In this video i will discuss the latest mobile phone from the mesu brand, namely the mission 18 series and before we start, as usual, click the like and subscribe button, so that i will be more excited about making the next videos. Then there is this small folding table product. This is very modern and practical. The design is very elegant can be taken anywhere and the product i discussed in the xiaomi mi 11 ultra cell phone review yesterday, and because the table that i bought at sophie has arrived, i am reading again this table function as laptop tablet. Cellphone table for this nice youtube for video editing. It is very smooth and comfortable besides that there is also a slot or tape holder places with many colors to chose from portraying to adults. If you are interested in this, i have prepared the link in description. Just click in the sporting table is full test and ecommerce online shop segas Music. Hopefully this will be useful. Okay, let’s just discuss the latest cell phone from the maze brain, namely the misuse 6018 and meso18 pro check it out this one brand. The old mesu is now to be heard now, making new breakthroughs for their flagship cellphone and have announced their latest cell phone in china on february 25, 2021, and the plan will be released on march 4, 2021 in china as well and for reporter from gsm arena. Therefore, both misuse 18 and meisu 18 pro mobile phone usb qualcomm snapdragon 888 chipset, which runs on a five millimeter fabrication, which is combined with technology, ram, lpddr5, six gigabyte, 8 gigabyte and 12 gigabyte and internal streak with ufs 3.

1 technology, with a capacity of 128 gigabyte And 256 gigabytes with another call: 2.8 4 gigahertz processor and adreno 1660 as the gpu, an operating system using android 11 with flying os9 as the interface on the screen. The missile 18 is a screen type super amoled, a4 corporate or coveted on the left and right with a size, 6.2 inch with a replacement up up to 120hz and xdr 10 place, and the screen brightness reaches 1 300 nits beautiful xd resolution plus 3200 by 1. 140 pixel with an xb ratio 10′ and the screen is protected by corning glass, 6. Music. While for the screen of the mission 18 pro, it is the same as the miss. U 18 only different in screen size with a bigger in size, 6.7 inches and both of the cell phone units both have selfie camera, with a punch soul, shape which is located in the top center for the myisu 18. The selfie camera resolution is 20 megapixel wide lens using the samsung 3g2 sensors. As for the mission 18 pro the selfie camera use, the samsung g k1 sensor will have resolution, namely 44 megapixel white lens on the back. Mesu 18 has a triple camera with the main camera using a sony, emx 682 sensor, six sixty eight megapixel resolution, white lens and ultra hdmi ois feature. The second camera is a samsung s5k 3p 9sx sensor with an operation of 16 megapixel weight angel lens with a 122 degree angel, tailed camera eight megapixel resolution teleporter lens three time: optical zoom, omnification, ovo, h1a, 100 micro Music, with video recording reaching 4k at 60 frames Per second – and there is a gyro eyes feature for stability when recording video.

As for the musee 18 pro on the bay camera is a quad camera. The resolution is higher, namely 50 megapixel wide lens and uses the samsung gny sensor, and there is an ultra hdmi ois feature. The second camera uses sony max 616 sensor with a resolution of 62 megapixel with engines lens 150 degrees. Their chilled camera is a 8 megapixel tripod lens three times: optical zoom, omnipresent of ao 810 and the fourth camera 0.3 megapixel tof, tough, 3d depth lens. We lag video recording reaching 8k at 30 frames per second, and there is a gear eyes feature for stability when recording video for mission 18 mobile phone size, the length and width are shown on the screen, with a thickness of 8.2 millimeter and weighing 162 grams for The maze for the size of the meizu 18 bro cellphone the length and width as single screen with a thickness of 18.1 millimeter and weighs 189 grams. The meizu 18 square feet with a 4 000 milliamp per hour. Capacity b, tray with a 56 watts faster gain for 100 checking. It only takes 15 minutes and there is a power. Query 3.0 and quick chair three players: the meizu 18 pro, on the other hand, is equipped with a four thousand five hundred million per hour kbcd3 with a 44 web face charging for 100 percent. The trade sharing it only takes 50 minutes and there’s a power level. 3.0 and features for press feature for color choice: meizu 18.

There are three variants, namely light blue white and aurora. As for the mizu 18 pro, there are also three color choices, namely snow, streamer, galactic, realm, grey and fast sky, blue for the features of the two mobile units among them, namely dual zero speaker with two times. One thousand two hundred sixteen super linear speakers: the network s5g dual band: y3, 6a, bluetooth, 5.2, nfg, 9 fuel communication. The usb data cable is type c 2.0 to open the screen, use the optical fingerprint system on the cell phone screen. Under his face unlocked the sim uses a dual sim type active nano scene without additional external memory for the price of the mission 18 mobile phone. There are three variants, namely the first korean with a 8 gigabyte ram, 128 gigabytes rate in china, the price 4’99 yuan, or the quaker falling of 9 million 200 thousand rupiah indonesia. This second version, with a gigabyte ram 256 gigabytes rake in china, is price 469991 or the equivalent of 10 million 400 thousand rupiah in indonesia. The chirparian, with 12 gigabyte ram 256 gigabyte streak in china is price 4900 Music phone. There are three variants, namely the first variant with the 8 gigabyte ram 128 gigabytes rake in china at the price 499991 or the equivalent of 11 million thousand rupiah in indonesia. The second variant, with 8 gigabyte, ram 256 gigabytes rate in china is price Music, 5499 yuan or for the echo falling of 12 million 100 000 rupiah in indonesia.

The jet variant with 12 gigabyte, ram 256 gigabytes rate in china is price 5991 or the equivalent of 13 million hundred thousand rupiah in indonesia. If there is information about the mizu 18 series mobile phone, when will it be released globally, including to indonesia, i will make a video update, okay, getting mania. I think that now for a review from the about the mobile phone from the michelin, namely the miss you 18 series – hopefully it useful. Finally, thank you for watching this video and don’t forget to click the like and subscribe button, so that i can be even more excited, see you in the next video. Thank you.