so far in terms of choosing your case color your backlit color and plates its definitely nice to have a lot of variety just to make things a little more unique to yourself.

Youve got Wireless connectivity, easy remapping with via, and the tkl is a very versatile form factor. I also just love the fact that the supercritical foam can just be removed, so your keyboard doesnt have to be a gasket Mount keyboard. If you dont want to giving yourself more variety in finding the typing sound that fits you the best, because thats always encouraged when, when it comes to buying a high end keyboard, and this keyboard definitely does the job links to the group by and the kickstarter will Be in the description down below once they have launched, but let me know your thoughts and comments about the zoom tkl. Do you think its worth? It is the quality good enough.