The max 382 is a portable set of two 13.3 inch, 1080p 60fps monitors that can connect your laptop and expand your screen space, its compatible with laptops ranging from 13.3 to 17 inches in size and supports different modes and can even connect to most Android devices. In this video Ill go over the features and specs of the max 3t2 show you how to set it up using different devices and give you my feedback after testing it out. First of all, in terms of packaging here is everything that is included with the max 382 inside the box. You can find the user manual two USB type, A to a single USB type c: cable, a power supply, a quick start guide and two USB type c to use bit type c cables. The monitors set itself comes inside a protective case that will also enable you to carry it around in terms of features and specs. The max 3 T2 set is based on two 13.3 inch. 1080P 60 frames per second IPS LCD monitors. The rated brightness of each screen is 220 nits. The rated static contrast is 1000 to 1 and it can be properly viewed from pretty steep angles. In addition, a Windows, Mac or Android driver must be installed on your device in order for it to be connected to the screens, so you can simply connect the system to a device that only has an HDMI output port. The power requirement of the t2 system is 10 watts, so using most computers you will only need to connect the t2 using a single cable.

If your USB port output power is limited, you can power the t2 screens using the provided USB type, A Y cable, or you can just power it externally, using the power supply, for example in case youre, going to connect it to an Android device. As for its Dimensions, the t2 system is quite portable, as it folds nicely into the provided case and it weighs 3.7 pounds. As for installing the theater system on your computer. Here, you can see how it is done. It does take some practice, but after you get the hang of it its going to take you less than a minute to install or uninstall the monitors on the back of the device, you can find an adjustable support leg which, in my experience, can handle the weight Of the system quite well, I do wish, however, that it had a rubber end, as it doesnt support the t2 system. Well, on slippery surfaces, after connecting your computer to the P2 system, you will be able to access the contents of the provided micro SD card using the onboard micro SD card slot, its loaded with drivers for different operating systems and after installing the relevant driver, you will Be able to configure and use the screens on my older MacBook Pro only a driver was required, and after installing it, the system recognized the screen as a set of two external monitors and on my neuromac, a software was required in addition to the driver either way On both cases, you will be able to configure the screens resolution and layout and choose whether to extend or duplicate your main screen using the computer system settings, just as you would using normal external monitors.

In addition, using these buttons, you will be able to adjust the external screens settings, including adjusting the contrast, brightness and Etc. Here you can see the different options for using the t2 screens. You can have the two monitors facing you, which is a great way to multitask and work with number of applications. You can also mirror your main screen and use it like that, so others can watch your screen, for example in emitting, and you can also use vertical mode which uses the middle part as a stand. As Ive mentioned earlier, you can connect the t2 system to most Android devices. You will need to install a driver using an APK which is also included on the micro SD card and using it you will be able to mirror your Android device screen on both monitors. So, overall, after testing out the max 3 T2 for the last few weeks, I can tell you that in case youre used to working with multiple monitors like me, you will definitely find it very useful. The quality of the product is very good. Its portable and easy to carry it around requires using a single Cable in most cases, and it seems quite durable, although I wouldnt risk it and put it through a test. As for the downsides, its unfortunate that you cant just connect it to any device with an HDMI output Port as installing a driver is required. In addition, the t2 doesnt feature integrated speakers and it could be nice if the included case had a compartment for carrying the USB cables anyway, thats going to do it for this quick video, I hope you enjoyed it and find it informative enough and it helped you To make up your mind whether the max related to system is a good option for you or not, as always.