Welcome to the kelly, show okay, guys first up something that’s close to my heart and long overdue. For an update the character system remake if you’re planning to level up a character hold on i’ve heard developers saying that leveling up will be free. After this update, only memory fragments will be required for leveling waiting. A couple of days might save you a ton. The new ui is a complete reimagination of the free fire character system. Checking and switching between characters are both much easier. Now you’ll have a great overview of all the skills how they compare and their leveling progress. You can now make changes to skill sets directly from the lobby via loadouts. This makes switching skill sets quick and painless awakened character. Skills will also be merged with their normal counterpart. Making management much simpler, kelly is full of anticipation for this remake so do make sure to go check it out: fragmented, Music, okay, oh and on to the topic of awakening a huge addition is coming, i can’t say much now, but i can assure you that he Will not disappoint? Do you know that free fire has 35 characters now, thank you for being with us all this time as we grow, so should our characters, wukong will be the first to get a buff Music. Raphael will enjoy silent shootings with sniper and marksman rifles enemies fallen from his shots will also be depleted faster. You can check out some other character adjustments in the full patch notes.

We will continuously make the character system fairer and more fun in the future characters in the we are making further enhancements to clash squad according to players feedback. Now there is greater weapon variety with each game having a slightly different set weapon sets are carefully designed, so you’ll always have both all time. Favorites, as well as new additions to choose from passing weapons within the team, is a useful clash squad strategy. We know it can be a pain to deal with guns and attachments separately. Now a gun and its attachments can be dropped and picked up in one go a new gun. The cord is coming soon with this heavyweight comes a brand new strategic choice. Cord is a heavy machine gun with a built in tripod, equipping it while in prone or squat positions, will activate a new firing mode, gaining greater accuracy during sustained fire and now time for our usual weapon updates. We have been reading your feedback carefully and made the following adjustments to keep the game more balanced, that’s all for season. Two episode, two see you next time on what’s up free fire that’s all for season.