Hello. All My name is Michael.. Welcome to my channel Si Kutu Buku This time. I will discuss the book Play Bigger by Al Ramadan. Before we start for those of you who want to support this channel to keep creating it’s, really easy. You just click subscribe and turn on the bell.. Your support really helps so that we can post regularly and learn together on this channel.. This book discusses how a company can dominate and become a market leader. To become today’s business winners. We will no longer beat our existing competitors.. However, what is happening now is different.. Today’S business winners win the competition by creating entirely new games, creating new market categories, developing them until they finally dominate.. This is the mindset that today’s company founders must have.. You can’t build a legendary company by only creating a great product, but you have to build a legendary market category.. I summarize it into three important points from this book. First, the key to great company success When a company can dominate a competitive market. There is one important concept, namely category design., So category design is about creating a new ecosystem for innovation.. This company or organization changes the way we see things with a completely new perspective.. Interestingly, the perspectives they introduced made pre existing businesses seem inefficient, expensive and out of date.. You need to realize that a product or company is like being in a container that is in the mind of the consumer, and the container is called a category.

. This is a way for consumers to label a company or product so that it is easier for them to understand.. A successful entrepreneur or innovator is one who sees what the world is missing and tries to make up for it.. They are able to identify new problems or old problems that can be solved in new ways.. This is their way of convincing consumers.. Basically, consumers need to be interested in a new category first before finally buying the product., For example, you need to realize how important the online motorcycle taxi system is. Then you can choose between Gojek or Grab.. This is what then makes the product or company accepted and becomes the prima donna.. There is a quite interesting perspective. It turns out that there is a fundamental difference between being different or being better.. When you try to be better, it means that you will enter into someone else’s existing territory there. You will always fight and prove that your company or product is better than other people.. Interestingly, when there are two people who say they are the best or the number one, one of them must be lying.. There is another perspective compared to trying to be better. What, if you try to be different., This perspective means that you are not busy climbing other people’s ladders, because you are creating your own ladder. For example, Uber is not only a better taxi business, but they create a different business model because they provide new solutions to existing problems.

Uber makes us realize that there is a problem with the existing taxi system in America, namely the unpleasant experience of ordering a taxi.. This is a real problem, but not everyone is aware of it or is even trying to solve it.. Then Uber came along and gave the problem a new solution. Second Create a successful product category In life or business. It is easier to follow the path that other people have walked. Before.. However, if you want to be a great company, you need to create your own path by creating different product categories.. There are several advantages to being a different person.. First, you can focus on the big picture instead of trying to imitate competitors.. For example, the iPad was first introduced to the public after the Microsoft Tablet – PC., Although not the first, but the iPad has been very successful in the market than tablets.. What is the difference between the two Microsoft sees the tablet, as a replacement for the PC, but Apple sees it in a different. Light. Apple sees the tablet as a device that sits in the middle between the iPhone and the MacBook.. Hence, when consumers compared Microsoft, tablets to PCs, they were disappointed.. Meanwhile, iPad users have no comparison for their products.. Second use better data.. Usually companies that are leaders of different product categories have the ability to process data.. They don’t focus on seeing what competitors are doing but focus on analyzing the data they have.

. For example, Netflix uses its users’ streaming movie data to create a better experience for its users.. It should be realized in building a new category. This is not an easy and fast thing.. In fact, in some cases it may take years for consumers to actually receive them.. For example, when the car was first created, people weren’t sure how to use it., They feel the car is a dangerous and unsafe tool.. Third, how to successfully sell a product A great product is not enough, but how to convey the product is also important.. You can use stories as a way for you to explain what product you are selling and how the product is able to provide a solution. Stories. Are very important for adults as well as children. Stories can influence how we think and feel. A study by researchers from Stanford University in 1969 found that students there were able to remember six to seven times the number of words when inserted into a story.. Another study from Claremont Graduate University suggests that stories can affect us more deeply than facts themselves.. This is because, when we hear a story, it increases the hormone oxytocin in the brain, so that it makes us feel empathy for other people.. If you already have a story that you want to tell for the product you created, then there are two important things that we must look at.. First, you have to make sure your team understands and knows what you want to achieve.

. This will help each employee to focus and understand what the company’s goals are.. Second, your product launch should be like lightning.. This may sound hyperbole, but what it means is that you have to make your product introduction as unique as possible in order to get broad attention from consumers, the media or even investors.. Every day many companies try to introduce their products to consumers. Of course, this is a very competitive war.. You can only be successful when you succeed in attracting the attention of consumers until they finally think quotThat company understands my problem better than anyone else, and they must have the best solution.quot. The most interesting example is Apple.. Every time Apple launches, a new product all eyes in the world are on them and wonder what the latest innovation they’re launching. To win. Today’S business competition you no longer have to beat competitors., However, become a different company and create a new category.. Please comment in the comments column. What lessons did you get when reading this book.? Besides, that also comment on which book you want me to review in the next video. I’ll. Take my leave. Don’T forget to subscribe to SI Kutu Buku Youtube channel.