I don't know how popular they are in China, it's the s1 probe. Now this laptop to me is like an alternative. You could say to Xiao Meis me not, but pro, because it has a similar spec to the 2019 model and in some cases is even better, but it is smaller. This is only a 14 inch screen, but it's matte coated it's an IPS panel 1080p it's got the core i5 80 to 65 use that's a refresh it's, the KB Lake. Ah, no sorry it's the whiskey lake you so refresh of the cable ache model, so it's slightly fast about 10. However, it's paired up to a single channel Ram but there's a good thing about it, it's upgradable. So if you're not happy with the 8 gigabytes, you can install up to 16 there. The only thing, of course it's going to be just stuck in single channel. Unfortunately, it's not two sticks, just the one it's got room for a 2.5 inch, hard drive or SSD. If you wanted to expand the storage it's more of a cheaper option, using 2.5 inch drives then say: m dot: 2 1. It supports m dot, 2 in VMI's, PCIe drives or SATA 3. It has aim to 512 gigabyte one so accessing the internals is not difficult. You just have to remove all of the screws on the bottom. Now they use a tox t3 and once they're off just pry it up. You need a little bit of force.

It comes off nicely, so you can see. This is where we can add a 2.5 inch hard drive. So this is good, you can put say your 2 terabyte one in here for cheap extra, large storage or go with an SSD, say: 512 gigabytes. Now we do have a slot right here. That is a combo slide, so the original SSD in there is just set a 3, but my Samsung, 970 Evo, as you can see that I have installed already – is working just fine and it's full proper maximum speeds. So the battery here this is a 50 watt hour battery, so it is smaller than what is in shammies me notebook pro that one is just off the top of my head here: 60 watt hours. I think, and I could up to ten hours without one, but as you see later on, we are going to get less with this particular battery here. So some more positives, we do have upgradeable RAM, which is great. So if you get the 8 gigabyte version, it is, however, single channel, but you can install 16 gigabytes and the RAM they have used. It is proper brand Ram, as you can see crucial and the speed of it is two thousand six hundred and sixty six megahertz CL 19. So the wireless card – isn't upgradeable, it's part of the motherboard it is just under here, so they've got some tape over the connectors here. So those don't accidentally pop off when in transit it's an Intel wireless AC, 95 60, which is a two by two antenna setup.

It'S a Gigabit wireless card here with Bluetooth five, so it is a very good one, so I don't see really any needs that you'd want to upgrade this anyway, but you can of course, it's soldered to the motherboard left and right stereo speakers. So these are not as good as the ones that you'll find in Xiaomi Zameen notebook pro, which have much better bass these ones there; okay, they do have a hint of bass and the cooling. So we have two copper transfer thermal pipes here, two fans. This is good, and in this review I will definitely cover the thermals and fan noise. Now, the only logo that you will find on this laptop is this right here, which is the mick rave logo and that's. It there's no text or anything like that on the bottom bezel, which is great, so the weight is 1.5 7 kilos. Then, with the power, adapter and cable, it brings it up to then 1.8. Your total travel weight. The power supply is nice and small. It'S 65 Watts. Of course it does get hot when it's being pushed hard, the laptop and it's using one of those Mickey Mouse style connectors which are very easy to source. So four ports on the lift. We have HDMI 1.4 A's, so it should be HDMI too, especially in 2019. Oh and a Kensington lock slot. Is there USB 3 port and an SD card reader? Now you can see the cards stick out hugely.

It only accepts about a quarter of the card there. So it's very easy to break them off and it maxes out at about 28 megabytes per second reads and writes so not putting your ultra high speed cards. Unfortunately, and then on the right side, there is a status LED there. You can see so that's blue when it is fully charged red when charging we have Gigabit LAN, which is great to see this port on here and then another USB 3 port, USB 3 type C. So unfortunately, it does not support a video out and power delivery. Charging do not attempt to plug in any power delivery. Adapter into this, you could risk damaging it. You could fry the motherboard, so it highly recommend just never go and test that out, because it's not going to support it anyway. 3.5 millimeter headphone jack with microphone support that does have good audio output it's quite loud, and it doesn't have any annoying white noise static over it same goes for the keyboard. This is a decent keyboard, good feedback from then good spacing of the keys, considering it's a 14 inch laptop, I think they've done well now. I would have preferred them to have moved the power button over to here. It has the same exact amount of pressure. The feedback from it just like all the other keys, so you can accidentally tap that one and end up putting the laptop in to sleep. It is backlit, as you can see, the backlight is on right now.

You'Ve got two different levels of brightness and the good thing about this backlit keyboard is it's not like others. That can be sometimes a little bit blinding just underneath there, for example the spacebar or the keys. You get a lot of light coming through, which can be annoying that, as you can see here, it's very minimal. So overall it is a decent keyboard. There is no belts and flex either when pressing the keys, so I happen to like it and the plastic there using it is matte coated as well. So our screen here is matte coded and it is an anti glare screen. So that is a good thing here. Maximum brightness is 292 lux images. Do look good we've got an Adobe RGB of 64 and srgb of 76, so it's, not an amazing screen in terms of color gamut and no brightness really, but having it being a matte screen and means that it's still usable in bright environments like right now. I have our brightness set to about 50 here, which I find those perfect for indoor use, even perhaps a little bit too bright. I set it on to about 40 and on the lowest setting. It does dim right down nicely and I don't find it to be overpowering, especially with late time use so that's right up on maximum brightness, which I have to lower down otherwise it's just overexposing, with my current camera setting, so all in all a decent screen and The bezel around the outside here, so this is matte as well, so it's not like it's a glossy plastic they've used it's, not gon na, be reflecting and getting in the way there.

So I had to install Windows all over again I mean it did come with Windows 10 in Chinese. So what I did is grab the latest ISO image of Windows website. It made a USB pendrive and did a complete, clean, new install that way it's in English, and you do have a CD key on there, which is Windows 10 home. So as long as you install Windows, 10 home it'll, pull through and it was set up to find drivers, no issues with that they actually all came through from Windows updates and had pulled through there. You can see there's nothing that's listed there. That is an issue. So we have for our network adapters, they wanted to point out and tell us why this AC? This is the 9560 dual band wireless AC with bluetooth 5. This is a very fast. This is Gigabit wireless AC that it has on here, so it's really quick. This is one of the quickest cards you can get, so that is great. So, even though we can't upgrade, as I showed you looking at the internals we're, still going to get some of the best throughput you can get through this, so clicked up to your FTP server you're. Looking at about 800 megabits per second, with my current setup at home, here, it's a little bit slower because of the wireless router that I have connected up with my fiber line and you'll see the processor. So it is the whiskey lake you.

This is a refresh of the 8250 you so the 80 to 65. You is the same quad core 8 threads and the performance. I will quickly demonstrate just a few benchmarks here and what you can expect performance wise. I know a lot of people be asking about this, so here are some schools here's a gig, sorry Cinebench, r15, 562 CB. This is a decent kind of score for this particular CPU it's, of course, not as fast as other core i7 or Core i5. So you'll get out there, but I will not too bad OpenGL score there as well, using that Nvidia iMix 250. I do have Geekbench 4 right here came out to be a little bit lower than expected and it's, probably because the Rams configured just in single channel and not dual channel it's. Just that single, of course, sodam that we have that. I showed you now when you take a look at performance of other things like 3d mark here, I did run the benchmark and I just quickly show you the results of that fire strike here. It'S, nothing, amazing! If you were going to game on this, I will give you some gaming a few examples here in this particular video that you can play newer titles on the lowest settings and older titles on high settings. We'Ve got three thousand six hundred and forty one for the graphics core physics score is six and a half thousand so again, that's, nothing amazing there, but decent performance overall.

Now right here. In the background, I do have Adobe Premiere Pro open, so you can edit 4k videos on this encoding time. You'Re looking at one minute of footage, is going to take about three minutes to encode that and the fans are on right now constantly when it's on AC. You will hear the fan a little bit similar to say the me notebook pro here and no problems with editing the speed it's just again not going to be the fastest out there, and I do have spreadsheets or spreadsheets open here. No problems with that. The CPU handles all that's kind of basic computing, so internet chrome documents spreadsheets all really quick, no need for me to go into any real details there with that. But what I will do is just quickly bring up here, a YouTube 4k video just to show you the performance of this and how it streams on the maximum setting. So this is Costa Rica beautiful clip by the way, so it actually will set this to 4k. 60, full screen now bear in mind that I am running everything in the background here so I'm doing some multitasking too. Just to show you how it's gon na run. So you can see here is that's two drop frames. I mean that's normal that'll drop a couple, but this is running perfectly very smooth, so HEV see files, vp9 it's, going to decode them natively with the GPU, so they run perf.

You find so very decent performance out of this laptop now, my test with battery life. This is internet, so this was Chrome streaming, Amazon, Prime video, as well as watching some episodes of the boys highly recommended it's, probably not for everyone it's a little bit crazy at times, but a good series. But anyway, I managed here elapsed time four hours and that was at 50, so my calculations you're gon na get anywhere from about six to eight hours, depending on what you are doing here. So the 50 watt hour battery it's, not as big as I would have hoped for, but of course they had to give up on battery capacity in order to put in that 2.5 inch hard drive bay that's there. So if they didn't include that they probably could have crowned him 65 watt hours, I think and it would have gone for even more so charge time of this battery it's, just under three hours, approximately two hours and 15 minutes. So you can game your titles. It'S Call of Duty World War two as long as you just lower the settings, so this is 720p. The Texas are 720p. We do have a bit of a limitation with that. Just two gigabytes of dedicated ram. There is a limit to the amount of textures so putting that on high or medium textures will just be way too demanding for this particular GPU, and we would run into then some stutters and performance issues, which of course, we don't want.

So you can see the frame rate hovering around 50 frames per second. This is actually quite good. Considering how demanding this particular game is so an even more demanding game like Witcher 3 here this is 720p again, does have some micro stutters, some frame dips down to 30 frames per second, but yet again it is playable, as you can see. So if you wanted to play a little bit of Witcher on the side, it is definitely possible with these settings hovering you can see around the mid 40s here with a frame rate. Now this is in the city and why I always test this. One here is because there's a lot of NPCs around and that's, where the performance tends to lag because out in the wilderness, you'll find the frame rate will be probably about 10 frames per second average higher. That brings me to thermals, so there, okay, you can see the maximum temperatures that's getting up to 92 degrees, and this did thermal throttling, which happens at 90 degrees. So it's not ideal to see this, I would have hoped for slightly lower, but when it got up to the 92, this was pushing and hard gaming okay. So if you're just docks things like that, like computing, then temperatures will hover around the 70s and has mentioned that fan is always going to be on its low it's, not too offensive, not too bad it's. Just when you push it hard gaming.

That is when you see those peak temperatures there and if I move down and take a quick look at the GPU temps that one maxes out gaming at 80 degrees, which you could say is a little hot. So after leaving it on now for 30 minutes gaming, you can see that the laptop does get particularly hot right around this area, just above the keyboard 46 degrees. So this is only when gaming's we're pushing both the GPU and CPU to the maximum I'll. Give you a sample now of the fan noise you can expect to while gaming. I will briefly show you the buyers before I go into boot, Linux and hissed that out, so you cannot really tweak anything under advanced settings. We have very limited options here. So it's not a fully unlocked bias. Unfortunately, we couldn't go in here and under vault, for example, increase power limits not open to us so for booting over now into Linux, I'm. Just going to change the boot order to my external pendrive, save and exit and we'll see how Linux runs on this, as you can see that Linux Mint runs fine, but the touchpad does not work that's. The only thing I found that isn't working wireless is detected and working you can control the screen. Brightness audio is working it's, just that touchpad you and I have to dig around and try and find drivers for alright. So for the 699 US! Yes, there are a few things on here where they have clearly cut corners, so it doesn't have an nvme SSD it's set of three 512 maxes out at about five hundred and fifty megabytes read and write so it's.

Your typical set of three speeds there so what'll be nice if we had say a samsung PM 981, which would be a lot quicker. That gets like 350 reads sequential out of that, but it does have very fast wireless AC, a decent key, but I like it it's backlit, the smaller size. The 14 inches means that this is a lot more portable and it's about 400 or so grams, lighter than say xiaomi's me not, but pro as expected. The battery capacity is smaller 50 watt hours, you're gon na get anywhere from about 6 to 8 hours, which is giving us ok battery life. I would have liked to have seen at least 8 to 10 hours, but they gave up on some of that battery. To give us space for a 2.5 inch, hard drive, which is a good option to have. I like the fact that it has a LAN port on here where, as well and their performance, is very good. The screen is decent now, it's – probably not good enough for most people to do say: color coding, work and grading, or things like that, but for the average consumer the average go out there. This is still going to be a decent panel. The brightness it's anti glare overall that's good. Now the webcam I haven't, given you a sound Paul but it's as expected, it is average. Ok, the quality it's supposed to be 720p, which it is but it's supposed to be 30 frames per second and it's.

Only about 15 or 20, so a little bit choppy, not particularly amazing, good quality work that so it doesn't have Windows 10. In English. You need to fix that by doing a complete, clean, install is the easiest way or you could upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, which I often do and then add an English language pack, which is a little bit more hassle there, but for free you can just create One of those pen drives and stall it and pulls through the windows home license. It has on there and it says it's activated with a digital license so that at least as a workaround for that, so the particular things they don't like about. It is the fact that, when you're pushing it very hard, it will reach 92 degrees on the CPU. The GPU gets up to 85 and in this area up here does get very warm, so that's, probably my biggest concern there. If they were going to be gaming for long extended periods, I would definitely prop it up a little bit once you do this. That helps the cooling. So we do have the two copper thermal transfer pads in there sorry pipes that I showed you which is good to see and the two fans the phone noises okay it's, currently on at the moment. Most of the time it is on, but it's very low it's not offensive or annoying, but it gets a little annoying when gaming at about forty six decibels, but nothing like a gaming laptop the gaming performance, as you saw so with demanding titles on lower settings, they Can be played but limited to say, 720p there, but anything that's.

A lighter engine, for example, League of Legends counter strike 1080p and high to max settings, is going to be playable, which is good so overall it's a nice laptop. I love the fact that you can upgrade the RAM I wish ShowMe had that very fast Wireless and, of course it does sell for a decent price. I think the 699 is certainly a lot cheaper than the 900 950 for Shelby's me not Book Pro, but the speakers on this poor quite poor compared to Xiao meas yeah. Definitely don't stand a challenge. So if you can't afford it, I still highly recommend going for the show me mean up a pro better speakers, slightly better keyboard, its larger, of course, and a glossy screen, while that really depends on your own preference. So, overall, the metro for me as a brand looks interesting now, so I might review more of their products and buy them in the future or depends on the price of course, and the spec of them, but I feel for the 6.99 there's some compromises. But overall you are getting a decent package, but if you intend to gain weight, you shouldn't really be gaming with an MX 250. Anyway, you probably ought to get yourself something that's got say a GTX 1650, like the laptop. I recent reviewed.