Applause. The matepad 11 comes with an aluminum body and in just one simple, color called matte grey, just like known from huawei. The construction is pretty awesome and light for an 11 inch tablet. The buttons feel great and are placed in a way that makes sense. So you got your power button on the top in portrait mode or the left top in horizontal mode. The volume rocker is on the right side in portrait and top left edge in the horizontal mode. Next to it a bit off to the right, you can find the spot to attach the huawei and pencil. The display is an 11 inch 2560 by 1600 pixels ips one with a refresh rate of 120 hertz, together with the powerful snapdragon 865. That is a flagship processor from last year that results in an overall, very smooth and fluid user experience. Above the display integrated into the bezel. You can find the 8 megapixel selfie cam, which shoots good photos and can be used nicely for video calls, as well with good noise floor in bright conditions. So this is a little test. With the huawei mate pad 11s front facing camera, you can see backlit situation, but its still exposing on my face. If i move around a bit you, the exposure might change a bit. If i move away, this will go away as well im in a normal room condition. So you can see the noise floor is pretty low and i think its the quality is also good for voice calls and video chats as well, and i think also the position of the webcam is good.

So i can look into the webcam. I can look on the screen itself and you still can see me so i dont have to look like up there, where it was on the matepad pro, for example, and this is by the way, also the audio quality that you can expect from the huawei mate. 1.11 right now, with the window open, if i close this uh, you can get, of course, a better quality. It has like various different microphones there. I think there are three microphones on the device itself to give you also a nice video call quality. So no problems. No issues with this on the matepad 11., you can also use the front cameras authentication with its face recognition option. This, however, is 2d only and not the safest, though the only convenient way to unlock your tablet as theres no fingerprint option. The back camera features. 13. Megapixel and is housed in a little camera bump on the back together with an led, flash and a microphone hole, you can use the back facing camera of the mate pad 11 also for vlogging style videos. Just like im doing right now. You have to use both of your hands, otherwise it will become a little bit unstable, i would say, but it also features auto focus, so i can hold here this, and this is, i think, caffeine, medicine and it should focus – should be able to focus on this. As well and it has a back facing microphone – which is also good to pick up noises, especially you want to film someone or something and yeah, it can get the noise as well um for vlogging situations.

I would really rather use my phone because it has a better camera, but in emergency situations you can use the mate pad 11 back facing camera as well for doing some nice photos and also videos. The matepad 11 is a multimedia powerhouse with four speakers on the device tweaked by harman kardon. You get very immersive sound with girder bass and clear highs. I enjoy watching movies on this little tablet: Music, um, Music for streaming services. Huawei includes white wine level 1, which allows you to playback hd videos on netflix, for example, but youll also have the option to edit videos with this device, which has the power you need. Rendering videos out in kinemaster for mirago hd was always quick and way faster than on my laptop without dedicated graphics card. Additionally, to the tablet itself, you can get a magnetic keyboard and the m pencil that both were included in my pre order unit. Here the software on the matpad 11 is harmony us 2.0, which is hwys own operating system that is compatible with android 10.. It allows you to use all android applications that dont require google play services. The lack of google services is not a big deal on a tablet. I would say it is more a big of a deal on a phone. I never had issues using google services via the included browser. If necessary. The system allows you to split applications in half and add a floating window on top, if necessary, multitasking is really good.

Even applications that are historically very bad optimized for tablets run fine with huaweis implementation, which allows you to use the whole screen estate as much as possible by splitting two pages on a tablet. Com incompatible app, the 7250 milliampere hours battery is good for a heavy work day and should last you one day without big issues. If you only occasionally read some news and watch some youtube videos, it will last even longer up to three days. I managed one time it all depends on your usage. If the battery runs out, you can charge the device with the included 22.5 watt charger, which takes around one hour and a half to fully charge the tablet all in all for ‘9 euros. You get a very, very good tablet, with last years, flagship processor, six gigabytes of ram, which should be enough for almost everything, good speakers and multimedia capabilities. In the early bird edition you get a pen and a magnetic keyboard as well. That can act as a stand, which is pretty awesome. That is a hell of a deal and for everyone searching for a tablet. I highly recommend pro this product. Dont get scared by the lack of the google services. Usually, if you dont have a specific workflow, you really dont need them on a tablet. When it comes to the free software indicator, which evaluates from 0 to 10, how freedom respecting a product is 0 would be not at all and 10 gnu stallman approved the huawei mate pad 11 scores.

A 2 out of 10. huawei offers you the source code of its operating system, but the bootloader is closed. So you cannot install your own operating system and are fully dependent on the manufacturer to deliver updates in the future.