This is emmy chicken from team pandori. Today, weve got another box. Lets smash it open boom. We have another mini pc by the company meal meal are concentrating on fanless, pc designs lets hope this one can fill my stomach. This has the intel j4125 abcdefg in it aiming at the budget market. Lets see how it holds up to the competition. First thing we see is a manual as im in japan ill get the japanese version, its a quick start guide, showing you what the ports do and how to install an m2 ssd drive at the size of a calculator, its slightly heavy two stickers on the top Easy to remove this warning label just says this can get hot its fanless, so thats to be expected. Three usb threes on this side, one usb 3 micro, sd, 3.5 audio 2 hdmi ports and a tiny switch usb c for power. Only at the end, one gigabit network port kenzington on the back two holes for a mounting plate which can be found in the box yeah power, adapter, usb c 2 amp 12 volt at 24 watts ill be using the us style, plug and screws for the mounts. Music, nothing else for todays size comparison. We will use a playstation, 3 pad im sure youve used one of these before it looks a bit like this doctor who, in the jungle with the specs weve, seen a few systems with the same chip this year.

This one differs from the rest by being rather small, good connectivity, fanless and also having an extra m.2. We can add an nvidia 1060 if we needed to exterminate. We could place the unit next to the monitor and it looks quite smart. If we have vaser mount holes, we could hook it to the back of the monitor tidy when you first boot youll, be asked a few questions, select your hand baggage and then refuse skynet. This will keep you safer in the years to come. Weve got windows 10, pro updated to 20 h2 running on 8 gigabytes. Ddr4 single channel well use midnight as always to download our free applications and then go shopping on the aliexpress. Oh, that was good. Oh man, full of pinac libreoffice works, just fine get your kids doing the homework or, if you want to do some accounting in something like excel or youtube in 4k, this is hooked up to the ethernet network. If youre multitasking, while streaming 4k, it will slow down. You could also use this pc to run netflix and yeah. I might watch this tonight sounds great few benchmarks. The scores sit where it should for this chipset great news, crystal disc mark with shizuku, with no malware to report. We had no issues with the bluetooth use. This 8 bit dough controller. It worked fine in both windows and batocera. Well, do some game testing now on steam. First, one among us, full 60fps at 1080p.

Streets of rage 4 runs at an average 37 frames per second at 1080p. Now for the super modern 3d games, heres quake were looking around 40 to 50 frames per second thats at 1080p and there seems to be a slight bit of controller delay, but that may be the game itself. At 720p team fortress 2 gets around 30 to 40 fps average. The onboard gpu becomes a bottleneck for the system. A better way to play more demanding games on this pc is to stream it through the network from a gaming pc. Here we have tekken 7 and king of fighters 14 with next to zero control of latency. Just make sure you use cat6 or cat7 ethernet cable. For this now to some emulation, heres psp outrun, 2006 1080p little settings on high were getting 60 fps with some dips to around 55.. If we put it to 3 times, resolution well get 100 all the way through Music same for tekken 6.. Three times resolution perfect dreamcast, dead or alive too runs great after stressing the machine with all the games. Here are the temperatures and as expected, it is a little higher than active cooling. The bios is fairly comprehensive lots of options here to choose from and from here we can choose to boot from a usb hard drive. I installed battersera to a usb hard disk. Well, select that here and off we go to retro gaming. Heaven can be seen as a front end to all of your games, and today we will plug the pandori magazine its totally free and links it down below from amy chicken and dave perrys list speed, ball, 2 commodore amiga Applause, another one from dave, perrys list ridge, Racer Music, or perhaps he meant this rich racer ridge racers to the psp.

This is on 1080p skip frame with the checkpoint right ahead. Applause well, move now to the playstation 2, with king of fighters; 98 Applause, king of fighters, maximum impact, this machine struggles with 3d games for the playstation 2. Music heres, a game from matts list marvel vs snk, no marvel capcom 2, yes, Music! He should have chose the king of fighters game. This is king of fighters: 11, a thomas wave Music from the jojos list, mario kart 8, and the super nintendo runs perfectly Music, better mario kart, 64. Music, mario kart double dash for the gamecube, very surprised at the performance here, pretty much 60fps Music. Now, for the worst, mario kart, we indeed we we hold your weave for a wee yeah. That was a thing. Look it up Music, the game you should be playing on the wii. Is this one rhythm, tengoku rhythm, heaven fever, which runs great Music from retro game corpses, lists Music. I still love the vanilla doom a lot, but claustrophobia 1024 is probably my favorite model. This one will put you in very small maps that are super cramped and just full of me. I love it in robsons, meg 48s list out run Music. This game runs flawlessly on main. Then, if you configure them, you can use a wheel. Controller Applause lets open this bugger, so theres four screws at each corner, camera count, camera stand, camera camera stand, Music opens up fairly, easily looks extremely clean.

The box in the middle will be the e e m6c, and over here weve got the cmos battery. The little box over here is for the wi fi. Everything else is underneath Music. There are a few additional screws to make sure its tight and the cpu can expel the heat out of the case at the very top. Weve got the m2 slot. We can use that for the e gpu if we wish, or an additional ssd two boxes, underneath that will be the memory and then this large green thing with gunk on it thatll be the cpu id like to see a bit more gunk on that now to The pros and cons, silent, small, stylish and with decent connectivity options on the flip side a little expensive and the case does get hot. Maybe it needs more goo, wiley peruse a bucket of lobsters who is this for its a decent family? Pc windows is responsive and, if you had this under your tv, itd be a great little box to accompany it. You could stream aaa titles from your gaming, pc and youd be good. If you wanted to attach a fast graphics card to this, you could via egpu but itd cost you. In conclusion, we actually like this product as its stylish. You do pay a little bit extra, but apple users have been doing this for years before we leave. I want to thank all our patrons. Thank you for sticking around the new pandori is on its way its been written as we speak anyway.

If you enjoyed this video, please hit like subscribe and ill catch you in the box bye. So what do i think of the j4125 chip? Well, i think its probably the best chip that you can get in a sub 200 mini pc.