This is a new one from their romance range, which has been out since 1998. They have their original eau de parfum, but this is a new interpretation. Thats just come out now in 2021, so im going to be giving you my first impressions and let you know how it differs to the original as always ill leave a link to where you can buy this perfume down below in the description box. But if youre new here then hi welcome were all about perfume so check out my hundreds of other videos and, if youre a regular, but you havent subscribed yet then do hit that subscribe button and show your support, and you can also support me as a channel Member or on patreon as well so the original ralph lauren romance came out 1998, its been around for a long time and its definitely a classic its definitely something that people will keep repurchasing if they love it. I would describe it as a good wedding scent. Its quite a fresh rosy, very, very feminine, scent youve got chamomile in there. Lilies freesia lotus violets carnations its like a whole bouquet of different flowers, very, very weddingy, its okay for lasting, but not amazing. So i was excited that they brought out something called a lipa fam, which is going to be a bit stronger than the eau de parfum, and this one comes in this silvery bottle. Whereas the original editor firm is a transparent bottle, and i would absolutely describe this as a stronger, more powerful, more deeper version than of the original, and also more modern as well so rose is still the main note.

But this is more like a rose in the leaner puff and mali than a rose in original romance. What theyve done is theyve added patchouli in the base now rose and patchouli are used in most of the best selling perfumes. At the moment, things like miss dior is all about rose and patchouli, so thats. Why? I think its very modern, because its very much the type of perfume that were seeing released at the moment, theres also some pink pepper and some violet in here, which gives it a sort of feminine makeup, feel the smell of violets is kind of similar to the Smell of lipstick or the smell of eyeshadow, that kind of vibe and theres a black currant blossom as well, which mixes with the rose, but it really does feel like a deep, i think almost wintry rose. I would say this was more for the evening time or the autumn winter. Its certainly not fresh. It doesnt have the freshness of the original its a bit more serious. Perhaps youd wear the original on your wedding day, and then you take this on your honeymoon for night time right, so its just got a bit more to it. It is really good for lasting ive been wearing it all day, and i can really smell it on me, its a very good, much stronger version of the original and after a while, after a few hours, it starts to get a slightly muskiness to the rose which Really reminds me of narcisso rodriguez, fleur musk its that type of vibe, so it definitely smells classy.

It smells sophisticated, but it also has a sexy elegantness to the rose that makes it appropriate for date night for night time. If you really want that rose. I think if youre a fan of puffins, demoli dalina and you dont, want to spend 250 pounds on it, then this is a much more affordable way of getting quite a similar fragrance. It just doesnt have the lychee that delena has. I know that this launched in the us um, i think a couple of months ago, but its only just arrived here in the uk, and i do think this would be a great gift for christmas. If you know someone likes romance, it will be a good valentines day item and perhaps you wore original romance back in the day when it came out 1998 and now youre looking for something a bit more sophisticated, grown up and a bit more modern, then this new Romance lepa fan would be a great option. I have it here in the 30 mil, which is quite a little cute bottle, but of course it comes in bigger sizes as well. So this is definitely a silky approved fragrance. I think its a really good fragrance quality. Good for lasting – and i do prefer it to the original just because of those qualities, those long lasting qualities. Let me know, have you tried this? Yet? What do you think of it? Do you like it? Are you a fan of the original romance? Let me know in the comments down below and let me know if you want me to do a review of the romance range, give the videos thumbnail thumbs up and let me know in the comments, if you want that ill leave in the description box, where you Can buy this in uk europe, north america, but thats it guys.

So thanks so much for watching.