Now today, weve got a couple of huawei tablets here and were going to be checking out how these devices can fit into your work from home lifestyle, both in terms of productivity as well as entertainment. Now these days, these tablets actually getting very powerful so much so that you can actually bring your productivity and your entertainment whenever and wherever you are so with that said, were going to be checking out these devices here, seeing how they fit into my personal work from Home lifestyle and lets begin right away all right, so first up were going to be checking out the huawei mate pad pro that i have right here now. This is huaweis flagship tablet right here and it retails starting from rm’99. Now, why is it so flagship, and that is because it comes with a host of productivity as well as entertainment features all within this, pretty large shape tablet so lets check it out at the front. The midpad pro has a large 12.6 inch oled panel. That shows beautiful, colors and beside. It are 8 powerful speakers that can play some seriously good sounding audio internals wise, the midpad pro comes with a 5 nm kirin 9000 e processor, and at the back there is a triple sensor setup for when you need to take those snaps now keeping the lights On on the huawei matepad pro is a 1050mah battery with support for 40 watt supercharge and according to huawei, it is able to charge fully in just 2 hours and can last up to 14 hours on local video playback.

Now, in the event where you do run out of juice on your other devices, the midpad pro can also act as a wireless pad to charge up your devices, which is super convenient. Last but not least, for those productivity focused individuals, its worth pointing out that the midpad pro is compatible with huawei smart magnetic keyboard and 2nd gen m pencil, alright guys. So next up lets check out the huawei mate pad 11. That i have right here now bear in mind that this is a mid range tablet. That starts at a pretty affordable price point of rm1999, but it also still keeps and pretty impressive spec sheet lets check it out. For our starters, the mate pad 11 comes with a 10.95 inch 2.5 k lcd display, with 120hz refresh rate, making interactions on the display so much smoother and responsive. It is also powered by a snapdragon 865 processor and just like the huawei mate pad pro, it is compatible with the smart magnetic keyboard and 2nd gen m pencil for a low latency real to life. Riding experience now, keeping the lights on for the midpad 11 is a 7250 mah battery. That is good for up to 12 hours of local video playback. One extra point to highlight here is that both the huawei mate pad pro and mate, pad 11 supports huawei share with huawei computers and smartphones through its collaborate mode users can connect their tablets to their computers, keyboard and mouse all right.

Last but not least, we have the smallest form factor tablet here today, and this is the huawei mate pad 10.4. Now, although it comes in a very small form factor, this is the only tablet today that i have here that actually supports lte, and that means you can bring your internet connection wherever and whenever you are now bear in mind that, because of this small form factor Of course, it is also more portable, but whats. Really interesting here is its starting price point that starts at just rm1′ lets check it out at the front. We have a 10.4 inch 2k lcd display that supports the m pencil and it also works with huawei share for smartphones for audio. The midpad. 10.4 comes with 4 speakers and microphones for entertainment, as well as video calling purposes. Last but not least, keeping the lights on on the midpad 10.4 is a 7250mah battery. That is good for 12 hours of usage, alright guys. So those are the three tablets that i have here to share with you guys right now. Let me show you very quickly how i use one of these tablets in my personal daily lifestyle to get some work done as well as get in some entertainment lets begin now, using the huawei mate pad 11, for example, i am able to use microsoft office, which Was downloaded directly from the app gallery, i can then work by using any wireless keyboard at home or the huawei magnetic keyboard for more portable usage.

Besides that, i can also catch up on local news via the microsoft news app and whenever i need to join meetings. I can use apps like zoom or google meet to carry out video calls again. This can be downloaded easily from the app gallery now. More importantly, multitasking on the midpad 11 is also very easy for selected models. You can connect to huaweis pc via huawei, share or other monitors via hdmi. Besides that, you can also connect to any mouse to work more seamlessly at home all right. So, apart from doing work, i mean work is work, but you also need some play so lets check out what kind of fun stuff we can actually do on the huawei mate pad 11.. So here i typically browse facebook to keep updated with my friends and also take top to laugh at short videos if youre a gamer – and you want a game on a large screen. The huawei mate pad 11 will grant you just that again. It must be mentioned that the apps on the huawei app gallery is growing day by day and for those that you cant find on the app gallery. The workaround, for that is by creating a quick, app shortcut all right guys. If you still think that that is not enough, there is still one more area where you can find most of your apps, and that is in g space. Now g space is actually a free software that you can use to download and once you log in youll, be able to search for most of the google apps that you are very familiar with already so no worries about that lets check it out very quickly using It is fairly straightforward once you log in you will be brought into the google play store within gspace to download the apps.

You need for me personally. That means downloading apps like youtube, instagram and much more alright, guys now that were at the end of the video. All i can say that there is definitely one huawei tablet that is suitable for each of you out. There lets begin very quickly with the largest of huawei mate pad pro. Obviously, this is the flagship, and it gives you the best productivity as well as entertainment experience. It comes with a beautiful ola display and, of course, that eight speaker setup. So if you can afford something like this, you might want to check this out next up right here. I do have the huawei mate pad 11, so for all of you guys out there who want something, a little bit more affordable and, of course you appreciate the super fast and responsive uh 120hz display. You might want to check out this huawei mate pad 11 right here – also very solid device right here and last but not least, we dont want to forget this little baby right here. This is the huawei mate pad 10.4, with its small form factor and very low entry price point. This is definitely a very attractive tablet to get one more thing you also need to note here is that it comes with the internet connectivity, the lte support, so its very useful for those of you who always always outside and need internet connection on the go all Right guys so thats all that i have to share with you today to find out more about huaweis latest discounts on their devices.

Dont forget to check out the links down in description below or otherwise you can always go to huaweis official shopping store, their lazada store or their own huawei store with. That said, thank you for watching all the way to the end.