It is the perfect laptop for 99 percent of people stick around in this video and i’ll explain why what’s up guys i’m, the london, nomad and it’s my mission in life to make you financially free, no matter if you’re, a video, editor, blogger or coder, the m1 Macbook air is perfect for you. I’Ve had this laptop for three months and honestly, you will never find a comparable laptop for 999 dollars it’s just that good honestly, i would pay more for the laptop, because this price point is unbeatable here for the best possible price. In amazon down in the link in the description, i’m gon na go through all the elements of why i think it’s such a fantastic machine. Please skip around using the time stamps to find what you need. So a big part of what makes the m1 macbook so special is the m1 processor. Chip apple has ditched the intel level processes and instead use the m1 chip, which is like the a14 chip on iphone on steroids. This means that everything from the laptop is created by apple, which makes it super energy efficient. The m1 is steve jobs, dream of a complete integration between software and hardware relay. This efficiency allows you to multitask with tons of different applications and tabs running. Google chrome is easy, even with the 8 gigabyte ram model, which is the one i m1 is even better now, because an ever growing list of m1 optimized apps are constantly being released by apple.

You can take a look at the programs down in the link in the description with native apple apps, like imovie final cut. Logic will be working perfect, even apps are not currently optimized for the m1 architecture still benefit from the performance upgrade from the new chip. Geekbench score, which is a way to show how powerful the computer is, ranks the m1 macbook as faster than the 2019 high end macbook pro, which cost 2 499 dollars fingerback you’re, paying 999 or less for something that has almost two and a half times. The performance of something that is 2499 and it turns on instantly base model is 999 or 899 slash 47.91, a month for 12 months for students with a free pair of airports, which is a bar with 20 off apple care. Storage is 256 gigabyte ssd. With upgrades up to 512, one terabyte or 2 terabyte ssd apple charges a premium for upgrading your store. I would personally recommend just going with the base model. It’S fine for me, think about it. You pay 200 for 250 gigabytes of storage per upgrade. This is not work. You can get a super fast. One terabyte ssd sandy storage drive for 156 dollars. Take a look down in the link in the description. If you upgrade anything, it should be the 200 for the 16 gigabyte of ram version. I’Ve never found the ram to be a problem, but, ironically today, when i was using safari, i actually saw the spinning spinning wheel of death.

So i recommend, if you’re, going to spend more money, definitely get the 16 gigabyte of ram, but i’ve been using the 88 gigabyte ram. It’S been five for me: oh firm performance. It has no heat or fan, unlike the macbook pro, but honestly, unlike my 2015 macbook, that was hot to the touch, even with doing basic things like going on chrome. This is hold to the touch, even when doing extensive tasks like exporting 4k video, if you’re a videographer who does very complicated editing with 4k video, then maybe you get the macbook pro, because the extra fan is going to give benefits to thermal throttling perform don’t. Do any sort of heavy 4k video there’s no point getting the pro stick with the air and save that 300. ultra thin and sexy and slim comes in silver gold or space gray. Mine is space green made of 100 recycled aluminium and is unchanged. I don’t think they needed to change it. I still think it looks beautiful. Even in 2021, the width, the height, is 0.16 inches, 0.63 inches width is 11.97 inches, the depth is 8.36 inches and the weight is 2.8 inch, it’s, so small. It easily fits in a backpack, no problem it’s similar size to an ipad pro with the magic keyboard attachment, but it’s slim it’s slick. I love it only issue. I have is the two usb ports here, to the left hand side so many times that my charger is on the right hand, side to me, so i have to put the cable up and connect it to the back.

I wish there was two there’s one, usb port on the left and one usb port on the right next to the headphone jack. But everything can’t be perfect, because there’s only two usb ports, you’re gon na, have to use a usb hub, such as disputable for one for anchor that has sd card slot, two usb slots and hdmi. The only thing i don’t like about it is when it’s called a dongle and it’s just dongling off the side. I don’t know if this is going to do damage to the usb hub in the future. The only reason i’ve used. This is when i edit videos such as this one for sd card. I wish it had an sd card slot that’s the only problem with it now there’s thick bezels around the screen. So if you’re a bit of a tech, nerd it’s going to annoy you, but for me it doesn’t mean much to me. Oh, the keyboard and the trackpad right click magic keyboard with touch bar and id sensor, so you can type in the dot easily it’s a joy to type on. If you follow this channel, you know i’m a blogger, so i write for hours on end and i’ve. Never felt pain with this keyboard honestly it’s, a joy to type on the way your fingers just glide across the keys, would just clicky clickily click. I love function, keys a lot better than the macbook’s touch bar, because you can do things like go into finder.

You can fast forward and rewind. You can turn the volume up you can do stuff like brightness. I don’t like the attachment for the macbook pro the macbook pros. Trackpad is bigger than that is, but even though i’ve got reasonably big hands, it doesn’t really feel too much of an issue. If you rely on the magic keyboard gestures in your workflow, maybe this will become a bit of an issue, because if you’ve got big hands, it’s hard to put four fingers on it, but apple’s track pads are the best in class. No matter what you always get. A response throughout the keyboard i use windows laptops. The first thing that makes me is a trackpad: is trash it’s, not trash it’s, going to change your life using this trackpad supports all the different multi gestures with haptic feedback. Honestly, a lot of people use this laptop with an external keyboard or mouse me, i’m. Conventional. This is all in one machine. You don’t need a mouse. You don’t need an external keyboard for my workflow, just a trackpad fantastic. If you’re finding value in this video, please like subscribe, because it helps it spread to more people, hey so the battery life. According to apple, you get 15 hours wireless web playback with up to 18 hours, apple tv playback reality. I don’t think the battery life is as good as apple said, but i did buy mine from costco, so maybe it was a used copy, even though i opened it new in about two hours.

The battery life would drain about 15, depending on what you do. Obviously, if you’re editing and exporting 4k video it’s going to drain a lot quicker than if you’re just web browser, if you leave it on full charge and work for a day, you’re not going to have any problems whatsoever, it has 14 hours 41 minutes of battery Life compared to intel macbooks, 9 hours and 30 minutes of battery life, so it’s a big, huge improvement, and this is all related to the m1 chips optimization. It allows the computer to communicate within itself, whereas if there was an intel chip, obviously it’s another coding language that the macbook has to communicate and it doesn’t have this issue anymore. I don’t think paying three hundred dollars more for an extra two hours of battery life. For the pro it’s worth, but if you’re buying for the long term – and you want to use this macbook for three four years – maybe buying the pro makes sense because the battery is bigger and hence it’s gon na have more longevity, because it’s not gon na wear Down as quick as the air, but i think the battery life is fantastic – irregardless. The speakers they’re wide stereo speakers with support for dolby atmos playback. I think the sound quality is excellent. I routinely listen to music with the sound and i feel no issue no problem and i love the speakers. It’S got two speaker grilles one to the left and one to the right.

Take a look at the sound quality now display. The display is 13.3 inch led backlit display 1560 by 1680 resolution at 227. Pixels it’s big enough for everything you do, especially if you use specific programs like magnet to split your screen in half. I never found that i wanted more. Space display is not as good as the m1 ipad air, but 4k quality is still going to look delicious. It has 400 nits of brightness compared to the macbook pros 500 nits, and only in very specific situations did you wish. The screen was more bright. Well, if you’re at the beach on top of a roof with sun coming down, then sometimes i wish it were. The brightness was a little bit more, but this is circumstantial if you’re inside it’s fine microphone quality. This is something that very impressed me, because the last macbook i had was the 2015 macbook and that camera was trash. I look like a potato this one because it’s 720p, but because of the m1 optimization features for video everything is looking extra crispy. You can take a look at the webcam quality and the microphone now so here you can see the webcam quality and the mic, as you can hear, is decent quality it’s, probably not good enough for a youtube video, but for facetime for zoom cools it’s more than Enough head into performance, if you’re someone who just wants an entry level laptop to edit videos and photos, you there’s nothing that’s comparable to this i’ve edited all my videos with m1 macbook pro and the difference between my 2015 macbook is night and day.

This is a different structure, as i mentioned, if you’re a serious video editor and you use a lot of high intensity files and 4k footage, then you should get the pro, because the only problem with this macbook is because it doesn’t have a fan when it’s on High intensive load it’s going to sometimes struggle and throttle if you’re, exporting tons of videos tons of videos tons of videos, but if you’re just using it as a normal youtuber, you can’t go wrong. I swear to you. It exports videos instantly comparison to the 2050 macbook that took eight, but the m1 macbook air can sport a 23 minute 4k video in 15 minutes for imovie. Oh, if you have an older macbook and you find exploring takes a long time. Most of my stuff is 1080p because i don’t really have the storage to work with 4k and i swear to you as soon as you click export. Maybe a couple seconds later. It exports it’s a different world. You got ta think the mad time you save having this machine if you’re a budding, youtuber and you’re, not waiting for the files to export it’s unvaluable just for everything, that’s optimized for m1, such as imovie final cut pro it works seamlessly it works deliciously. I love, though, should you buy it? Yes, yes, yes, there’s, no, better laptop that you can buy with 999 dollars, it’s incomparable. Okay! Maybe you want to wait for the m2 or m1x lineup of macbook pros coming in the next couple of months, but the problem with this is you’re going to pay a lot more money because that’s more of a premium machine and devos – and i mean 99 of Content creators they’re going to be perfectly fine with the base level machine that i have for someone who edits videos – and this is way more power than you’re ever gon na need so there’s no point waiting for machine that’s gon na come in the future.

When this one is the future now, my friends, it has everything you need. You don’t need a buy external display. You don’t need to buy a keyboard. Everything works 10. 10.. The only things i would recommend buying an ss superfast ssd, like this sander and you’re, going to need an anchor usb hub for using sd cards and usbs. And if you want to connect it to an external monitor with hdmi cable and it will retain its value years down the line, this is probably still worth about 700, even though i’m, not very careful with my tech and it’s, got a lot of scrap i’d rate. This laptop 10 out of 10., even though it has some issues with the two usb ports being on the left, no sd card slot for the money, it’s still a 10 out of 10. it’s apple’s best product ever.