Could this thing even handle 4K footage its just flying the big thumbs to her next level, its a beast? They just changed the game, hello and welcome to Apple park. Today we have some exciting announcements to share for the Mac, as you just saw, our users have never been more excited about the Mac, which has been revolutionized by Apple silicon, with huge increases in performance and battery life. Along with stunning new designs. The transformation has been profound and combined with the power and ease of Mac OS. The user experience is unrivaled. Weve already started the next generation of Apple silicon for the Mac, with the M2 Chip, which has been a huge boost for the 13 inch MacBook Pro and the all new MacBook Air, and today were going to bring M2 to the Mac Mini as well. Here it is Music, this is the new Mac Mini with M2, its even more powerful and capable, and it delivers even more value. Now heres Aaron, to tell you more Music Mac Mini, is the most affordable way to experience the Mac and with M1, our users have been blown away by the astonishing performance that delivers in such a compact design, paired with the studio, display and Magic accessories. The mini becomes a Mighty Mac desktop setup and they also love its versatility with its compact design and phenomenal capabilities. Its used in so many places in so many different ways from the home office to the studio to build farms and data centers.

In fact, Mac Mini has never been more popular today were taking the amazing mini experience even further, with M2 M2 features, a faster Next Generation, CPU and GPU, much higher memory bandwidth and a more powerful media engine for blazing performance. So youll fly through everyday tasks between your favorite apps and be super productive and Mac Mini with M2 Powers through even more demanding workflows, workflows like image. Editing in Photoshop are up to 50 faster than M1, with prores acceleration coming to the mini video editing. In Final Cut, Pro is over twice as fast, and the new Mac Mini is also great for gaming running demanding titles like no mans sky at even faster frame rates. With this supercharged performance, the new mini with M2 runs laps around the competition. In fact, its up to five times faster than the best selling Windows desktop with all this performance, theres, no better value than Mac Mini. Next, we have more exciting news to tell you all about it. Heres Tim M2 brings even more performance and capabilities to our most popular systems. It advances every aspect of the chip, while continuing a Relentless focus on power, efficient performance now its time to debut the next chip in the M2 family introducing M2 Pro M2 Pro cranks up. The performance of our Pro systems yet again to create our next Generation Pro silicon. We started with the supercharged building blocks of M2 and scaled up its architecture to deliver the powerful M2 Pro built using the second generation 5 nanometer process.

M2. Pro packs 40 billion transistors into a chip, the size of your fingertip and its unified memory architecture, a Hallmark of Apple silicon, allows the entire chip to share its high capacity high bandwidth memory system for incredibly fast and efficient access to data M2. Pro delivers 200 gigabytes per second of memory, bandwidth twice what M2 delivers and supports up to 32 gigabytes of memory. It features a Next Generation, 12 core CPU with eight high performance cores and four high efficiency cores for up to 20 greater performance over M1 Pro. It also has a Next Generation GPU, with up to 19 cores, delivering up to 30 percent or graphics performance and the neural engine is getting a big boost, speeding up machine learning tasks like video and image processing by 40 percent. Finally, the powerful media engine of M2. Pro rips, through the most popular video codecs, dramatically accelerating pro video workflows, while using very little power, so thats M2 Pro featuring a faster CPU and GPU our next Generation neural engine and our industry leading media engine. It scales up the M2 architecture for incredibly powerful Pro performance and the first product to get this new chip is one you might not expect back to Aaron thats right today were introducing Mac Mini with M2 Pro with M2 Pro. Many users can now run high performance. Workflows that you wouldnt think were possible in such a compact design, its up to 14 times faster than the fastest Intel based Mac Mini, so Pros can do things previously.

Unheard of on many musicians can produce music with incredibly powerful plugins and effects without missing a Beat photographers can adjust huge megapixel images in an instant creators can work seamlessly in multicam with multiple camera formats, including prores. Video and Gamers can play titles like Resident, Evil Village. In console quality, in fact, gaming performance is up to a whopping 15 times faster than the fastest Intel based Mac Mini its phenomenal, so thats, the new Mac Mini with M2 and M2 Pro with much faster performance and incredible connectivity. Theres never been a better time to experience Mac Mini. We gave the new Mac Mini to a team of creatives to see what they can do with it. So before I hand it back to John lets, see them in action. This is kids of immigrants. Lets put this thing to work so for us, its really been building a community in tandem with building a brand bro. You got so many windows open real Magic, Music, Music, foreign Music. A little bit this way Danny with the dance moves and who mag mini Im about to go crazy with this were super excited about the new Mac Mini next lets talk MacBook Pro MacBook Pro with apple silicon has been a game. Changer users have been Amazed by its powerful performance and capabilities. They never thought possible on a laptop Pros. Can work on projects that were previously only imaginable on a desktop creatives are stunned by its outrageous battery life, enabling them to work wherever inspiration strikes, theyre also thrilled with its xdr display its incredibly High brightness amazing contrast ratio Vivid, colors and outstanding viewing angle make it The best display ever in a laptop and users rely on its extensive array of connectivity from Thunderbolt to magsafe, and they love the powerful features of Mac OS.

Quite simply, MacBook Pro is the worlds best Pro laptop and today were excited to also bring M2 Pro to MacBook Pro Music and heres Laura. To tell you all about it, whether youre, an artist scientist or developer MacBook Pro, is the go to laptop loved by pros and today were giving them more to love with even greater performance and longer battery life. M2. Pro delivers phenomenal performance for Pro workflows. For instance, complex animations, with dozens of layers in motion render 20 faster than before and 80 faster than the fastest Intel based MacBook Pro. Compiling huge projects with millions of lines of code and xcode is nearly 25 percent faster than the previous generation and two and a half times faster than the fastest Intel based MacBook Pro saving developers hours every week and image processing in Photoshop is more than 40 percent. Faster than the previous generation and 80 percent faster than the fastest Intel based MacBook Pro for users, pushing workflows to the extreme, we have more exciting news back to Tim, to tell you more Music today were adding a third chip to the M2 family introducing M2 Max M2 Max combines the incredible CPU performance of M2 Pro with an even more powerful GPU and with the Amazing Power efficiency of Apple silicon. It brings unbelievable performance and extraordinary battery life to our Pro systems. M2 Max has 67 billion transistors thats 10 billion more transistors than M1 Max and over three times the transistors in M2, M2 Max starts with a high performance on chip fabric with twice the memory interface of M2 Pro.

This gives M2 Max 400 gigabytes per second of unified memory. Bandwidth and its custom package now supports up to 96 gigabytes of capacity 50, more than M1 Max, just like M2. Pro M2 Max has a Next Generation 12 core CPU, which delivers up to 20 greater performance over M1 Max and M2 Max has a much larger GPU with up to 38 cores, combined with a larger cache. It delivers up to 30 percent greater performance. It also has our latest neural engine and a powerful media Engine with twice the prores support to dramatically accelerate media, playback and transcoding, so thats M2 Max a highly capable CPU and a monster GPU support for massive amounts of unified memory, our most advanced media engine and Industry leading performance per watt, its the worlds most powerful and efficient chip for a Pro laptop now, Dr Laura Music, M2 Max takes the incredible performance of MacBook Pro. Even further. Colorist can grade 8K video anywhere with DaVinci Resolve up to 30 percent faster than the previous generation with M1 Max and two times faster than the fastest Intel based MacBook. Pro artists can have a mobile 3D Studio wherever they go with effects rendering in Cinema 4D thats up to 30 percent faster than before and six times faster than the fastest Intel based MacBook Pro and with up to 96 gigabytes of unified memory. Craters can work on scenes, so large, PC laptops, cant, even run them, and its amazing battery life gets even longer with up to 22 hours.

Thats the longest battery life ever on a Mac and MacBook Pro with M2 Pro and M2 Max delivers all this performance. Whether plugged in or on battery the new Macbook Pro also supports Wi Fi 60 thats up to twice as fast as the previous generation and with more advanced HDMI. It supports up to 8K displays so thats the new Macbook Pro with M2 Pro and M2 Max with amazing performance, extraordinary battery life, Advanced connectivity and the best display ever in a laptop. It empowers users to take their creativity to new heights. Before I hand it back to John lets, see what the new Macbook Pro can do in the hands of pro users: okay, Im plugging three two one all right lets: do it Im Sam and were going to be filming a dancer and then working some after effects To do a bunch of compositing and fun transitions, hopefully, in the amount of time that I have Im Carl Im going to be trying to recreate a 90 year old, experimental lens design in CG and then Im going to make a cool scene using this lens Im. Matt and Im going to do some visual effects and also work on coding, my iPad app to do some explosions, fire smoke, that kind of thing. So to start, we have raw data from this lens, just kind of want to see what this issue is capable of. So, Im going to create a very basic explosion right now, Im going to play with time – and I want to play with scale yes, weve been unplugged, for it feels like quite a while now and no Im, still at 99, so Im feeling pretty good lets see What that looks like oh yeah, thats playing back real nice lets, go higher res.

Oh yeah thats a lot of detail just a couple of minutes. We should be able to start rendering through this lens. I want to do lots of layers, but the pressures on so Im trying to control myself Im in modeling now building a drone for a fish to fly. Hopefully this doesnt take too long. No, its very fast. I have like 1.5 billion voxels, which, for a laptop, never mind a desktop, is insane. It feels like desktop class performance compared with the M1, its definitely sort of a noticeable increase and compared with before that thats uh impossible versus possible. I dont have to now worry about if Im going to run out of memory, I can just create the machine, will just kind of like soak it up and do it its cool right. So then we can like move around you in 3D space. So now Im going to be adding some new features to my iPad app. I have so many layers. I cant believe that this is still running uh. Can I show you something yeah Im doing so much better than I thought I was going to be doing on battery that, like youve got free time. Sure lets add this Im going to create a value that says, set buoyancy and lets run that make sure it all works. I keep forgetting that Im working with 4K footage death to proxies. Look how fast it is its crazy 38 GPU cores man, Im gon na run out of time before Im going to run out of battery okay got a fish.

We got a drone lets put it in a scene trying to apply one last effect. I got one shot to get this right: no mistakes, its all gon na, be close, yeah thats. Looking pretty cool wait. Why is it still wrong? Well, I, as a user, can go ahead and have my fire be different: colors, Music? Okay, I think Im done no Im done preview done, Music. Look, how cool that looks; Applause goodness! Oh yeah, that was stressful, but fun super amazing. What we were able to accomplish just on a single charge today. Imagine if we had two charges. The new Macbook Pro is more powerful and capable than ever so today, with M2 Pro and M2 Max, we take apple silicon once again to the next level. Along with M2, they form the industrys most advanced lineup of chips. The new Mac Mini has far more performance and is far more versatile than ever, and the new Macbook Pro with its powerful groundbreaking features, simply has no equal together.